The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast VII: Heathen Metal Special

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast VII:
Heathen Metal Special

Original release date: 1st November 2010
Total length: 3:17:22 in 3 parts

Download link:!AfIVzbwS!dkGxic2x7TZXO_l1djuPrddlFy2PAiAfIWiuzqSctag

In the ten months that The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast spent in hibernation, there were some excellent gigs suitable for metalheads of a heathen and bearded and mead-drinking persuasion. Towards the end of September there was Heidenfest, which visited London on a tour through Europe; then, in October there were Fires Of Rebellion on my doorstep in Nottingham, and Gathering Of The Clans at the Victoria Bikers’ Pub in nearby Coalville. There was one obvious solution here: I’ve made a show highlighting all the bits of Heidenfest, Fires Of Rebellion and Gathering Of The Clans that those of you who never made it to those shows will have missed. There’s also another tribute to Jay Jay Winter, and a brief interlude concerning what I saw in Manchester recently.
Later note: as this was the first show to be released only in MP3 format as opposed to the Ogg Vorbis I’d previously offered alongside (which was my preferred format), “Ogg-Cast” does not appear in the promotional picture; I was thinking of changing the name of the show until I realised I’d got a recognisable (and unique) brand. The thought was dropped and I never looked back. And, may we not forget, this is where the opening theme tune changed to the Heri Joensen version of Hail To The Hammer, which has heralded the start of every Ogg-Cast since this one.

PART ONE (1:10:27)
0:03:33 Winterfylleth – Mam Tor (The Shivering Mountain)
0:10:41 Heathen Foray – Winterking
0:15:37 Heidevolk – Nehalennia
0:20:56 Swashbuckle – We Sunk Your Battleship
0:22:30 Varg – Schildfront
0:27:20 Eisregen – Elektro-Hexe
0:31:01 Equilibrium – Wingthors Hammer
0:37:42 Ensiferum – From Afar
0:43:59 Primordial – Empire Falls
0:52:01 Mayhem – You Must Fall
0:56:14 Thyrfing – Draugs Harg
1:00:12 Einherjer – Ironbound
1:03:53 Dimmu Borgir – Vredesbyrd

PART TWO (1:02:24)
0:01:15 Asomvel – To Hell With All The Rest
0:04:55 Fortrius – Dancing With Giants
0:12:07 Wolfthorn – Thousand Blades
0:16:53 Windrider – The Hall Of The Slain
0:24:05 Cnoc an Tursa – Ettrick Forest in November
0:28:15 Old Corpse Road – Hob Headless Rises
0:37:30 Annwn – Mountain’s Sunrise
0:42:46 Northern Oak – Madness Of The Feral Moon
0:46:06 Ravenage – Viking Dream
0:51:17 Sabaton – The Art Of War
0:56:16 Alestorm – Pirate Song

PART THREE (1:04:31)
0:01:43 Consecrated Flesh – The Abdication Of Order
0:06:50 Tormented Vision – Out For Blood
0:13:10 Les Alabres – La Peste
0:20:20 Eibon La Furies – Winter Kings, Wicker Men
0:24:09 Iceni – Heralding The Dawn Of The Iron Age
0:33:29 Fyrdsman – Forgotten Beneath The Soil
0:38:03 Guthrum – Foel Grach
0:42:59 Wodensthrone – Heófungtid
0:54:02 Bathory – Blood Fire Death

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