The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast IX: The January Sales

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast IX:
The January Sales

Original release date: 15th January 2011
Total length: 2:28:03 in 2 parts

Download link:!FSpAzYyQ!ff0ihChmH3bS_DYxEdYdXuZvPhCNQc_N8KnNui6e0E8

It’s the 15th of January. Do you know what that means? It’s not as if I haven’t mentioned it enough times. That’s right… The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast has become a monthly fixture!
Here’s how I’m doing it. I said the monthly shows would be about two hours long. This one’s a bit more: it’s two hours of actual musical content, plus however long it takes me to chunter about each track between the blocks, – because, as you may know, I like to educate as well as entertain. Those of you who listened to my early try-out shows may remember Shut It!, where the vocalist of a particular band is told to stay silent and the rest of the band play an instrumental; I’ve also imported Covered from the Wyrd Ways Rock Show, which as you all know by now, is a cover version that is well worth your time – and which Carl has probably missed. I’ve also made a new feature called Hidden Gems, highlighting those marvellous tracks from well-known bands that you’d probably forgotten about. As for the rest of the show, with this being a new year, there’s something of a look back to some highlights from years ending in “1”, a second “doom and gloom” block to match the one from the previous show, a guest slot from one of the cast of The Muppet Show (no, seriously, I have…) and a fitting tribute to a Norwegian metal legend who was brutally torn away from us seven years ago to the day of release of this show.

PART ONE (1:11:49)
0:02:25 Finntroll – Slaget Vid Blodsälv [Spotlight: 2001]
0:05:42 Ensiferum – Hero In A Dream [Spotlight: 2001]
0:09:20 Moonsorrow – Ukkosenjumalan Poika [Spotlight: 2001]
0:17:52 Sepultura – Subtraction [Hidden Gems / Spotlight: 1991]
0:22:38 Judas Priest – On The Run [Hidden Gems / Spotlight: 1981]
0:27:55 Otyg – Ulvskrede
0:30:58 Vintersorg – För Kung Och Fosterland
0:36:42 Corrosion Of Conformity – Diablo Blvd.
0:40:08 Suplecs – Rock Bottom [Spotlight: 2001]
0:43:41 Eyehategod – Self Medication Blues
0:50:11 The Dukes Of Nothing – War & Wine
0:51:33 Charger – Immense Mammoth
0:58:43 Entombed – Wolverine Blues [The Connection]
1:00:53 Motörhead – Overkill [The Connection]
1:06:04 Geoffrey Oi!Cott – Glory Glory Garry Thompson [The Connection]

PART TWO (1:16:14)
0:01:36 Powerglove – Red Wings Over Baron [Shut It!]
0:09:59 Anathema – Fragile Dreams
0:15:30 Secrets Of The Moon – Queen Among Rats
0:23:29 Rotting Christ – Sorrowfull Farewell
0:29:45 Venom – Sons Of Satan [Spotlight: 1981]
0:33:20 Iron Maiden – Killers [Spotlight: 1981]
0:38:20 Skyclad – The Widdershins Jig [Spotlight: 1991]
0:42:00 Carcass – Corporal Jigsore Quandary [Spotlight: 1991]
0:47:48 Dismember – Override Of The Overture [Spotlight: 1991]
0:57:32 Moonsorrow – Back To North [Covered]
1:12:36 Windir – Ending

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