The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXI: Revel In The Glory Of A Coming Of Age

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXI:
Revel In The Glory Of A Coming Of Age

Original release date: 19th January 2018
Total length: 3:43:42 in 3 parts

Download link:!9e4TBaZT!vKWVbaids5sF_wc4jVlcxQg_d0n9nh0_qpgQCJv4EJo

Cast your mind back to the dawn of 2000. What were you doing? Were you, like me, attempting to drink your way through the seemingly impenetrable barrier between what seemed at the time to be The Past and The Future? Were you, unlike me, worrying about the Millennium Bug? There are some humans who were not even born at the time that all four digits on the calendar changed, and a subset of those who were thrust squealing into this world within a few days of that can now legally do what I was doing at the time, involving five litres of beer. They can also smoke, which I definitely do not do, and they can also vote, which I would not habitually do as there are rarely any parties who deserve anything other than my withering contempt. In short, it is now 2018, and these squealing fleshlings born in the first days of 2000 are now legal adults of 18 years old. Is anyone scared?

This is a January show and as ever, I’ve gone back for a look at years ending in the same digit. With the Great Metal Big Bang of 1970 within sights of the people of the 1960s (very few of whom had any idea it was about to happen), I’ve extended the overview to 1968, albeit briefly, and I’ve attempted to cover the absence of Lennard, who is still holed up in a monastery in deepest, still-not-darkest-at-this-time-of-year Italy. I can’t promise anything quite as weird and wonderful as his Tunes of Yore, but there should be a couple of surprises.

PART ONE (1:09:10)
0:03:26 Nokturnal Mortum – Мольфа
0:14:34 Blue Cheer – Out Of Focus [Spotlight: 1968]
0:20:02 Judas Priest – Exciter [Spotlight: 1978]
0:25:33 AC/DC – Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation [Spotlight: 1978]
0:29:08 Rainbow – Lady Of The Lake [Spotlight: 1978]
0:36:22 Motörhead – Damage Case
0:39:18 The Muggers – White Lightning
0:48:14 Pantera – Power Metal [Spotlight: 1988]
0:52:05 Testament – Eerie Inhabitants [Spotlight: 1988]
0:57:08 Slayer – Ghotsts of War [Spotlight: 1988]
1:03:38 Iron Maiden – Only The Good Die Young [Spotlight: 1988]

PART TWO (1:16:01)
0:01:18 Bloodshed Walhalla – Tyr
0:14:41 Chris Ray Gun – Punch A Nazi [Covered]
0:23:00 Thyrfing – Hednaland [Spotlight: 1998]
0:26:28 Primordial – Graven Idol [Spotlight: 1998]
0:34:30 Skyforger – Svētais ugunskrusts [Spotlight: 1998]
0:43:09 Psycore – I Go Solo [Spotlight: 1998]
0:46:28 Entwined – The Forgotten [Spotlight: 1998]
0:52:27 Orange Goblin – Solarisphere [Spotlight: 1998]
0:58:36 Cathedral – Voodoo Fire [Spotlight: 1998]
1:04:02 Monster Magnet – Tractor [Spotlight: 1998]
1:10:43 Clutch – The Dragonfly [Spotlight: 1998]

PART THREE (1:18:31)
0:01:29 Xanthochroid – Through Chains That Drag Us Downward
0:11:47 Oakenshield – Gylfaginning [Spotlight: 2008]
0:17:04 Amon Amarth – The Hero [Spotlight: 2008]
0:21:00 Forefather – Steadfast [Spotlight: 2008]
0:27:51 Ereb Altor – Awakening [Spotlight: 2008]
0:35:56 Moonsorrow – Taistelu Pohjolasta (2008 version) [Spotlight: 2008]
0:46:04 Summoning – Silvertine [Spotlight: 2018]
1:02:17 Týr – Land [Spotlight: 2008]

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