The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XX: If This Isn’t Hell, It’s The Next Best Thing…

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XX:
If This Isn’t Hell, It’s The Next Best Thing…

Original release date: 15th December 2011
Total length: 3:08:43 in 3 parts

Download link:!5XhD2TyI!1lzVu42cjLxKDiF8laIeDQVUxoi8VXfwR2CNb-YGQgQ

So, December, then. You know what it’s going to be like; the pressure’s on. Make that day that is ten days from now something special, spend money you don’t have on presents that the recipients don’t particularly want, and if you’ve got a Significant Other then the onus to Get It Right Or Else is even higher. You’ll drink too much, you’ll eat too much, you’ll be violently sick, and all this because you’re told You Have To. Humbug, I say, and so some of the content of this show reflects that, particularly an extremely rude track I’ve stuck in right at the front. Instead, forget the retail hell of the end of the month and dive straight into some quality metal. Some of it has been asked for by my most loyal listeners, so you can all see what they like. Some of it has been derived from a few nights out I’ve had this month and earlier. And then there are other bits whose origins are absolutely indescribable. By the way, I tried to keep this one rant-free… but, as ever, there’s always going to be something to mouth off about.
This show sees the exit of Shut It!, a regular feature I’ve been doing since I morphed this show into not just a straight cover version of the Wyrd Ways Rock Show within ten days of its inception – and it goes out with a bang. In January, there will be a new regular feature, which I’m going to keep the announcement of in the show itself.

PART ONE (1:01:03)
0:00:29 Kevin Bloody Wilson – Ho Ho Fucking Ho
0:05:20 Orange Goblin – Cities Of Frost
0:10:55 Clutch – You Can’t Stop Progress
0:13:35 Sleep – Aquarian
0:20:17 Bill Bailey – Leg Of Time (Metal Version)
0:24:24 Rush – Tom Sawyer
0:28:57 Spires – Broken Hourglass
0:44:00 Centurions Ghost – Requiem For A Haunted Heart
0:50:12 Crowbar – The Lasting Dose
0:54:22 Death – Zombie Ritual

PART TWO (0:59:49)
0:00:53 Grand Magus – I Am The North
0:05:58 Cathedral – Grim Luxuria [Hidden Gems]
0:13:01 Machine Head – Alan’s On Fire [Covered]
0:16:58 Alestorm – You Are A Pirate [Covered]
0:20:50 Equilibrium – Mana [Shut It!]
0:39:25 Ensiferum – Wanderer
0:45:55 Ravenage – Northbound (Part 1)
0:52:17 Skiltron – The Beheading

PART THREE (1:07:51)
0:01:04 Sanhedrin – Salvation Through Sin
0:03:53 Vespers Descent – Plains Of Azure Light
0:08:48 Arckanum – Þursvitnir
0:14:37 Emperor – Beyond The Great Vast Forest
0:24:29 Oakenshield – Earl Thorfinn
0:30:57 Aloeswood – Farewell
0:38:31 Æþelruna – On Modhranite
0:44:21 Forefather – Fifeldor
0:57:13 Bongzilla – Grim Reefer

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