The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XIX: A Chiptune On Your Shoulder

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XIX:
A Chiptune On Your Shoulder

Original release date: 15th November 2011
Total length: 3:06:33 in 3 parts

Download link:!AHIz2LwI!Ew-vvWOpuBPKKOR7HVk9D4iQFSZfhdyECQ0aPPebsWQ

That’s right, it’s that time of the month again, quite literally, Hammertime. But never mind a baggy-trousered Mr Motivator lookalike, this show is all about metal. Isn’t it? This month, there’s a slight deviation into the murky world of chiptunes. Whether it’s from the old 8-bits or something slightly more modern (no XBox 360s for me, if you don’t mind), I’ve always had an admiration for computer & video game music, and I thought I’d compile a few of the highlights in this show. Before you all run away screaming, though, bear in mind that the link between this and metal is never forgotten, even when I do present something that is completely electronically produced!
I’ve been busy editing my Iceland videos, so I’ve been a bad boy and cut corners – in that I’ve used a few offcuts from last month to bring this one up to a proper length, but then, they were all of fine quality, so you lose nothing! There’s a review of a band that I continue to be annoyed at the lack of respect shown to them for what they do and do very well, a taster of Nottingham’s finally relaunched Violated club night, a second contribution from the collection of the esteemed Anthony Lovatt, and a very special tribute to another departed friend.
But probably best of the lot is that it’s competition time again. I have spare copies of Nothgard’s Warhorns Of Midgard album and Celtachor’s In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers demo, high quality releases both. How’d you like to win those? Listen to the show for details on how to enter, and if you’re lucky when I make the draw in early December, Yule will come early for you. (NOTE: needless to say, this competition closed in December 2011.)

PART ONE (0:59:05)
0:03:10 Suicidal Tendencies – You Can’t Bring Me Down
0:08:53 Anthrax – I Am The Law
0:14:46 Bolt Thrower – …For Victory
0:21:46 Celtachor – The Wavesweeper
0:28:22 Ravenage – Triumph In The Trees
0:32:57 Nothgard – Under The Serpent Sign
0:39:54 Powerglove – Omnishred (We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Sword) [Spotlight / Shut It!]
0:44:05 Sunride – Hey Boy (You Don’t Make A Man)
0:47:24 Monster Magnet – Unbroken (Hotel Baby)
0:51:07 Sir Hedgehog – Magic Garden

PART TWO (0:56:53)
0:01:14 Ensiferum – Lady In Black [Covered]
0:07:29 Turisas – Take The Day!
0:12:49 Nerthus – Battle Song
0:18:25 Skálmöld – Valhöll
0:26:22 Chris Hülsbeck – Bionic Action [Spotlight / Shut It!]
0:33:25 In Dying Grace – Divine Darkness
0:37:09 Sirius – Sidereal Mirror
0:43:25 Sanhedrin – The Holy Sons Part I: In The Garden Of Gethsemane
0:51:24 The Black Mages – Battle Scene [Spotlight / Shut It!]

PART THREE (1:10:35)
0:01:51 Vallenfyre – Cathedrals Of Dread
0:05:44 Enslaved – Ethica Odini
0:13:42 Testament – Electric Crown [Hidden Gems]
0:22:21 Machinae Supremacy – The Great Giana Sisters [Spotlight / Shut It!]
0:27:35 Thyrfing – Set Sail To Plunder
0:31:54 Primal Fear – Nuclear Fire
0:36:16 Thy Serpent – So Free Are The Wolves
0:44:01 Medulla Nocte – All Our Friends Are Dead (7″ version)
0:47:22 Callenish Circle – Forsaken
0:52:17 The Blood Divine – Aureole
1:03:39 Falkenbach – Hávamál

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