The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXIV: Ryder Cross The Sky

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXIV:
Ryder Cross The Sky

Original release date: 15th October 2018
Total length: 3:49:25 in 3 parts

Download link:!wOICQI6S!ZWc-j8hs7mf1NXJLt_CK3BGH55BbBv2v56QCQlcFBn0

And now on BBC2, we join Eilidh “ye cannae pronounce ma name, ye wee shites” Barbour for a rather different type of action at Le Golf National, which has somehow decamped to Nottingham…

Golf is not a very rebellious pastime. You could even say it’s a hallmark of The Establishment, given its popularity with businessmen who make all their important decisions on the golf course rather than in the boardroom. But, especially as I’ve neared the end of my fourth decade, I’ve become more interested in following the major championships, despite having zero ability at swinging a golf club myself. And I’ll also keep track of the Ryder Cup when it’s held every two years – as it just has been, at the end of September.

And it gave me an idea. Three years ago, in an Ashes-themed Ogg-Cast, I decided to pit the very best bands from England against their counterparts from Australia in a battle of the genres, cunningly disguised as Test Matches. So why not do it again, in the style of the Ryder Cup, where the net is cast wider? The very best from the whole of Europe will now compete against America, for the Hammer Of Retribution Ryder Cup – and you can play along yourselves if you keep a scorecard and send it to me after the show; call it a competition of sorts in which you can win something… not awful.

And yes, I know the title of this episode is a dreadful pun that Martin Walkyier would have been proud of. That was deliberate.

In Part One, we start with doubles matches in 80s thrash, death metal and stoner rock, with a singles match of cover versions. In Part Two, after a brief interlude to review 2013’s reissued Ogg-Casts, there are two more doubles matches, involving neofolk (courtesy of Lennard) and black metal. And in Part Three, some more idiosyncratic singles matches, which are: overt displays of patriotism, 21st Century trad metal, traditional folk songs… and the Big Finale!

PART ONE (1:16:19)
0:04:22 Slayer – Altar of Sacrifice [Match One: USA]
0:07:13 Kreator – Tormentor [Match One: Europe]
0:10:05 Destruction – Release From Agony [Match One: Europe]
0:14:45 Testament – Alone in the Dark [Match One: USA]
0:21:05 Deicide – Once Upon The Cross [Match Two: USA]
0:24:34 Cannibal Corpse – Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains [Match Two: USA]
0:27:05 Amon Amarth – Metalwrath [Match Two: Europe]
0:30:55 Entombed – Left Hand Path [Match Two: Europe]
0:41:09 Clutch – In Walks Barbarella [Match Three: USA]
0:44:55 Spiritual Beggars – Street Fighting Saviours [Match Three: Europe]
0:49:15 Corrosion of Conformity – Long Whip / Big America [Match Three: USA]
0:54:06 Orange Goblin – One Room, One Axe, One Outcome [Match Three: Europe]
1:03:23 Munruthel – The Lake [Covered / Match Four: Europe]
1:10:03 Pantera – The Badge [Covered / Match Four: USA]

PART TWO (1:17:06)
0:01:15 Oakenshield – Earl Thorfinn [Ogg-Casts of the Past]
0:08:04 Machinae Supremacy – Phantom Battle [Ogg-Casts of the Past]
0:13:30 Forgotten Tomb – We Owe You Nothing [Ogg-Casts of the Past]
0:24:59 Rome – Who Only Europe Know [Tunes of Yore]
0:32:01 Forseti – Sterne [Tunes of Yore / Match Five: Europe]
0:35:02 Changes – Fire of Life [Tunes of Yore / Match Five: USA]
0:40:38 Backworld – The Devil’s Plaything [Tunes of Yore / Match Five: USA]
0:44:46 Fire + Ice – Dragons in the Sunset [Tunes of Yore / Match Five: Europe]
0:50:11 Darkthrone – Transilvanian Hunger [Match Six: Europe]
0:56:07 Absu – Pillars of Mercy [Match Six: USA]
1:00:28 Uada – Devoid of Light [Match Six: USA]
1:06:39 Emperor – The Warriors of Modern Death [Match Six: Europe]

PART THREE (1:16:00)
0:01:16 Iced Earth – The Star-Spangled Banner
0:02:30 Iced Earth – Declaration Day [Match Seven: USA]
0:07:27 Ancient Rites – Mother Europe [Match Seven: Europe]
0:13:49 Iron Maiden – These Colours Don’t Run [Match Eight: Europe]
0:20:38 Manowar – Call To Arms [Match Eight: USA]
0:27:25 Wilderun – Storm Along [Match Nine: USA]
0:34:58 Forefather – Miri it is [Match Nine: Europe]
0:46:23 Caladan Brood – Wild Autumn Wind [Match Ten: USA]
1:00:08 Moonsorrow – Ihmisen Aika (Kumarrus Pimeyteen) [Match Ten: Europe]

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