The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast V: Iceland Edition

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast V:
Iceland Edition

Original release date: 9th December 2009
Total length: 3:15:33 in 3 parts

Download link:!9ahHjAqI!ttGLWajK3AXrVze230jmD3445bRkjzuB0c_RTExYrq0

This episode was made mainly as a fourth birthday present for that part of Livejournal I used to run, but I figured there are others who might want to hear it. All three hours of it, in fact. Just about everything is themed (however loosely) round the 15 thoroughly fantastic days I spent in Iceland earlier in the year, and includes three half-hour slots where all three of us who were in on the trip have delivered our personal selection of tunes from the Thunder Chariot’s really-rather-good-for-a-cheap-car stereo. It was recorded at Iceland co-conspirator Kit Rathenar’s new flat in Whitby, which is conveniently equipped as it is with a fishmonger just down the road, a Good Beer Guide listed pub a few doors away, and other such things likely to keep me happy.
As with all of these, I’m never totally happy with the final result, as I can always find parts where I’ve fallen over my words slightly, or not explained myself the way I wanted to. For instance, right at the end of the show I never explained who Mike Alexander was, hinted only briefly at why I’d mentioned him on the show, and sort of implied that he was a bandmate of Quorthon. But I figure that those of you who are going to listen to this show are not stupid, and know exactly who I’m mentioning, why I’m mentioning them and can figure out what I actually meant to say, rather than have me re-record all the links. At least I could be happy that I’d worked out the best possible choice for a closing theme – At The Gates’ The Flames Of The End.
Anyone who wants to know more about my time in Iceland can read all about it here – though you’ll need to set aside a very long time for it; bank on several days!

PART ONE (1:09:27)
0:01:49 Týr – Hail To The Hammer
0:06:22 Falkenbach – Heralder
0:11:34 Amon Amarth – Asator
0:16:43 Potentiam – The Pleasures Of Suffering [Icelandic Bands Spotlight]
0:24:05 Negură Bunget – Cunoașterea Tăcută
0:31:14 Bucovina – Luna Preste Vârfuri
0:37:15 Insomnium – The Bitter End [Hannah’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:42:22 Swallow The Sun – Hold This Woe [Hannah’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:50:25 Agalloch – Dead Winter Days [Hannah’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:58:10 Aborym – A Dog-Eat-Dog World [Hannah’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
1:03:18 Emperor – Thus Spake The Nightspirit [Hannah’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]

PART TWO (0:59:07)
0:01:36 Beneath – Oblivious [Icelandic Bands Spotlight]
0:07:34 Dimmu Borgir – Vredesbyrd
0:13:22 Iron Maiden – The Evil That Men Do [Kit’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:17:54 Amorphis – Black Winter Day [Kit’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:21:41 Mental Home – Winter Art [Kit’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:26:10 Immortal – Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark) [Kit’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:30:43 I – Cursed We Are [Kit’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:38:27 Chao – Spiritus Sankti [Icelandic Bands Spotlight]
0:46:46 Týr – Brennivín
0:51:42 Týr – Rainbow Warrior

PART THREE (1:06:59)
0:00:39 Moonsorrow – Kylän Päässä [Jim’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:08:16 Oakenshield – Idavoll [Jim’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:12:42 Skyforger – Dzīves Vismelnākā Stundā [Jim’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:17:45 Entombed – Damn Deal Done [Jim’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:21:11 Windir – Journey To The End [Jim’s Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:32:25 Mastodon – Ísland
0:38:08 Sólstafir – Náttfari [Icelandic Bands Spotlight / Shut It!]
0:42:28 Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
0:44:52 Manowar – Sleipnir
0:50:05 Darkthrone – A Blaze In The Northern Sky
0:56:36 Bathory – One Rode To Asa Bay

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