The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXIX: Storming The Fortress

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXIX:
Storming The Fortress

Original release date: 27th August 2017
Total length: 4:01:19 in 4 parts

Download link:!AbAVmCCa!cdZE6z7plnBF6CVzrja7CXxqBpwMYV0TiE5Uz9xHaSE

It was a very last-minute decision, but my hand was forced when Bloodstock sold out, and my best option for a summer festival was to return to Brutal Assault, where I’d previously been in 2015. The walls of Fortress Josefov were a suitable backdrop for a titanic battle between some Norwegian and Finnish legends, with plenty of other bands chipping in as well. This Ogg-Cast is a review of Brutal Assault 2017 that includes every band I saw who didn’t screw up completely, alongside another Tunes of Yore from Lennard, and some bonus bits and pieces that provide us some extra colour.

Two of the four days were as scorchingly hot and sunny as 2015 had been…

…and then came the storms.

PART ONE (0:56:17)
0:04:43 Bloodshed Walhalla – Thor
0:12:57 Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Fool
0:17:02 Wintersun – Awaken From The Dark Slumber (Spring)
0:33:34 Helheim – Maðr
0:39:26 Master’s Hammer – Nordfrostkrampfand
0:44:52 Hour Of Penance – Reforging The Crowns
0:48:51 Аркона – Заклятие

PART TWO (1:05:24)
0:00:38 Emperor – With Strength I Burn
0:08:48 Rotting Christ – Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού
0:15:45 Mourning Beloveth – The Mountains Are Mine
0:27:54 Forefather – Two Sacred Oaks [Tunes of Yore]
0:34:05 Ensiferum – Frost [Tunes of Yore]
0:40:40 Frostmoon Eclipse – Corridors [Tunes of Yore]
0:50:11 Annwn – Born Of Legends [Tunes of Yore]
0:56:43 Fen – Exile’s Journey [Tunes of Yore]

PART THREE (1:08:54)
0:01:10 Wolfheart – Ghosts Of Karelia
0:05:49 Crowbar – I Am The Storm
0:10:40 The Crown – Natashead Overdrive
0:14:20 Possessed – The Eyes Of Horror
0:18:41 Swallow The Sun – Don’t Fall Asleep (Horror, Part II)
0:26:12 Electric Wizard – Funeralopolis
0:36:56 Einherjer – Dragons Of The North
0:41:49 The Wolves of Avalon – Famished Wolves Befogged With Blood
0:46:19 Moonsorrow – Non Serviam [Covered]
0:52:37 Svart Crown – Profane
0:57:14 Artillery – Into The Universe
1:00:57 Prong – Broken Peace

PART FOUR (0:50:44)
0:02:09 Tsjuder – Demonic Supremacy
0:08:35 Mayhem – Life Eternal
0:17:52 Amorphis – Hopeless Days
0:25:44 Arx Atrata – The Traveller
0:37:53 Summoning – Land Of The Dead

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