The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXVI: Sea Shanty Festival

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXVI:
Sea Shanty Festival

Original release date: 11th June 2012
Total length: 3:46:56 in 4 parts

Download link:!RSozAYyR!4j2WYUVkkOMsvzZXArgn6qfOMonTcUIfyiyMu01Njz0

This time last year, I went wandering round Cornwall, and landed in Falmouth right in the middle of the town’s annual Sea Shanty Festival. So, a year later, I thought I’d hold my own, building a show round the very best of metal’s seafaring songs from some of the usual suspects, and some not-so-usual. If this show doesn’t make you want to chop down the nearest tree, build a longboat and head out onto the high seas, there is something drastically wrong with you.

Elsewhere in the show, I get excited about how the first metal gig in Whitby for ten million years went, as well as planning the next one, Paul Houlton hands the Recommendations Corner over to his wife for one show while a new batch of bands is compiled, we pay tribute to a great man and some great music (I wonder who that could be?) and the World Tour goes all Bob Geldof and visits Africa, though unlike Bob, the tourists remembered to wash their underpants.

This show has been released slightly earlier than usual because I’m off to Hellfest in a couple of days – and I’ll be there on the 15th when the show was originally scheduled for release. We’ll be back to normal next month… and, of course, I’ll have written a massive Hellfest review.

And, of course, go here, yon heathens.

PART ONE (0:52:43)
0:02:18 Wodensthrone – The Great Darkness
0:10:13 Oakenshield – Clontarf
0:16:11 Bathory – Vinland [Sea Shanty Festival]
0:22:21 Amon Amarth – An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm [Sea Shanty Festival]
0:29:08 Old Corpse Road – Equimanthorn [Covered]
0:34:17 Stuka Squadron – Into The Breach
0:36:27 Stuka Squadron – Tales Of The Ost
0:42:24 Mental Home – On A Hand Of The Universe

PART TWO (0:58:14)
0:01:28 Therapy? – Church Of Noise
0:04:33 Down – Nothing In Return (Walk Away)
0:15:03 Ravenage – 300 Ships, 10,000 Men [Sea Shanty Festival]
0:22:15 Windrider – Across The Sea [Sea Shanty Festival]
0:31:19 Swordbearer – The Pathway To The End
0:35:23 Korpiklaani – Kipumylly [Hidden Gems]
0:39:11 Metsatöll – Saaremaa Vägimees
0:45:28 Running Wild – Whirlwind [Sea Shanty Festival]
0:50:20 Ensiferum – Dragonheads [Sea Shanty Festival]

PART THREE (0:57:26)
0:00:37 Heulend Horn – Towards The Dnieper’s Mouth
0:05:41 Morrigan – Bloody, Blue Faces
0:11:13 Menhir – Das Hildebrandslied – Teil I
0:22:14 Ayreon – Dragon On The Sea [Sea Shanty Festival]
0:29:23 Saxon – English Man’o’War [Sea Shanty Festival]
0:35:22 Toto – Africa
0:40:33 Crow Black Sky – Dissention
0:46:37 Wildernessking – Infinity

PART FOUR (0:58:33)
0:02:34 Kobus! – Swaarmetaal [World Tour – South Africa]
0:07:22 Wrust – Kill Or Be Killed [World Tour – Botswana]
0:13:23 Neblina – Os Filhos Da Pátria [World Tour – Angola]
0:18:03 Amakartus – Cannibal Perversion [World Tour – Mauritius]
0:22:28 Absence Of Light – Samdhi [World Tour – Kenya]
0:27:53 Odious – Poems Hidden On Black Walls [World Tour – Egypt]
0:36:26 Myrath – Forever And A Day [World Tour – Tunisia]
0:44:56 Mastodon – Hearts Alive [Sea Shanty Festival]

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