The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXII: Sausage Festival

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXII:
Sausage Festival

Original release date: 15th January 2012
Total length: 4:01:16 in 4 parts

Download link:!1PxjVQzR!7_2SJ9sXxQ0KSILEWK8YfhEVaW3XbC2AJj8q81rOS4g

MEAT is definitely the pervading theme for this month’s Ogg-Cast.

I’ve been waiting for this one for a while: I think it’s going to go down in history as one of my all-time favourites. This is the longest, and by far the meatiest Ogg-Cast ever. Long-time listener Keri O’Shea is partially responsible for this, having sent me a copy of The Decadent Cookbook with a whole chapter on the world’s host horrifying sausages in it, but there were also a couple of bands I’d been meaning to play for a while and they, somehow, found themselves tied up with a sausage theme. This runs right through the show, and has even taken over the usual Covered slot – in which a certain notorious sausage-o-phobe is given a right and royal skewering. Like a köfte kebab, which is a bit like a sausage.

Otherwise, there’ll be a nod to the fact that this is Devin’s Day (see last year’s show, still available in the Archives, for the explanation), as well as a Hidden Gem that was particularly well hidden, three more suggestions from Paul Houlton’s Recommendations Corner, and, of course, the second instalment of the Hammer Of Retribution World Tour, which goes to North America and is particularly worth your attention.

Four hours, as near as makes no difference, of the finest metal on the planet. And a big plate of sausages. What more could you want?

PART ONE (0:59:14)
0:02:28 Bill Bailey – Love Song (Metal Version)
0:08:01 Devin Townsend – War
0:15:51 XIV Dark Centuries – Bragarful [Sausage Festival Spotlight]
0:19:20 Mgła – Groza II [Sausage Festival Spotlight]
0:30:08 Thin Lizzy – Chinatown
0:34:49 The Almighty – Addiction
0:41:42 Clutch – Oregon
0:47:04 The Bakerton Group – The Mack
0:52:47 The Company Band – Zombie Barricades

PART TWO (0:54:41)
0:01:35 Falkenbach – The Heralder (1996 version) [Hidden Gems]
0:10:41 Blackshine – Stonefog
0:17:24 Eibon La Furies – The Devil Is An Englishman [Sausage Festival Spotlight]
0:21:31 Dream Steel – The Flight Of A Butterfly [Sausage Festival Spotlight]
0:27:18 Nerthus – The Era Of Pureness
0:32:50 Ingrimm – Vagantenlied
0:38:19 Hospital Of Death – Down That Hatch
0:41:51 The Dukes Of Nothing – God vs. The Nudge
0:43:36 Ravens Creed – Peace Through Superior Firepower
0:50:47 Anthrax – London [Covered / Sausage Festival Spotlight]

PART THREE (0:53:00)
0:01:14 Oakenshield – Wen Heath (demo version)
0:09:22 Bucovina – Duh
0:14:26 Korpiklaani – Tervaskanto
0:20:53 Sahg – Pyromancer
0:24:47 Solefald – Song Til Stormen
0:29:41 Voluspaa – En Hymne Til Våre Udødelige Forfedre
0:36:10 Hollenthon – Homage – Magni Nominis Umbra [Sausage Festival Spotlight]
0:42:14 Crow Black Sky – Pantheion [Sausage Festival Spotlight]

PART FOUR (1:14:21)
0:05:33 Swordbearer – They Came By Wind And Sail [World Tour – NJ, USA]
0:17:35 Thrawsunblat – Set Us Ablaze [World Tour – NB, Canada]
0:25:36 Nordheim – Beer, Metal, Trolls And Vomit! [World Tour – QC, Canada]
0:30:07 Northsong – Heathen War [World Tour – IL, USA]
0:38:03 Misthelm – Ælfcynnes Galdorsang [World Tour – ON, Canada]
0:45:08 Dark Forest – Journey To Ever-Eternal Skies [World Tour – AB, Canada]
0:58:07 Týr – Land

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