The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XVII: Bombay Mix

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XVII:
Bombay Mix

Original release date: 15th September 2011
Total length: 3:03:25 in 3 parts

Download link:!cS4jmI6T!x_QlYlgioiA5LmHlWO8K4Q1Pt4P3C793BWsaVjAQIyo

Welcome to the Star of India, sir, may I take your order, please?
So, you would like half an hour of sludge and doom, a preview of an upcoming gig, a repeat performance of couple of the last show’s best bits, three bands from Boston who made a split CD together, some strange hard rock from the Baltic, a tribute to Skyclad, a hidden gem from a very unlikely source, a side order of some of those folky bands that are on the regular menu, pilau rice, that strange green day-glo sauce that nobody knows the origins of, and 32 poppadoms?
Yes, sir, you may collect your order immediately. Thank you, come again!

PART ONE (1:03:31)
0:02:37 At The Gates – The Swarm
0:06:02 Sabbat – A Cautionary Tale
0:10:17 Clutch – The Dragonfly
0:16:59 Demonaz – All Blackened Sky
0:21:26 Nothgard – Ancient Heritage / Modern Warriors
0:26:29 Bucovina – Sub Piatra Doamnei (live at Wacken)
0:32:33 Dozer – Early Grace
0:37:19 Shroud Eater – High John The Conqueror
0:42:28 Subversion – Gasoline
0:51:50 Claim The Throne – Set Sail On Ale
0:54:34 Nightbringer – Night Of The Slaying Tongue

PART TWO (0:56:32)
0:01:17 Sabaton – Purple Heart
0:06:22 Soundgarden – Spoonman
0:10:28 Slash’s Snakepit – Beggars And Hangers-On
0:18:59 Devil In The Kitchen – Coked Up Leprechaun [Shut It!]
0:23:13 Boarcorpse – Zombies Are People Too
0:26:38 Composted – Toddler Cobbler
0:30:25 Scaphism – Pathogenic Bacteria
0:35:58 Metallica – Bleeding Me [Hidden Gems]
0:44:41 Chinchilla – Queen Of The Rain
0:48:04 Opus Pro – Kurbads

PART THREE (1:03:22)
0:00:53 Grimpen Mire – Foredoomed
0:08:42 Forgotten Tomb – Steal My Corpse
0:20:00 Suidakra – The One Piece Puzzle [Covered]
0:25:11 Elvenking – Penny Dreadful [Covered]
0:28:20 Skyclad – The Song Of No-Involvement
0:31:49 Skiltron – Signs, Symbols And The Marks Of Man
0:42:11 Rush – 2112

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