The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXVIII: A New Hope?

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXVIII:
A New Hope?

Original release date: 27th January 2017
Total length: 4:54:21 in 4 parts

Download link:!cGRHSATC!V30KokRUXH1SeB-rGFfw6o2dNSdgDFXM7p-1Nh2drnM

2016 was, all things considered, not my finest hour. It was the year “my people”, or at least those who I thought were my people, took leave of their senses and left me wondering where I stood – and, as some listeners to previous shows will recall, whether I should even remain standing on this planet at all. 2017 sees the launch of an improved model who will be confining the crazies back to the lunatic fringe where they belong – or at least, that’s the intention – and there’s one obvious visual signifier that this is where I may find… A New Hope. Whatever the score, I was never going to miss the January Ogg-Cast, having made one since 2010, before the regular monthly shows were even considered. And to that end I’ll be looking back at the years ending in the same digit; what were we listening to, ten, twenty, thirty and forty years ago?

As before, for your delectation and delight, and ease of listening, I’ve split the show into sub-80-minute parts. There were supposed to be three; this expanded to four because I realised I couldn’t fit it all into that time. Plus, this might be the only Ogg-Cast I make in the entire year, so I figured a bit extra wouldn’t hurt.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Part One contains “State Of The Jim Address II” that can be found on the Hammer of Retribution website’s hidden section, the Orchard Of Lamentations.
Here’s the direct link:

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: This Lamentation contains references to a Wyrd Ways Rock Show blog post which I referred to as “the event horizon”. It was based on the original words in the post, which Carl has now edited down when he realised he’d been too hasty writing them in the first place. AND MUCH LATER ADDENDUM: …this post, and every other one before it, disappeared from the Wyrd Ways Rock Show website when it morphed into something else, do don’t go looking for it!

PART ONE (1:18:01)
0:11:22 Sex Pistols – Seventeen [Spotlight: 1977]
0:14:13 Rush – A Farewell To Kings [Spotlight: 1977]
0:20:04 AC/DC – Let There Be Rock [Spotlight: 1977]
0:27:27 Motörhead – Iron Horse / Born To Lose [Spotlight: 1977]
0:32:45 Judas Priest – Dissident Aggressor [Spotlight: 1977]
0:35:42 Quartz – Devil’s Brew [Spotlight: 1977]
0:43:14 Running Wild – Under Jolly Roger [Spotlight: 1987]
0:49:12 Testament – Over The Wall [Spotlight: 1987]
0:53:18 Anthrax – Among The Living [Spotlight: 1987]
0:58:33 Kreator – Terrible Certainty [Spotlight: 1987]
1:04:47 Celtic Frost – Sorrows Of The Moon [Spotlight: 1987]
1:07:49 Sepultura – Escape To The Void [Spotlight: 1987]
1:12:28 Death – Denial Of Life [Spotlight: 1987]

PART TWO (1:06:53)
0:01:17 Summoning – Over Old Hills [Spotlight: 1997]
0:10:12 Arcturus – The Chaos Path [Spotlight: 1997]
0:17:20 Entombed – To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth [Spotlight: 1997]
0:20:30 In Flames – Gyroscope [Spotlight: 1997]
0:25:13 Devin Townsend – Seventh Wave [Spotlight: 1997]
0:31:46 Paradise Lost – The Suferer [Spotlight: 1997]
0:38:02 Orange Goblin – The Astral Project (Class A) [Spotlight: 1997]
0:44:49 Electric Wizard – Wizard In Black [Spotlight: 1997]
0:54:31 Grimner – Eldhjärta
0:59:33 SIG:AR:TYR – Vinland

PART THREE (1:11:59)
0:00:33 Iron Maiden – Moonchild
0:06:11 Daemon – Greed
0:09:18 Morbid Saint – Lock Up Your Children
0:16:38 Pentagram – Broken Vows [Tunes of Yore]
0:22:11 Emperor – Ye Entrancemperium [Tunes of Yore]
0:28:10 Skuggsjá – Skuggsjá [Tunes of Yore]
0:36:09 Walknut – Come, Dreadful Ygg [Tunes of Yore]
0:48:00 Winterfylleth – Green Cathedral [Tunes of Yore]
1:03:03 Caladan Brood – Farewell [Covered]

PART FOUR (1:17:28)
0:03:17 Primordial – As Rome Burns [Spotlight: 2007]
0:12:33 Amorphis – Weaving The Incantation [Spotlight: 2007]
0:17:28 Menhir – Weit In Der Ferne [Spotlight: 2007]
0:26:50 Ensiferum – Blood Is The Price Of Glory [Spotlight: 2007]
0:32:07 Turisas – A Portage To The Unknown [Spotlight: 2007]
0:36:56 Rebellion – Kiew [Spotlight: 2007]
0:43:21 Korpiklaani – Tervaskanto [Spotlight: 2007]
0:47:14 Finntroll – En Mäktig Här [Spotlight: 2007]
0:51:32 Månegarm – Vedergällningens Tid [Spotlight: 2007]
1:02:14 Moonsorrow – Ruttolehto including Päivättömän Päivän Kansa

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