The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXIII: Black March?

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXIII:
Black March?

Original release date: 15th March 2012
Total length: 3:46:50 in 4 parts

Download link:!VPIwEYaI!T-PFA3pzPd3ZzM9x10VAqoNbZ7HPLLniW3gVEQpTuPo

You may all have heard of the Black March movement, which aims to hit the money-monsters at the top of media industry in their fat wallets as punishment for even daring to propose SOPA, PIPA and everything else that would turn the internet, worldwide, into what it is in China, Saudi Arabia and other such bastions of fairness and freedom. However, there have been certain words of caution, regarding who it will hit – the small, independent media producers that we’d all like to support ahead of the huge giants who are only interested in profit. Get the support in from the ground up.

And so, I made this show according to those words of caution, hence the question mark in the title. What I did was go through my contacts list on Faceache, noting down how many of them were in bands. I picked one or more representative members of each band, asked them if they wanted to hear their music on this show, and I had so many responses that their contributions will be spilling over onto the next show. As for what I’ve done from elsewhere round the world, everything on this show – and I do mean everything – is either freely streamable on Faceache, Myspace, Reverbnation or similar without having to jump through any extra hoops like a performing seal, or it’s freely downloadable – and I’ve announced all the links on the show to prove I’m not lying.

Has that worked? Have I done a good job? You bet. And the bands you’re going to hear have all done an excellent job as well. If it wasn’t for them, this show wouldn’t exist – none of them would. I also do not want to imagine a future where that is the case.

NOTE: just because all the tracks on this show were freely downloadable or streamable in March 2012, does not necessarily mean they are now – and many of the links given in this show will be outdated. Also, just because the “words of caution” were on Tumblr doesn’t mean they were complete bollocks. It’s not all blue-haired lunacy there.

PART ONE (0:58:35)
0:02:03 Amorphis – Brother Moon [Hidden Gems]
0:11:57 Twilight’s Embrace – The Second Day
0:18:08 Keltic Jihad – Born Victim
0:23:09 MirrorBlack – Rabid Kisses
0:27:30 Mask Of Infamy – Edge Of Darkness
0:31:35 Evil Scarecrow – War And Seek
0:39:30 Maelstrom – This Dreaded Symphony
0:45:52 Ravenage – Let Vengeance Quell My Agony
0:51:08 Týr – Sinklars Vísa

PART TWO (0:48:16)
0:00:42 Aloeswood – Nostalgia
0:08:40 Sleepless Swans – The Light Will Blind Us All
0:16:10 Bucklebury – Brandywine
0:20:12 Zombiewizard – Zombie Wizard
0:27:29 Northsong – Let Death Be Our Pride [Covered]
0:34:34 Viter – Krov Tikae
0:40:43 Bucovina – Strașnic Neamul Meu

PART THREE (0:56:16)
0:01:43 Swordbearer – Heart Of Nightborn Fury
0:08:19 Theudho – War Into The World
0:13:22 Thrawsunblat – Vastland
0:17:38 Crow Black Sky – Our Path Disdained
0:31:32 Adastreia – The Be All And End All
0:37:23 Sanhedrin – Eternal Battle Of Faiths
0:42:02 Depraved Plague – Deviant
0:46:35 Asomvel – Motherload
0:49:21 Violent Deception – Warriors Of Metal

PART FOUR (1:03:43)
0:00:59 Celtachor – Rise Of Lugh
0:06:48 Skiltron – The Vision Of Blind Harry
0:16:43 Sight Of Emptiness – Desolation Whispers [World Tour – Costa Rica]
0:23:06 Ancestor – The Christians Hunt [World Tour – Cuba]
0:31:03 Orisha Shakpana – Limpid Dreams Of Satanic Copulation [World Tour – Jamaica]
0:36:11 Metal Requiem – Slaves Of Violence [World Tour – Guatemala]
0:41:17 Tiara – Infinito (Melancólico Destello) [World Tour – El Salvador]
0:50:08 Windrider – To New Lands… (Part II)

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