The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXIX: Sound The Horns Of War!

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXIX:
Sound The Horns Of War!

Original release date: 15th September 2012
Total length: 3:43:48 in 3 parts

Download link:!JCIzFCgT!0__Ve0BBEEf0y-MtWlCh5ltWdqFcIR09tsBfguCaKMk

On 21st and 22nd September, at the Duchess in York, comes the event I’ve been waiting since February for – the Warhorns Festival, a day and a half of celebration for our finest exponents of christian-slaughtering, mead-drinking, sword-wielding metal, and for good measure, they’ve brought in reinforcements from parts of northern Europe as well, and even an interloper from Vinland. It is absolutely not to be missed.

Of course, some regular features are still part of the show – the World Tour visits the “istan” countries of central Asia, and just about manages to find a handful of bands who actually live there, as well as a couple who don’t. Paul Houlton’s Recommendations Corner makes a triumphant return that even manages to link up with one of the Warhorns bands, and a certain German who has just become old enough to drink beer legally also has a few choice cuts for us.

This show was due also to feature the bands from the Full Moon Dog Festival, in Leeds on 13th October, but there really wasn’t space – so I’ve moved October’s show to the 11th so it can be released before the event, and feature all its bands! Also, that way you’ve all got a timely reminder just before it starts. Aren’t I generous?

Meanwhile, after the event, I wrote a review:
Day 1 (also contains the recipe for Warhorns Stew):
Day 2 (with no further culinary delights):

PART ONE (1:16:42)
0:01:41 Chris Hülsbeck – Bionic Action
0:06:01 Possessed – The Exorcist
0:10:51 Cacophony – Where My Fortune Lies
0:15:22 The Crown – Devil Gate Ride
0:27:36 Windrider – The King Under The Mountain
0:34:15 Old Corpse Road – The Devil’s Footprints
0:46:19 Nothgard – Arminius
0:53:38 Ex Deo – Teutoberg (Ambush Of Varus)
0:58:53 Old Man’s Child – Felonies Of The Christian Art
1:04:40 Rotting Christ – Lex Talionis
1:09:43 Blodsrit – Vanmakt

PART TWO (1:08:31)
0:00:35 Aloeswood – Farewell
0:06:18 Desiderium – Flesh And Stone
0:12:13 Morlich – A Throne In The Darkness
0:22:59 Vintersorg – Rainbow Demon [Covered]
0:27:00 Craving – Lord Of The Flames
0:31:27 Númenor – Monarchy Divine
0:38:17 Hel – Wo Die Tannen Thronen
0:46:04 Shallow Intentions – The Hammer And The Raven
0:53:50 Celtachor – In The Halls Of Nuada
0:58:48 Ravenage – Fresh From Fields Of Victory

PART THREE (1:18:35)
0:02:23 Thriumvirath – Voluntaria Mors [World Tour – Kazakhstan]
0:09:39 Hurd – Чоно [World Tour – Mongolia]
0:16:31 Z-Bek – Sky Rain Fire [World Tour – Uzbekistan]
0:22:53 Relicts – Desert [World Tour – Turkmenistan]
0:29:46 Spawn Of The Matriarch – Blut Auf Den Grasland [World Tour – Tajikistan]
0:37:44 Darkestrah – Sary Oy [World Tour – Kyrgyzstan]
0:50:27 Angeli Di Pietra – Last Flight Of The Valkyries
0:55:17 Wolfchant – Guardians Of The Forest
0:58:42 Skyforger – Kāvi [Hidden Gems]
1:07:28 Ensiferum – Heathen Throne

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