The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XVIII: Doom Over The World

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XVIII:
Doom Over The World

Original release date: 15th October 2011
Total length: 3:19:01 in 3 parts

Download link:!QKRhWCxD!yxga_CbMi8morI7MXUZAQ2yzA6qT1fBnKKKZpkXPSLk

Ever wondered what a 45 rpm record played at 33 rpm sounds like? Wonder no longer.
Already in the “cover art” you’ll have noticed the screenshot from Hexen and the use of CodexSSK for the text. That’s right, in a definite “back to the origins” type show, the Hammer Of Retribution is going old-school, with about half the content of the show paying tribute to those pioneering days of the 1970s, in the way they sound and – some of them – in the way they look. Other parts of the show have been more influenced by some of the veritable banquet of gigs I’ve been to recently, and a fair bit of it would fit into both categories. Also, as an extra bonus, I’ll be treating you all to two Hidden Gems instead of just one, and I’ll be introducing you all to a band from Finland that – except for one brief burst on a previous show – you’ll never have heard of, in a Wyrd Ways Rock Show-style Spotlight.
I also have to remind you that Faceache are getting shot of their Discussion Boards, so if you want the track listing for each show, you’ll have to go to and look on the Archive page, where the track listings will now be housed. Up yours, Faceache, for screwing up even further. (NOTE: in 2018, this sentiment still very much stands.)

PART ONE (1:03:44)
0:02:08 Reverend Bizarre – Doom Over The World
0:09:20 Slaprocket – Holy Mother Sunshine
0:13:57 The Hundred Handed – The Charge!
0:21:10 Old Corpse Road – Hob Headless Rises
0:29:49 Alba Gu Bràth – Dupplin Moor
0:34:42 Cnoc an Tursa – Bannockburn
0:42:30 MonsterSpank – Lazer Shot’Un [Spotlight]
0:45:55 Black Sabbath – All Moving Parts (Stand Still) [Hidden Gems]
0:50:52 Judas Priest – Steeler [Hidden Gems]
1:00:28 Napalm Death – You Suffer
1:00:48 MonsterSpank – Give Me A Tank [Spotlight]

PART TWO (1:06:42)
0:01:39 Sabbat – Blood For The Blood God
0:08:51 Bruce Dickinson – Accident Of Birth
0:13:47 MonsterSpank – Disturbing My Chaos [Spotlight]
0:16:59 Bloodbath – Eaten
0:21:15 Hærken – The Wild Hunt
0:24:48 Enslaved – Havenless
0:33:04 Paradise Lost – Death Walks Behind You [Covered]
0:41:19 Solstice – Cromlech
0:51:43 Procession – Like A Plague Upon The Earth
0:57:16 Asomvel – Feel The Chill
1:03:27 MonsterSpank – Wrong Man [Spotlight]

PART THREE (1:08:35)
0:00:56 Five Horse Johnson – Mississippi King
0:04:31 Litmus – Destroy The Mothership
0:08:02 Born To Go – Kill -9
0:16:24 MonsterSpank – Too Much Of Everything [Spotlight]
0:19:35 Nightwish – Last Of The Wilds [Shut It!]
0:25:13 Lesbian Bed Death – Tour Bus
0:30:29 The Lamp Of Thoth – I Love The Lamp
0:37:08 Warped Cross – Empty Hall
0:42:35 MonsterSpank – The Birth [Spotlight]
0:46:53 Korpiklaani – Northern Fall
0:49:58 Lumsk – I Lytinne Två
0:53:34 Forefather – When Our England Died
1:02:06 Winterfylleth – Defending The Realm

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