The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXVIII: Faster, Harder, Louder… Again!

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXVIII:
Faster, Harder, Louder… Again!

Original release date: 15th August 2012
Total length: 3:15:10 in 3 parts

Download link:!0OZWSIjJ!cTQXG3z1WAeYG80oOGUy3bfF1x5oK9oQY6Rtx0nrWuE

August 2012 brought my eleventh consecutive visit to a small village of 1,500 people in northern Germany, which periodically increases its population to around 100,000 – fans, bands, all their entourages and the crew who make the whole thing run properly. If you’ve all read the review (and you have, haven’t you? I’ve provided the links below. What’s your excuse not to?) then I need say very little about this show, other than how it was constructed. Scoop out the eight of the Metal Battle bands I saw who were worth featuring on this show, organise them into this month’s World Tour, then review the other three days, and bingo – the show’s practically written itself. I’ve dropped in a few bands I didn’t get to see, as well as three more who are going to be featuring at next year’s Wacken, just in case I do decide to go again.

Here’s your links to the review:
Wacken 2012 Review, part 1:
Wacken 2012 Review, part 2:

PART ONE (1:16:55)
0:03:45 Ravenblood – Decimate Of The Emotions [Metal Battle – Spain]
0:09:57 Gothic – Far, Deep In The Cold [Metal Battle – Romania]
0:16:21 Gone Postal – Meditated Torture [Metal Battle – Iceland]
0:21:11 Rain Shatter – Reminiscence [Metal Battle – Mexico]
0:26:17 Zygnema – Theory Of Lies And Negation [Metal Battle – India]
0:31:28 Corpse Garden – Hypocrite [Metal Battle – Costa Rica]
0:36:25 Electric Wizard – Wizard In Black
0:44:24 Decapitated – Suffer The Children [Covered]
0:49:02 Amon Amarth – Asator
0:54:21 Winterstorm – Winterheart
0:59:01 Amaranthe – Automatic
1:04:56 Hammercult – We Are Hammercult
1:08:02 Channel Zero – Unsafe
1:11:35 Saxon – Warrior [Hidden Gems]

PART TWO (0:56:53)
0:01:05 Mannhai – Cloudberry Jam
0:03:32 Mannhai – Spender
0:08:48 Sacred Reich – The American Way
0:12:17 Sanctuary – Die For My Sins
0:16:45 Aura Noir – Sulphur Void
0:21:32 Dimmu Borgir – Gateways
0:27:57 Graveyard – Hisingen Blues
0:32:07 Ghost Brigade – Breakwater
0:42:08 Sabaton – Twilight Of The Thunder God [Covered]
0:46:05 Amorphis – Enigma
0:49:40 Arch Enemy – Fields Of Desolation

PART THREE (1:01:22)
0:00:31 Agro – Willowmore
0:05:18 Ingrimm – Sag Mir Nicht
0:09:39 Paradise Lost – Say Just Words
0:13:40 Testament – A Day In The Death
0:19:16 Dio – All The Fools Sailed Away
0:28:58 Coroner – Masked Jackal
0:34:46 Faanefjell – Drikkegilde i Jotunheimen [Metal Battle – Norway]
0:39:21 Hamferð – Vráin [Metal Battle – Faroe Islands]
0:51:13 Winterfylleth – The Wayfarer Pt. 3 – To Find Solace… Where Security Stands

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