The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XII: Power To The People!

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XII:
Power To The People!

Original release date: 15th April 2011
Total length: 2:58:44 in 3 parts

Download link:!9PogzIwb!npiEce8TQlD6jlWDDtWUHM8U1kniEfE79TA32zip-Zw

Pravda today reported of broadcast from Western capitalist pig city of Nottingham that is playable on small gramophone not made by our glorious comrades in People’s Democratic Socialist Not At All Repressive Stalinist Republic Of Korea. Ministry of Truth is now working to intercept broadcast for essential propaganda purposes.
…no, don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned my legendary distaste for Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin – I titled this show this way because it is you, The People™, and by that I mean my listeners, who have shaped it! I asked for requests in March’s show, I got requests, and more than half the show has been recommended by someone other than me. This show has the longest musical content yet of the regular monthly shows, which as ever includes Covered, Shut It! and Hidden Gems – I wouldn’t let those go – and there’s even a guest slot for good measure. There is rather a lot of me talking on this one, but I assure you it’s all necessary – I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have a few points to clear up.

PART ONE (1:09:44)
0:02:08 Ayreon – Ride The Comet
0:05:37 Hollenthon – Once We Were Kings
0:10:26 The Project Hate MCMXCIX – Christianity Delete
0:23:08 Bolt Thrower – Domination
0:25:48 Waltari – Deeper Into The Mud
0:36:59 Mangled Torsos – Lost Emotions [Shock Of The Old… And New]
0:41:18 In Dying Grace – In Dying Grace [Shock Of The Old… And New]
0:44:05 Epitaph – Sanguine Ballad To A Rotting Angel [Shock Of The Old… And New]
0:54:41 Thyrfing – Over The Hills And Far Away [Covered]
0:59:39 MonsterSpank – Umeå Swampthing
1:01:00 Bal-Sagoth – A Tale From The Deep Woods

PART TWO (0:57:22)
0:01:20 Negură Bunget – Al Locului
0:11:33 Old Corpse Road – The Song Of Amergin
0:23:17 Primordial – The Heretics Age
0:29:34 Drudkh – Самітня нескінченна тропа
0:46:00 Kyuss – Asteroid [Shut it!]
0:50:50 Paradise Lost – Sweetness [Hidden Gems]

PART THREE (0:51:38)
0:02:39 Waylander – As The Deities Clash [Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:10:23 Suidakra – Chants Of Lethe [Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:14:53 Andras – Miasma Track [Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:20:05 Nydvind – To Enter The Realm Of The Ravenlord [Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:24:50 Morrigan – Where Rainbows End [Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:31:31 SIG:AR:TYR – Eternal Return [Lie Back And Enjoy It]
0:45:57 Forefather – Miri It Is

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