The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXV: Minecraft Madness!

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXV:
Minecraft Madness!

Original release date: 15th March 2013
Total length: 3:59:49 in 4 parts

Download link:!EG4kQaoJ!locIbaLQnhR205PAPKAI1R8fIx0XcnsuAVkSB4ITCU0

Take a bunch of independent programmers in Sweden who had a near-endless supply of Lego when they were kids, give them the idea to build a never-ending world complete with animals, vegetables and minerals, and what do you get? Minecraft. So it’s come to this, as I always knew it would; a Minecraft-themed Ogg-Cast. No sooner had I started playing last June, than a whole barrage of tunes filled my head as soon as I saw some of the mineable ores, built the tools and weapons I needed to survive, and fought the monsters that tried to stop me. Eventually, it was inevitable that I’d put this show together as a result, and with the launch of version 1.5 only two days ago, now was always going to be the right time to do so. It’s even given me an extra band to put on there.

Plus, it gave me an ideal chance to build my own promo picture for the show, rather than relying on a photo I’d taken, or swiped from a public domain server. You can see the fruits of my labours above, where I’ve built a scene for the inaugural Minefest ’13, complete with stage, PA, band, and Steve? wearing his best black leathers. The festival was well attended by all the local villagers who look like they were based on Squidward from Spongbob Squarepants. Testament were invited to play, but just as they were preparing to open the festival with “RANDY IS FREE” banners unfurled over their amps, answering the call to what they did at Wacken last year, news filtered through that Clive Burr had died. Testament will therefore be a support band, and Iron Maiden will headline the festival. By that, I mean I’ve managed to get four Iron Maiden tracks into this show, and four tracks that Clive drummed on; these are not necessarily completely coincident. Finally, the Ogg-Cast Of The Past to be re-examined will be number 19, A Chiptune On Your Shoulder… let’s just say it’s amazing how much brilliant video game music there is out there, and how well it fits into this show. Especially when it’s given a metal makeover.

As an added bonus, for any Minecrafters out there, I’ve made two versions of the Hammer Of Retribution Festival World available. The original MINEFEST 13 world was made in version 1.4, and that’s the one that formed the promotional picture for this show. This was then rehashed in December 2015 and updated to the MINEFEST 16 world, using snapshot 15w49b that had added features that would be fully released in version 1.9 in February 2016. The MINEFEST 16 promo picture was to celebrate the launch of The Diamond Hammer on 1st January 2016, an official part of the Hammer Of Retribution website in which I show off all my builds.

PART ONE (0:57:37)
0:04:05 Iron Maiden – Murders In The Rue Morgue
0:08:22 Testament – Trial By Fire
0:12:35 Sacred Reich – Independent
0:19:16 Ensiferum – Iron [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:23:07 Turisas – Fields Of Gold [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:27:39 Mechanical Poet – Bogie In A Coal-Hole [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:35:15 Athelstan – Hero On The Hill
0:39:51 Mulch – Spawn Of The Deadlands
0:45:05 Celtachor – The Landing: Amergin’s Conquest

PART TWO (0:59:11)
0:00:40 Rhapsody – Emerald Sword [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:04:59 Bal-Sagoth – The Obsidian Crown Unbound [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:10:56 Kull – By Lucifer’s Crown (Lapis Exilis) [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:20:31 Sabaton – Back In Control
0:23:46 Pro-Pain – Make War Not Love (2011 version)
0:31:59 Iron Maiden – Gangland
0:35:46 Gogmagog – It’s Illegal, It’s Immoral, It’s Unhealthy, But It’s Fun
0:42:48 Clutch – Big News I
0:48:02 Mannhai – No Need To Follow
0:51:56 Arkhamin Kirjasto – Sleeping Beauty

PART THREE (1:13:45)
0:00:53 Faanefjell – Faanetrollets Vise
0:08:01 Grimner – Eldvärldens Härskare
0:13:43 Tervaskanto – Revontulien Maa
0:19:13 Tengwar – Marching South
0:25:36 Gama Bomb – Zombie Blood Nightmare [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:28:11 Skyforger – Raganas Lāsts [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:33:13 Slayer – Skeletons Of Society [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:40:29 Iron Maiden – The Trooper
0:44:39 Alestorm – I Am A Cider Drinker [Covered]
0:47:37 Quartz – Stoking Up The Fires Of Hell
0:54:59 Amorphis – Withered [Minecraft Spotlight]
1:00:42 Blaze – The Launch [Minecraft Spotlight]
1:03:34 Evil Scarecrow – March Of The Spider God [Minecraft Spotlight]

PART FOUR (0:49:16)
0:04:31 jaco1349 – Turrican II Main Theme [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:08:29 Aki Järvinen – The Desert Rocks [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:12:49 U-Tjube Shredsta – Skyrim Theme Tune [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:17:05 Powerglove – Power. Wisdom. Courage. [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:22:56 Megadeth – Grabbag [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:26:47 Iron Maiden – Phantom Of The Opera [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:38:53 Ereb Altor – Wizard

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