The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast I: A Cover Version Of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast I:
A Cover Version Of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show

Original release date: 1st May 2009
Total length: 3:05:05 in 3 parts

Download link:!BTB0nCbY!UISG3LqjYf_ltyevdR7hL53wLHR1E6eDIEKsBvfypKM

Otherwise known as “where it all began”. If the Wyrd Ways Rock Show was something approximating to a cover version of Tommy Vance’s Friday Rock Show, then the first Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast was a direct cover of the Wyrd Ways Rock Show, theme tunes, structure and all. It was a token of appreciation for the work Carl Pickles had been putting into his show for nine months at this point, which I also attempted to cajole a certain part of Livejournal into doing. My first Ogg-Cast was, in true Blue Peter style, “one I made earlier”.
Carl adopted many of the Friday Rock Show’s regular features for his Wyrd Ways Rock Show, and so I followed suit, with:
Spotlight – four tracks, spread over the show, by a band that deserves this extra recognition.
Covered – a cover version, hopefully one that’s worth the airtime. Self-explanatory, really…
Shock Of The New – “three tracks you’ve never heard before by three bands you’ve never heard before”.
Other Friday Rock Show regular features that Carl was known to carry are:
Lie Back And Enjoy It – 20-30 minutes of continuous music in a row with no breaks.
Connection – three tracks with some kind of (hopefully) recognisable connection between them.
In the early days of the Wyrd Ways Rock Show, Carl would usually stick to a structure, whereby the regular features would be punctuated by two other tracks. I stuck to this structure for my first ever attempt at a podcast, and so became A Cover Version Of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show.

PART ONE (1:04:57)
0:02:20 Motörhead – Doctor Rock
0:05:57 Cathedral – Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)
0:13:18 Thyrfing – Mjölner [Spotlight]
0:19:26 Nuclear Assault – Radiation Sickness
0:22:13 Testament – Burnt Offerings
0:28:45 Hollenthon – The Bazaar [Covered]
0:35:42 Stratovarius – A Million Light Years Away
0:41:00 Dream Evil – Chasing The Dragon
0:45:45 Thyrfing – Prelude: Heading For The Golden Hall / Storms Of Asgard [Spotlight]
0:54:02 Potentiam – Látum Oss Biðja
0:59:34 Windir – Todeswalzer

PART TWO (0:53:13)
0:01:25 Ronnie And The Red Caps – An Angel Is Missing
0:04:30 Dio – Holy Diver
0:08:51 Iron Maiden – Murders In The Rue Morgue
0:13:08 Slayer – Chemical Warfare (live)
0:19:58 Destruction – Total Desaster (2000 version)
0:23:04 Saxon – Power And The Glory (2001 version)
0:31:23 Thyrfing – Höst [Spotlight]
0:37:12 Ensiferum – Wanderer
0:43:43 Falkenbach – Heathenpride

PART THREE (1:06:55)
0:03:03 Stíny Plamenů – Železo Krvácí [Shock Of The New]
0:09:15 Sorcerer’s Spell – Jägermeister Metal [Shock Of The New]
0:14:14 Fire & Forget – Iron Lord [Shock Of The New]
0:20:03 Amon Amarth – The Hero
0:24:01 Primordial – No Nation On This Earth
0:33:19 Thyrfing – Tre Vintrar – Två Solar [Spotlight]
0:43:41 Black Sabbath – Behind The Wall Of Sleep
0:47:18 Deep Purple – Black Night
0:53:07 Moonsorrow – Sankaritarina

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