The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXIIB: Another Brucie Bonus – Twelve For 2012

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXIIB:
Another Brucie Bonus – Twelve For 2012

Original release date: 30th December 2012
Total length: 2:29:45 in 2 parts

Download link:!EbhiSayB!zwHpSe3Zu-rMdBB0tEDeKqZy6MMMUAk58G1g-YgzMsA

I promised it – as was the way last year, I’ve made an extra Brucie Bonus show for the end of the year, bringing together all the highlights from another successful 12 months of the Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast. The number of tracks has “accidentally” expanded to 14, for reasons which will soon become obvious, and the “main” twelve are a compilation of three top tens – ten tracks from the World Tour, ten tracks that I heard for the first time this year but were released earlier, and ten tracks that were all-new and released this year. I’ll count down from ten to five in each category, and I urge you all to go back and listen to these again, I’ve said which show they’re on in each case, and the track listings in the Archive will allow you to find them easily. Then, the top four in each category will be played again on this show, for a review of the year which contained so many highlights it was almost painful choosing which ones to leave out.

Good game, good game, didn’t they do well, and all that jazz.

PART ONE (1:12:21)
0:04:40 Beer Bear – Мать Троллей [Covered… from December]
0:08:26 Vintersorg – Rainbow Demon
0:19:09 Vallendusk – The Wooden Sphere
0:30:26 Faanefjell – Drikkegilde i Jotunheimen
0:36:33 Ch’Aska – Pururauca
0:52:35 Myrath – Forever And A Day
1:05:25 Maelstrom – This Dreaded Symphony

PART TWO (1:17:24)
0:02:04 Winterstorm – Winterheart
0:08:11 Menhir – Das Hildebrandslied – Teil I
0:18:25 Summoning – Land Of The Dead
0:38:26 Hel – Wo Die Tannen Thronen
0:45:21 Oakenshield – Clontarf
0:51:48 Wodensthrone – First Light
1:03:58 Wintersun – Sons Of Winter And Stars

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