The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXIV: Round Our Dragon Ship We Stand

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXIV:
Round Our Dragon Ship We Stand

Original release date: 15th February 2013
Total length: 3:59:38 in 4 parts

Download link:!lTJyBQwb!9f0IRmZNwBplgeVA0A9Y3PdBGiVMbX4OWda-bV2xlTM

Truth be told, this show practically wrote itself – a bit of brainstorming on the boat to Lerwick, in which I had twelve hours that would otherwise involve sleeping or twiddling my thumbs waiting for the morning to arrive, gave me about two hours of the show and the rest fell into place easily. So, trying to cover every base that made Up Helly Aa what it was, there are parts of the show themed around fire, the north, Scotland, and sea voyages. You’ve all read the review, now this should be a fine soundtrack before the video diary hits YouTube.

As for the live intro to this show, the official Up Helly Aa website has full lyrics for The Up Helly Aa Song and The Galley Song. So now you can understand the 2011 Guizer Squadron (and much the same happened this year).

Roll their glory down the ages,
Sons of warriors and sages,
When the fight for freedom rages,
Be bold and strong as they!

You can also read my written review of the entire trip, and even watch what I recorded on my video camera at the time!
“Böd, Fire, (near) Death: the Official Up Helly Aa Tour Diary”: Part One / Part Two
“Adventures in Scotland”: Film One / Film Two

Yae wee shites!

PART ONE (0:49:15)
0:05:13 Nuclear Assault – Hang The Pope
0:05:56 Exhorder – Slaughter In The Vatican
0:12:20 Hiidenhauta – Häpeä
0:20:24 Falkenbach – …Where His Ravens Fly…
0:27:46 Suidakra – Dead Man’s Reel
0:32:01 Dvärg – Скала
0:38:51 Rebellion – The Uprising

PART TWO (1:11:45)
0:00:53 Einherjer – Far Far North
0:08:01 Ravenage – Northbound Part 1
0:14:23 Equilibrium – Nordheim
0:19:34 Nomans Land – Breath Of The North
0:26:12 Satyricon – Mother North
0:34:36 Enslaved – Immigrant Song (live) [Covered]
0:38:47 Entombed – Scottish Hell [Covered]
0:41:51 The Real McKenzies – Donald Where’s Yer Troosers [Covered]
0:45:19 Alestorm – Buckfast Powersmash
0:47:50 Maelstrom – Thrall Of The One
0:54:15 Achren – Blood Soaked Banner
0:58:29 Alba Gu Bràth – Dupplin Moor
1:03:21 Cnoc an Tursa – The Lion Of Scotland

PART THREE (1:07:57)
0:00:41 Immortal – Norden On Fire
0:06:52 Demonaz – Legends Of Fire And Ice
0:11:03 Windrider – Muspelheim
0:18:02 Skálmöld – Eldur
0:24:57 Manilla Road – Frost And Fire
0:30:58 Buried By The Last Tragedy – The Burning Ship
0:41:50 Ogen – Shattered Earth Volcano
0:45:53 Old – Empire In Flames
0:50:13 Old Forest – Long Man Of Wilmington
0:56:49 Old Corpse Road – The Crier Of Claiffe

PART FOUR (0:50:41)
0:02:20 Swordbearer – They Came By Wind And Sail [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:11:52 Thyrfing – Set Sail To Plunder [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:16:11 Bathory – Sea Wolf [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:21:34 Amon Amarth – North Sea Storm [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:26:27 Forefather – The Downfallen [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:37:44 Moonsorrow – Back To North

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