The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXVII: …And In Glory They Will Go…

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXVII:
…And In Glory They Will Go…

Original release date: 15th May 2013
Total length: 4:24:36 in 4 parts

Download link:!BKRVxYpA!yH_h8_qxjs6NmdiBUKhc_JCk4Lw6EpZqgZplP9Fx_M0

Ten men are shown in this picture. All ten are dead. All ten will feature on this show, but one will get rather more time on it than the others.

For reasons that should be utterly and appallingly obvious to everyone reading this, there was no way this wasn’t going to be a tribute show for Jeff Hanneman. Not that it wrote itself, mind. There are seven Slayer tracks, spanning the albums from Show No Mercy, through the Haunting The Chapel EP, up to Divine Intervention, all written or co-written by Jeff – but finding a suitable cover from each album required a bit more searching. I’ve done it, though. Many other representatives of “The Sick And The Dead” will feature amongst the Slayer tracks, I’ve had more requests than usual, other bits and pieces can also be found from my recent adventures, some bands who have made new albums in the last few months get a first (or second) airing on the show, and a notorious foreign language makes its long-awaited comeback. The result is the longest show yet.

For one reason and another – declining interest from others (probably in a “can’t be bothered” sense), declining interest from me as well (no, really, I’m running out of ideas), the fact that I’m so horribly unsociable to the point where “social networking” seems like anathema, and the general malaise with my current crowd which still threatens to spill over and see me exile myself to some far-flung part of the country, the show will be coming to an end soon. The 40th instalment in August will be the last one I make monthly, so that’s three more to go after this. Then I can get on with moving myself to wherever I may roam to… and maybe resurrect it one day.

But while we’re here, if you count yourself even remotely metal, you’ll be listening to this show and paying your dues to one of the greatest metal musicians ever, without whom none of this – from the last 25 years at least – would be possible. Otherwise, get the fuck out of my sight.

Heavy Metal Never Will Be Died. Neither will Jeff Hanneman’s legacy.

PART ONE (0:51:57)
0:03:42 Slayer – Die By The Sword [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:07:16 Merciless – Crionics [Covered]
0:10:48 Deep Purple – Stormbringer
0:16:57 Finntroll – Rösets Kung
0:20:09 Arkhamin Kirjasto – Golem Made Of Flesh
0:22:52 Hiidenhauta – Vaipuva
0:32:09 Slayer – Chemical Warfare [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:37:35 At The Gates – Captor Of Sin [Covered]
0:40:53 Rainbow – Stargazer

PART TWO (1:07:59)
0:00:33 Thyrfing – Fordom
0:06:19 Clutch – Oh, Isabella
0:11:35 Falkenbach – Eweroun
0:19:03 Slayer – At Dawn They Sleep [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:25:18 Angelcorpse – Kill Again [Covered]
0:29:39 Iron Maiden – The Prisoner
0:37:08 Xanthochroid – The Last Relic Of Axen
0:42:51 Mgła – With Hearts Towards None III
0:52:40 Slayer – Angel Of Death [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:57:31 Vader – Raining Blood [Covered]
1:01:09 Death – Born Dead

PART THREE (1:18:54)
0:04:07 Rotting Christ – His Sleeping Majesty [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:07:38 Grendel – The Golden Palace Of Heorot [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:13:43 Bloodshed Walhalla – Warrior Of The Northern [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:24:13 Sabbat (Japan) – Registry Of Dark Side [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:29:42 Herald – Heavy Metal Wakes The Beast [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:34:57 Immortal – In My Kingdom Cold [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:45:52 Slayer – Behind The Crooked Cross [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:49:07 Crown Of Thorns – Mandatory Suicide [Covered]
0:53:25 Asomvel – Fast Women (& Slow Horses)
0:58:29 Fornost Arnor – Nameless Fear
1:05:26 Forgotten Tomb – Alone

PART FOUR (1:05:46)
0:00:29 Slayer – Born Of Fire [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:03:37 Dew-Scented – War Ensemble [Covered]
0:08:26 Windir – Røvhaugane
0:16:19 Ereb Altor – Myrding
0:23:32 Old Corpse Road – The Oakmen Of Naddle Forest
0:37:15 Slayer – SS-3 [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:41:20 Diabolic – Killing Fields [Covered]
0:44:50 Testament – D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
0:53:24 Bathory – The Wheel Of Sun

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