The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast X: Devin’s Day Edition

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast X:
Devin’s Day Edition

Original release date: 15th February 2011
Total length: 2:24:53 in 2 parts

Download link:!cGZVhbBB!7k0W60_xExUZ_2bej8XMSl9DO-EWFeEpOcq6i5WKIPQ

As you all know, for many years I have hated That Day That Has Just Passed (look at the release date – you know the one I mean), but four years ago I finally decided to create my own celebration: that of Devin’s Day, in which I celebrate how Going Ever So Slightly Mad can produce unexpectedly positive results. So, here’s your Devin’s Day present. If you want to know what Devin’s Day is all about, then listen to the show where I explain it all – or the link above where I defined the term. Fairly obviously, the man himself will be featuring heavily along the course of the two hours of musical content – in a Wyrd Ways Rock Show-style Spotlight. Interspersed with this there will be an ideal soundtrack for the upcoming Jorvik Viking Festival, a musical review of January’s tribute gig for Valhalla-bound Jay Jay Winter, another gaming-related Shut it!, a Hidden Gem unearthed from one of Britain’s all-time greatest bands, a suitably appropriate inclusion in Covered, and for the first time ever… a guest slot! This has been provided by Chris Mole and Martin Collins, of Northern Oak, and I hope it will not be the last of such contributions.

PART ONE (1:14:29)
0:02:03 Falkenbach – …Where His Ravens Fly…
0:09:26 Månegarm – Mina Fäders Hall
0:14:34 Amorphis – My Kantele
0:22:59 Devin Townsend – Namaste [Spotlight]
0:27:55 Asomvel – How The Mighty Fall
0:31:15 Jorvik Thunder – Savage Seas
0:36:07 Solstice – Cimmerian Codex
0:47:11 Devin Townsend – Bad Devil [Spotlight]
0:52:03 Le Grand Guignol – The Healing Process
1:00:34 Northern Oak – In These Hills
1:06:48 Kivimetsän Druidi – Blacksmith

PART TWO (1:10:24)
0:01:13 Ravenage – Heralder [Covered]
0:06:24 Strapping Young Lad – Far Beyond Metal [Spotlight]
0:14:05 Iron Maiden – Sun And Steel [Hidden Gems]
0:18:49 Megadeth – Grabbag [Shut It!]
0:22:40 Devin Townsend – Seventh Wave [Spotlight]
0:30:54 Amon Amarth – Bleed For Ancient Gods
0:35:23 Sabaton – Swedish Pagans
0:39:34 Skálmöld – Kvaðning
0:47:29 Heljareyga – Regnið
1:00:49 Devin Townsend – Earth Day [Spotlight]

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