The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXII: They’re Taking The Hobbits To Isengard!

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXII:
They’re Taking The Hobbits To Isengard!

Original release date: 15th December 2012
Total length: 3:56:09 in 4 parts

Download link:!MPxjGCSI!KKJoBPqZQomgL8XIuzN-OAZKcC9RXKMg0vL4j8A92YI

Tell me, where is Gandalf? For I much desire to speak with him. He should be aware that this show is absolutely jam-packed with Tolkien-related bands – and yes, I do mean jam-packed, because there are so many of them that Covered and Hidden Gems have had to take a break. This is because, as you should all be aware, the first instalment of The Hobbit has just been released, and if it’s anywhere near as grandiose as the film adaptation of Lord Of The Rings was, then it’ll be worth every penny of my cash.

And once the Hobbits have been rescued from Isengard, the One Ring has been disposed of and Frodo has got in a boat to sail off to faraway lands, he might consider some of the places we’re visiting on the last instalment of the Hammer Of Retribution World Tour, before a whole new feature takes its place in January.

It’s another one that’s run to almost four hours – and deservedly so. Now keep your eyes on and all its links, such as the Faceache and Twatter pages, because that’s where I’ll be spreading the news of the Brucie Bonus edition at the end of this month. That’ll be worth your while as well.

PART ONE (1:11:08)
0:00:18 Erwin Beekveld – They’re Taking The Hobbits To Isengard
0:05:00 Slayer – Hell Awaits
0:10:42 Iron Knights – Desert Fox
0:15:28 Old Corpse Road – Glassensikes At Witching Hour
0:26:53 Battlelore – Sons Of Riddermark [Tolkien Spotlight]
0:30:57 Blind Guardian – Mirror Mirror [Tolkien Spotlight]
0:36:03 Summoning – Farewell [Tolkien Spotlight]
0:47:03 Amon Amarth – Amon Amarth [Tolkien Spotlight / Hidden Gems]
0:55:05 Cirith Ungol – Frost And Fire [Tolkien Spotlight]
0:58:39 Oakenshield – The Raven Banner [Tolkien Spotlight]

PART TWO (1:00:31)
0:00:34 Korpiklaani – Wooden Pints
0:04:17 Rhapsody – The Village Of Dwarves
0:08:04 Iron Maiden – The Clansman
0:17:00 Luca Turilli – The Ancient Forest Of Elves
0:27:04 The Stallions Of The Burning Church – Thorns [World Tour – Philippines]
0:34:20 Morto Kacho – Wega Di Droga [World Tour – Curaçao]
0:37:04 Conrad – Ballahoo (I Invoke Thee) [World Tour – Barbados]
0:44:19 Warfield – Warfield [World Tour – Réunion]
0:53:46 Nothnegal – Janus [World Tour – Maldives]

PART THREE (0:49:34)
0:00:46 Cirith Gorgor – Conquering The Shadowworld [Tolkien Spotlight]
0:05:54 Numen – Eskualdunak
0:10:50 Grimfist – The Ashes Of The Gods
0:15:29 SIG:AR:TYR – Etched In Stone
0:25:20 Isengard – Vinterskugge [Tolkien Spotlight]
0:30:34 Gorgoroth – The Rite Of Infernal Invocation [Tolkien Spotlight]
0:34:02 Minas Morgul – Todesschwadron Ost [Tolkien Spotlight]
0:39:58 Eternal Helcaraxe – As The Snow Gathers [Tolkien Spotlight]

PART FOUR (0:54:56)
0:01:01 Unleashed – We Must Join With Him [Tolkien Spotlight]
0:04:59 Rivendell – The Fall Of Gil-Galad [Tolkien Spotlight]
0:07:53 Sauron – Witch King [Tolkien Spotlight]
0:11:58 Minhyriath – In Beörns Hall [Tolkien Spotlight]
0:18:52 Winterfylleth – The Glorious Plain
0:25:15 Skálmöld – Váli
0:31:18 Rebellion – Varus
0:41:44 Finsterforst – Nichts Als Asche

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