The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XI: March Ör Die

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XI:
March Ör Die

Original release date: 15th March 2011
Total length: 2:39:18 in 3 parts

Download link:!0eBVDBoR!BkpUhTWKhCTcPr4pWBT8KGy5aFMaQef4HftQVgiMz2E

You all know the score by now, don’t you? It’s the 15th of the month, and that means it’s time to get my hammer out and swing it all about… oooh matron, no pun intended (but if you’re Carl Pickles of the Wyrd Ways Rock Show then you’ve used that analogy before and thus you are immune to such tomfoolery.)
It’s also the Ides Of March, which I hadn’t realised until yesterday when it was too late to make any changes; but anyway, in March Ör Die we have a Wyrd Ways Rock Show-style Spotlight on a Scottish band who are a long way from from Scotland, the usual inclusion of Covered, Shut It! and Hidden Gems, a demonstration of how acoustic and electric guitars working together can be a thoroughly brilliant combination, and a few “gaps” have been filled – namely, bands I’d never played on the show before that needed playing. I’ll leave you to decide who they might be, and no, it’s not The Beatles.

PART ONE (0:54:08)
0:01:25 Death Angel – Thrown To The Wolves
0:08:49 The Crown – Blitzkrieg Witchcraft
0:12:25 Celtic Frost – Jewel Throne
0:16:25 Fight – Into The Pit
0:23:30 Skiltron – Bagpipes Of War [Spotlight]
0:28:27 Primordial – Bloodied Yet Unbowed
0:37:12 Fleetwood Mac – The Chain
0:43:43 Amon Amarth – Ride For Vengeance
0:48:09 Anaal Nathrakh – When The Lion Devours Both Dragon And Child

PART TWO (0:43:11)
0:01:02 Slayer – Gemini [Hidden Gems]
0:05:53 Skiltron – Praying Is Nothing [Spotlight]
0:12:08 Orange Goblin – Graviton [Shut It!]
0:16:08 Mastodon – Ol’e Nessie
0:22:12 High On Fire – 10,000 Years
0:32:23 Angel Dust – Killer [Covered]
0:35:54 Skiltron – Gathering The Clans [Spotlight]

PART THREE (1:01:59)
0:01:08 Moonsorrow – Raunioilla
0:14:44 Falkenbach – Hávamál
0:21:40 Amorphis – Enigma
0:25:14 Mulch – Grey Tree
0:31:04 Bathory – Blood And Iron
0:44:18 Skiltron – One Way Journey [Spotlight]
0:49:13 Sabaton – Back In Control
0:56:21 Motörhead – March Ör Die

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