The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXI: The Widescreen Edition

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXI:
The Widescreen Edition

Original release date: 15th November 2012
Total length: 4:14:58 in 4 parts

Download link:!ZG5yXQRT!d0ssMhid8tl_z3CrO08uDBbDFZkkmFXG9mtZZrTWUk4

So, the Ogg-Cast cracks the four-hour mark again. And amongst its 32 tracks, nine are above the seven-minute mark, and even some of those that aren’t have so much epicness crammed into their arrangements that this show has had no option but to go WIDESCREEN to fit it all in!

Over the course of these four hours, I’ve crammed in a contribution from an album that we’ve all spent eight years waiting for – there’s even a clue in the promo picture! – as well as four more from similarly-minded musicians, we have a quick look back at the highlights of last month’s Full Moon Dog, the World Tour goes all Oriental on us and the results are quite amazing, and I attempt to confuse you with three bands of the same name, if not necessarily in the same language.

This is the episode that reveals exactly why I picked the fifteenth of the month to release these shows on. I knew the day was coming, and I’ve given the show a suitably fitting ending.

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Every so often, I look back at one of these shows when I’ve just made it, and think “yes! This is going to be one that I’ll be going back to in the future!” Power To The People was one, Sausage Festival was another, Chased By Trolls was a third. This is another one of those shows. Don’t waste the opportunity.

PART ONE (1:01:56)
0:00:59 Wintersun – Sons Of Winter And Stars [Widescreen Spotlight]
0:14:30 Old Corpse Road – The Crier Of Claiffe
0:27:45 Stuka Squadron – Tiger I
0:34:23 Asomvel – To Hell With All The Rest (2005 version)
0:37:25 Orange Goblin – Time Travelling Blues
0:47:51 Ensiferum – Burning Leaves [Widescreen Spotlight]
0:53:50 Pain – Eleanor Rigby [Covered]

PART TWO (1:02:18)
0:00:32 Finsterforst – Lauf Der Welt
0:08:38 Dark Forest (England) – Defender
0:13:08 Dark Forest (Canada) – Vesperia
0:22:56 Тролль Гнёт Ель – Хмъёльнир
0:26:59 Калевала – Горсти талого снега
0:31:04 Beer Bear – Кулачные бои
0:36:34 На Север – Лёд пускает корни
0:45:19 Bal-Sagoth – Blood Slakes The Sand At The Circus Maximus [Widescreen Spotlight]
0:54:10 Sabaton – Carolus Rex

PART THREE (1:10:14)
0:00:33 Falkenbach – …Of Forests Unknown… [Hidden Gems]
0:04:19 Demonaz – A Son Of The Sword
0:08:53 Viðr – Grantre Og Bark
0:15:30 Graveland – Thousand Swords
0:21:59 Hate Forest – Of Fire And Iron
0:31:09 Sigh – Curse Of Izanagi
0:40:30 Spring And Autumn (春秋) – The Huntsman (猎人) [World Tour – China]
0:46:07 Oathean – Solace Of The Grave [World Tour – South Korea]
0:54:16 Rancorous – Steel And Ancient Might [World Tour – Thailand]
1:01:04 Da Vàng – Bạch Đằng Giang [World Tour – Vietnam]

PART FOUR (1:00:30)
0:01:26 Sil Khannaz – Gerbang Kayangan [World Tour – Malaysia]
0:08:59 Meza Virs – Tragic Vendetta [World Tour – Singapore]
0:16:00 Tengger Cavalry – Golden Horde [World Tour – China]
0:23:12 Munruthel – Эхо забытых сражений [Widescreen Spotlight]
0:30:32 Wodensthrone – Wyrgþu
0:44:20 Dire Straits – Telegraph Road

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