The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXI: Sailing The Seas Of Metal (The World Tour Departs)

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXI:
Sailing The Seas Of Metal (The World Tour Departs)

Original release date: 15th January 2012
Total length: 3:40:33 in 4 parts

Download link:!1DgHAIRC!Mt50g_I1Fg_ZcqWvOi4WZliwvLPvJeJf4jOslrvjCvw

For the first installment of 2012, the show has grown to a previously unheard of length. Cracking the three-and-a-half-hour mark is due in no uncertain terms to the addition of the Hammer Of Retribution World Tour; six bands from the tiny countries of Europe, totalling 45 minutes, has replaced what might have been only three or four when I used to do Shut It! in the previous shows. As the tour sets off properly round the world, expect to hear all manner of weird and wonderful bands from the most bizarre places that you’d never thought would have produced even a single band suitable for the show without me drifting off into showcasing the “world ethnic peace music” section of HMV that can probably now be found at politically correct shops like Holland & Barrett.

Otherwise, the tribute to David Gold that I might otherwise have put on the Brucie Bonus show has ended up in this one, as the departed Canuck opens the first show of a year he will never get to see. We’ll have the first of four monthly sections of Paul Houlton’s Recommendations Corner, which will go to show exactly what can happen if you all get off your various arses and send me requests – Paul sent so many that I’ve had to spread them out; also, don’t forget the mandatory Covered, and as is traditional for a January show, I look back to other years that end with a two. My choices may be surprising.

Don’t forget to visit, use that contact form, and spend quality time listening to bands you might never have heard of before.

PART ONE (1:00:32)
0:02:10 Woods Of Ypres – By The Time You Read This (I Will Already Be Dead)
0:08:38 Falkenbach – Towards The Hall Of Bronzen Shields
0:15:33 Entombed – Sinners Bleed
0:20:41 Hierophant – 10,000 Winters
0:27:20 Black Sabbath – Supernaut [Spotlight: 1972]
0:32:02 Deep Purple – Space Truckin’ [Spotlight: 1972]
0:36:33 ZZ Top – Just Got Paid [Spotlight: 1972]
0:44:24 Theudho – For All Those Who Died [Covered]
0:48:52 Ancient Rites – Mother Europe
0:53:30 Mithotyn – King Of The Ancient Forest

PART TWO (0:40:28)
0:00:53 Iron Maiden – Invaders [Spotlight: 1982 / Hidden Gems]
0:04:14 Judas Priest – Riding On The Wind [Spotlight: 1982 / Hidden Gems]
0:07:22 Motörhead – (Don’t Need) Religion [Spotlight: 1982 / Hidden Gems]
0:12:15 Jorvik Thunder – Savage Seas
0:17:07 Oakenshield – Ginnungagap
0:24:39 Svartsot – Skønne Møer
0:28:59 Einherjer – Ballad Of The Swords
0:33:55 Witchery – Conqueror’s Return

PART THREE (1:03:46)
0:01:13 Pantera – Rise [Spotlight: 1992]
0:05:49 Fear Factory – Leechmaster [Spotlight: 1992]
0:09:42 Paradise Lost – Daylight Torn [Spotlight: 1992]
0:17:34 Blind Guardian – Time What Is Time [Spotlight: 1992]
0:23:17 Skyclad – The Declaration Of Indifference [Spotlight: 1992]
0:31:02 Sick Of It All – Call To Arms
0:35:26 Bathory – Foreverdark Woods [Spotlight: 2002]
0:43:30 Insomnium – Medeia [Spotlight: 2002]
0:47:51 Amon Amarth – Thousand Years Of Oppression [Spotlight: 2002]
0:53:31 Immortal – Beyond The North Waves [Spotlight: 2002]

PART FOUR (0:55:47)
0:02:09 Le Grand Guignol – Lucilinburhuc [World Tour – Luxembourg]
0:06:59 Archaean Harmony – Metabolism Under The Ascending Moon Part I [World Tour – Malta]
0:11:38 Elis – Show Me The Way [World Tour – Liechtenstein]
0:15:41 Necrofilia – The Boss [World Tour – San Marino]
0:18:50 Godkiller – The End Of The World [World Tour – Monaco]
0:32:08 Persefone – Underworld: The Fallen & The Butterfly [World Tour – Andorra]

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