The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXV: Chased By Trolls

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXV:
Chased By Trolls

Original release date: 15th May 2012
Total length: 3:43:45 in 3 parts

Download link:!lexAUCJD!5Ce5_uMKb2CiOh08nNZ39JU4tZ9L94ZeBRSm4bxJANs

Whether it’s trolls on the internet who are annoying to encounter and even more annoyingly hard to shake off, or trolls who hide under bridges and are dangerous to Christians, there’s no getting away from them, so it seems. So, not entirely unprovoked, I’ve made a show about trolls of all varieties. Bits of the excellent Norwegian film, Troll Hunter, have found their way into the show, as have four separate Hidden Gems by everyone’s (with a brain) favourite humppa-metal band, Finntroll. Elsewhere, the organisers of the World Tour got lazy and stayed in South America, even recycling one of the bands from last month’s visit (but which one? Find out…), the final three bands that Paul Houlton recommended back in January make their long-awaited appearance, and the very best of English (and Irish) metal that has entertained me recently and will entertain me in the near future is prominently featured.

But best of all, there’s a competition. Due to the generosity of the esteemed Ben Corkhill, I’ve landed myself with a duplicate copy of Oakenshield’s excellent Legacy album. Do you want to win it? Listen to the show. The question you’ll have to answer is in there, and though the answer is not totally obvious, I still reckon I’ve practically handed it to you on a silver plate with a side order of chips and gravy. ENTER MY COMPETITION. Only three people did last time, and I want more! You’ve got until the end of May to get your entry in. [NOTE: it should be absolutely, blindingly obvious that this competition closed before the release of the next Ogg-Cast and that the prize has been won. DO NOT ENTER THE COMPETITION.]

I’ll be at Hellfest on the 15th of June, so next month’s show will be released on the 11th. Stick that date in your diary. You never know, you might get a Hellfest Brucie Bonus if you’re good.

As ever, keep up to date with and The Faceache Page and you need never miss anything to do with the show…

PART ONE (1:19:16)
0:00:53 Kvelertak – Mjød
0:05:11 Celtic Frost – Os Abysmi Vel Daath
0:11:51 The Wolves Of Avalon – The Wolves Of Avalon
0:20:34 Finntroll – Maktens Spira [Spotlight / Hidden Gems]
0:24:03 Trollheim’s Grott – Trollsyndicate
0:35:45 Spires – The Infinite Descent
0:42:20 The Hundred Handed – The Vessel
0:51:57 Sabaton – Back In Control
0:55:11 Strydegor – Dead Man’s Shore
1:01:19 Wildernessking – Rubicon
1:09:41 Finntroll – Fornfamnad [Spotlight / Hidden Gems]
1:13:22 Wolfhorde – Trollfolk

PART TWO (1:08:37)
0:00:33 Primordial – Autumn’s Ablaze
0:08:47 Winterfylleth – Brithnoth: The Battle Of Maldon (991 AD)
0:16:24 Wodensthrone – First Light
0:28:17 Kdaverium – Breaking The Law [Covered]
0:31:36 Finntroll – Under Varje Rot Och Sten [Spotlight / Hidden Gems]
0:34:53 Winterhymn – In The Troll Forest
0:40:10 Helfahrt – Wind
0:47:42 Minhyriath – Turyn
0:52:55 Ondskapt – Djävulens Ande
1:01:36 Finntroll – Trollvisan [Spotlight / Hidden Gems]
1:03:33 Asomvel – Internet Commando

PART THREE (1:15:52)
0:01:52 Tersivel – The Heathen Sun Of Revenge [World Tour – Argentina]
0:07:33 Paghania – Resistiendo La Invasión [World Tour – Chile]
0:13:12 Ephyra – Caligula’s Den [World Tour – Uruguay]
0:19:50 Sexto Sonar – World In Chaos [World Tour – Venezuela]
0:28:09 Nordic Wolf – Cosmical Existence [World Tour – Bolivia]
0:33:38 Ravenage – Northbound (Part 1)
0:40:00 Old Corpse Road – The Oakmen Of Naddle Forest
0:51:23 Oakenshield – Jorvik
1:02:58 Moonsorrow – Karhunkynsi

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