The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXII: Battles In The Northeast

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXII:
Battles In The Northeast

Original release date: 15th August 2018
Total length: 4:17:00 in 4 parts

Download link:!VGBQ3YSR!XUDoR-BDKNgIJqBMBTxICCcxU7wbyFm4AyKjzxBSvuA

After a seven-month break, the Ogg-Cast returns for its final monthly series of seven shows on the 15th of every month between now and March, then a Grand Finale on 1st May 2019, the 10th anniversary of the very first show. And I thought I’d start with a double-length episode as there’s a lot to fit in.

The first half of the show attempts to plug the gap between this episode and the last and re-introduced Lennard after his exile in Italy. Part One contains an update as to how my side is faring in the Great Culture War, and salutes the memory of the now-defunct Wyrd Ways Rock Show, the original inspiration for the Ogg-Cast. Part Two contains Lennard’s first Tunes Of Yore since last December, which is given in more than one language (and I try to translate his foreign words!) Also, there’s a nod to a country I had to cross to reach Lithuania.

The second half covers my recent excursion to Lithuania for the excellent Kilkim Žaibu festival. In Part Three, there’s all the action (that I witnessed and that isn’t too drifty-floaty-folk) from the first two days, while Part Four covers the third day – and a candidate for Album Of The Year to finish with.

PART ONE (0:59:35)
0:03:04 Primordial – Exile Amongst The Ruins
0:13:45 Moonsorrow – Pimeä
0:26:36 Emperor – Ensorcelled By Khaos [Hidden Gems]
0:37:10 The Wildhearts – Greetings From Shitsville
0:41:40 AC/DC – Have A Drink On Me [Hidden Gems]
0:45:38 Motörhead – Sacrifce
0:48:52 Asomvel – Stone Cold Stare
0:55:10 Iced Earth – Transylvania [Covered / Shut It!]

PART TWO (1:09:06)
0:04:00 Summoning – Silvertine [Tunes Of Yore]
0:13:52 Rome – Blighter [Tunes Of Yore]
0:18:33 Horn – Retrograd [Tunes Of Yore]
0:28:17 Bathory – A Fine Day To Die [Tunes Of Yore]
0:37:47 Reverend Bizarre – Eternal Forest [Tunes Of Yore]
0:53:34 Voivod – Korgüll The Exterminator
0:58:28 Sabaton – Winged Hussars
1:04:37 Vader – The Final Massacre

PART THREE (1:05:04)
0:01:55 Finntroll – Ett Norrskensdåd
0:06:56 Deceitome – The Void Abides
0:10:41 Green Novice – Vylkataks
0:16:40 Juodvarnis – Pabudimas
0:27:08 Apocalypse Orchestra – The Garden Of Earthly Delights
0:35:44 Havukruunu – Aavevalo
0:46:19 Žalvarinis – Kadujo
0:49:40 Myrkur – Ulvinde
0:58:07 Thyrfng – Veners Förfall

PART FOUR (1:03:15)
0:00:44 Lord Wind – Severenyi Veter
0:05:56 Ignea – How I Hate The Night
0:12:24 Saor – Children Of The Mist
0:25:22 Entombed – Crawl (Nicke Andersson version)
0:30:54 Morbid Angel – Where The Slime Live
0:39:00 Nokturnal Mortum – Ніч богів
0:51:07 Shylmagoghnar – Transience

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