The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast VIII: Winter Blast Edition

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast VIII:
Winter Blast Edition

Original release date: 8th December 2010
Total length: 2:34:37 in 2 parts

Download link:!NOgnFAjT!4aZDKqU86bly0kzn9ZXh1URzVOBa8xNsjbfeKrKirhw

Out of the frozen wastes of… England, actually, and I may have hinted at it recently… it’s a new Ogg-Cast! Yes, I know, it’s a bit shorter than what I’ve done recently, but as for 2011 I am going to make one show a month and I don’t want to run out of ideas, I’m trying to trim it down a bit, and most of those will be round about the two hour mark. Needless to say, this show is packed with all the tunes you’d expect that were inspired by this most metal of all seasons. Plus, there’s a tribute to a certain hero of Finland’s Winter War, and a nod to November being International Solo Album Writing Month.
Listen, yon heathens, and spread the word; maybe I’ll get more than ten listeners to one of these! I know I only do these because I want to (and because I see it as a better bet than DJing in Cambridge is likely to be at the moment), but it’d be good to know someone’s paying attention other than those whose home-brew music I’m playing.

PART ONE (1:14:57)
0:01:20 Moonsorrow – Pimeä
0:14:13 Merciless – Back To North
0:22:45 Bathory – Vinterblot
0:29:18 I – Far Beyond The Quiet
0:36:30 Sólstafir – Undir Jökli
0:41:06 Wintersun – Winter Madness
0:47:50 Windrider – A Warrior’s Tale
0:55:02 Guthrum – The Anthem Of Our Late And Great
0:59:09 Fyrdsman – Demonised In A Disgraced Land
1:04:04 Oakenshield – Vigrid

PART TWO (1:19:40)
0:01:50 Sabaton – White Death
0:05:58 Metallica – Trapped Under Ice
0:10:00 Before The Dawn – Disappear
0:15:19 Dawn Of Solace – I Was Never There
0:22:09 KYPCK – Один день из жизни Егора Кузнецова
0:27:33 Paradise Lost – No Celebration
0:34:10 Sanitarium – Winter [Shock Of The New]
0:40:11 Icewind Blast – Icewind Blast [Shock Of The New]
0:45:10 Angmar – The Old Trolltower [Shock Of The New]
0:50:16 Mayhem – Freezing Moon (Per Yngve Ohlin version)
0:56:28 Darkthrone – Too Old Too Cold
0:59:25 Enslaved – Isa
1:03:11 Amon Amarth – …And Soon The World Will Cease To Be
1:12:25 Immortal – In My Kingdom Cold

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