The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast III: Live At The Cambridge Beer Festival

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast III:
Live At The Cambridge Beer Festival

Original release date: 5th June 2009
Total length: 2:54:56 in 3 parts

Download link:!cWAVgBgZ!MSi1Mobd3VqQ9VyRNwg_vOv-JxRrJ1Ne7kcN6AkAoRE

It is a couple of weeks ago now that I was at the Cambridge Beer Festival. Just before setting off I had the thoroughly brilliant idea to record the show – or at least the talking bits for it – live at the beer festival, so I could actually ask for requests there and then. So I did. What you’ll hear, then, rather than my usual thoroughly professional effort, is a show that is still about three hours long but is considerably rougher round the edges than previously – and includes the sound of me (and everyone else in the background) getting progressively more drunk throughout the show. The battery on my iRiver H340 doesn’t last a massively long time when it keeps switching on and off – so I had to record most of these in one take, and they’re all quite heavily improvised. There was just enough power to finish the show, and I was really cutting it fine. If I’d had a chance to re-record some of the links on the second day I was at the festival (and the battery had been charged) I’d not have announced that there would be no Lie Back And Enjoy It twice, for instance.
And then, for the last two weeks, I had quite a lot to get through which didn’t involve putting internet radio shows together. But, last night, I finally found an hour or six, bolted it all together, and by some miracle, despite all the times I fell over my words and needlessly repeated myself, it’s worked! Well… just about.
Incidentally, if you were wondering which pork pie won the taste test included amongst this drunk rambling, it was the one sourced from Derek Jones in Melton Mowbray. The capital of pork pie strikes again!

PART ONE (1:03:38)
0:02:29 Korpiklaani – Beer Beer
0:05:26 Svartsot – Gravøllet
0:10:59 Amorphis – House Of Sleep [Festival Beers Spotlight]
0:16:12 Black Sabbath – Cornucopia [Live Request]
0:20:01 Iced Earth – The Hunter
0:25:20 Metallica – Orion [Shut It!]
0:34:30 Primordial – As Rome Burns [Live Request]
0:43:47 Forefather – To The Mountains They Fled
0:50:03 Emperor – In The Wordless Chamber [Festival Beers Spotlight]
0:56:23 Entombed – Lights Out [Live Request]
0:59:52 Nailbomb – Wasting Away

PART TWO (1:06:16)
0:01:37 Negură Bunget – În-zvîcnirea Apusului
0:11:56 Witchery – Midnight In The Graveyard
0:15:25 Asphyx – Died Yesterday
0:20:47 Iron Maiden – Flight Of Icarus [Festival Beers Spotlight]
0:25:09 Judas Priest – Beyond The Realms Of Death [Live Request]
0:31:59 Swallow The Sun – Through Her Silvery Body
0:41:53 Venom – Bursting Out [Festival Beers Spotlight]
0:45:59 Iron Maiden – Sea Of Madness
0:51:40 Nightwish – The Poet And The Pendulum

PART THREE (0:45:02)
0:02:44 Horsepower – Highway Robbery [Shock Of The Old… And New]
0:06:54 Quartz – Stand Up And Fight [Shock Of The Old… And New]
0:11:34 Steeleye Span – All Around My Hat [Shock Of The Old… And New]
0:16:47 Paradise Lost – Enchantment [Live Request]
0:22:52 Entwined – The Sound Of Her Wings
0:28:09 Cathedral – North Berwick Witch Trials [Festival Beers Spotlight]
0:34:36 Corrosion Of Conformity – Drowning In A Daydream
0:38:56 Orange Goblin – Alcofuel
0:42:47 Tom Angelripper – Medley: Bier her / Wir haben Hunger / Die Musik hat Durst / Schon wieder eine Seele vom Alkohol gerettet / Wir versaufen unserer Oma ihr kleines Häuschen / Jetzt trink’n ma noch a Flascherl Wein

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