The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXB: The End Of Year Brucie Bonus

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXB:
The End Of Year Brucie Bonus

Original release date: 30th December 2011
Total length: 1:41:12 in 2 parts

Download link:!MWpE3BIB!FDQiv27mSaphdRUhgr-wZ4jdRNgh3vU8GwqpW9rJMeA

Once upon a time, an old man called Bruce went to a palace, where an equally old woman put a sword on his shoulder. When offered “cake or death?”, Bruce chose cake. But he had to bring something in return, and that he did. It was a three-hour podcast from Nottingham loaded with loud heavy metal. The old woman with a sword heard that it was good. She gave Bruce his cake, allowed him to call himself “Sir Bruce” from that day on, and thrust her sword into the air, charging around, singing “Into battle one rides, with gods by one’s side, one is strong and not afraid to die!” Her son groaned, knowing it would be another 60 years before he could possibly get himself on the throne, and muttered something about organic farming.
This is the second Brucie Bonus edition (after the one in February that you may remember), in which the last 12 months of this show are reviewed in a slightly different way to what you all might be expecting; I’ve compiled the top ten highlights of everything I heard for the first time this year. So, not necessarily completely new-for-2011 tracks or albums, but if I was made aware of it this year and it made me sit up and take notice, expect to hear it in this show. Also, aren’t there two brothers who like to spin yarns of Anglo-Saxon triumphs in days of yore who have made a new album recently?
Finally, with the recent and tragic death of David Gold barely two days after I’d made this show before disappearing from internet-land for a while, I will give him the posthumous honour of opening the first Ogg-Cast of 2012. He will not be forgotten.

PART ONE (0:50:20)
0:02:20 Forefather – Last Of The Line
0:08:48 Ayreon – Ride The Comet
0:14:19 Turisas – The Great Escape
0:20:38 Vallenfyre – Cathedrals Of Dread
0:26:01 Andras – Miasma Track
0:33:19 Skálmöld – Kvaðning
0:43:36 Procession – Like A Plague Upon The Earth

PART TWO (0:50:52)
0:02:01 Borknagar – Colossus
0:08:29 Falkenbach – …Where His Ravens Fly…
0:18:17 Bucovina – Mestecăniș
0:25:52 Forefather – The Downfallen
0:34:54 Moonsorrow – Huuto

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