The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XLIV: Spectribution

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XLIV:

Original release date: 15th April 2014
Total length: 3:27:05 in 3 parts

Download link:!4DIxBQLK!dZiBiLp0AIEDa8BWxEhdcxZugAbSbbUYJLetemu6ugQ

“I was in love once. A Sinclair ZX81. People said, no, Holly, she’s not for you. She’s cheap, she’s stupid and she wouldn’t load, well, not for me anyway.”
– Red Dwarf, Series II, episode 4: Stasis Leak

Owing to the success of February’s tie-in with Formula One Rejects, I thought I’d have another shot at it with a second long-term interest, and see if it generates any extra listeners on the relevant forum. This time I’ve handed over the majority of the show to some (very tenuous) links to the ZX Spectrum, and to a lesser extent its two older brothers. I’ve had a long affinity for Sinclair computers ever since having a ZX81 waved temptingly under my nose as a four-year-old in 1983, followed by a Spectrum +2 four years later. Sir Clive’s products weren’t the fastest, nor did they have the most memory, the best BASIC, the best graphics or a disk drive… but they were cheap enough to be accessible to the common man, easy to program and pretty much idiot-proof (unless you’re Homer Simpson). It brought computing out of the lab and the office, and into the home, far more than any of its more expensive rivals did, and for that we say cheers.

So I’ve chosen to celebrate the Speccy’s upcoming 32nd birthday (a round number in computer-friendly binary) and my 30-year association with the Speccy and its immediate predecessor with this themed Ogg-Cast. And given that I’ve covered all the years from the launch of the ZX80 (1980) to the very end of the Speccy’s commercial life (1993) before its retirement on foreign shores, there’s going to be a lot more old-school metal to celebrate with – there will be NWOBHM and there will be thrash from the 80s, and there will be death metal from the 90s, from both sides of the Atlantic (and definitely nothing from a bloke in a flannel shirt). And with 24,000 games made in its lifetime and afterlife, I’ve highlighted a few that keep coming up as fan favourites – even if I’ve had to improvise occasionally – by digging through Metal Archives and finding something suitably titled to fit.

As this isn’t the World Of Spectrum forum, some of you may be alarmed at the strange noises in the first minute of the show. Don’t be. It’s intentional. You can also download the source of those noises, to be run in 128K mode on any good Spectrum emulator, even though it’s also included in the episode package:

0 OK, 0:1

PART ONE (1:06:00)
0:04:13 Arch Enemy – Bury Me An Angel
0:07:53 ZX Spectrum – Human Herd
0:18:03 Vagabond – Back In The Stone Age [Spotlight – The ZX80 & ZX81]
0:23:26 Quartz – Stand Up And Fight [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1980]
0:28:04 Samson – Bright Lights [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1981]
0:34:42 Blind Guardian – The Bard's Song – The Hobbit [Spotlight – Spectrum Games]
0:38:33 Mastodon – March Of The Fire Ants [Spotlight – Spectrum Games]
0:47:45 Anvil – Mothra [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1982]
0:52:50 Manilla Road – Necropolis [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1983]
0:55:59 Cirith Ungol – Death Of The Sun [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1984]
0:59:53 Razor – Deathrace [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1985]

PART TWO (1:08:21)
0:00:56 Paradox – A Light In The Black [Covered]
0:08:10 Hiidenhauta – Kaartuvat
0:20:47 Old Corpse Road – Glassensikes At Witching Hour [Spotlight – Spectrum Games]
0:30:07 Bathory – Valhalla [Spotlight – Spectrum Games]
0:39:40 Battlesoul – Tir Na Nog [Spotlight – Spectrum Games]
0:49:21 Dark Angel – Death Is Certain (Life Is Not) [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1986]
0:53:35 Heathen – Death By Hanging [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1987]
0:58:37 Minotaur – Fierce Fight [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1988]
1:02:25 Defiance – Death Machine [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1989]

PART THREE (1:12:44)
0:01:54 Finntroll – Galgasång
0:05:39 Spirit Caravan – Spirit Caravan
0:08:43 Spiritual Beggars – Until The Morning
0:14:44 Forefather – Rebel Of The Marshlands
0:21:32 Red Giant – Jetpack [Spotlight – Spectrum Games]
0:25:29 Accept – Head Over Heels [Spotlight – Spectrum Games]
0:29:52 Ibéria – Dizzy [Spotlight – Spectrum Games]
0:37:53 Nocturnus – Undead Journey [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1990]
0:42:07 Bolt Thrower – What Dwells Within [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1991]
0:46:24 Autopsy – Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1992]
0:48:35 Dismember – Reborn In Blasphemy [Spotlight – The Sinclair Years: 1993]
0:57:36 Аркона – На моей земле...

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