The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXVIIIB: The Wyrd Way Out

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXVIIIB:
The Wyrd Way Out

Original release date: 27th February 2017
Total length: 1:19:19 in 1 part

Download link:!tTIDEaKQ!Sh_qpAIXQRoeIpXdboihH2cz4tdfGE8w6TYEaXrOBVI

It may have taken a month, but the episode of the Wyrd Ways Rock Show where I’ve formally handed in my notice has been released. For reasons of time constraints and a bit of tact, my final exit speech was removed and has resurfaced here.

I also felt the need to expand further on what has caused me to draw the conclusions I did, and why – though this does also involve me retracting a few of my words from Ogg-Casts 67 and 68. Carl did exactly that on the Wyrd Ways Rock Show blog (which caused a bit of confusion for my listeners back in January) so I thought I should do a bit of the same – but I do go off on a proper rant afterwards, you have been warned.

Fortunately, from that point onwards, I thought it best to turn this into a bonus show with actual musical content, which you’ll get about an hour of, even if it’s unlikely there’s anything you haven’t heard before.

0:02:54 – 0:09:53
The original exit speech, removed from Wyrd Ways Rock Show’s 26th February episode

0:12:26 – 0:24:45
A lengthier diatribe on the problems I’ve observed in the scene, and who’s behind them

0:25:35 The Hellacopters – (Gotta Get Some Action) Now!
0:28:44 The Wildhearts – Suckerpunch
0:33:51 Svartsot – Gravøllet
0:38:23 Finsterforst – Die Suche nach dem Licht
0:45:36 Dethklok – The Lost Vikings
0:50:46 Einherjer – Far Far North
0:57:53 Falkenbach – Eweroun
1:06:38 Baranduin – The Wanderer Of Time

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