The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXVI: Void Of Light

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXVI:
Void Of Light

Original release date: 15th December 2018
Total length: 3:46:07 in 3 parts

Download link:!pHhnwCDb!xALeYibBaTlZxcq9iJ4hzidDbg_yMX0PmuF08SL5kBw

In these times of gross uncertainty, it’s good to know there are a handful of people still on the same wavelength as me, especially when so many are now broadcasting on an entirely different band. And when one of those people on my wavelength successfully completes an eight-year project to get his book of short horror stories published, I am only too happy to do what I can to help get it some extra publicity. Hence, this Ogg-Cast, which is based around the sixteen tales of both splat-gore-shock-horror and the implied terror of what might happen than what does – “When Light Fails: Nightmarish Stories by Nathan Sturm”.

A second diamond geezer worth crediting is Ben Corkhill, the man behind Oakenshield, which finally made it to the live arena after eleven years at Ward Rock Hell Vikings, two weeks ago. Seeing as I’ve long been a supporter of his band, Ben put me on the guest list so I wouldn’t miss this momentous event, and so I will remind you of his works with a secondary Spotlight – four tracks from both Oakenshield’s initial run, and the recent resurrection.

There was an initial idea for this show before I decided to switch to reviewing Nathan’s book in musical form. Unfortunately, I told Lennard a bit too late so we’re missing Tunes Of Yore. No worries, though, I’ve filled in this time and will make it up to him later.

In Part One, there’s the first four stories from When Light Fails, the first track from Oakenshield… and 65 seconds of Finnish metal. (Wait… what?) In Part Two, there are six more tales from When Light Fails, and two more from Oakenshield, one of which is contained within Ogg-Casts Of The Past… even though I haven’t made any more ressiues this month. (What’s going on?) And in Part Three, we have the final six yarns from When Light Fails, including the big one, which gets two tracks – and the last offering from Oakenshield, alongside the announcement of my Album Of The Year. (Håpla!)

Here are some useful links so that anyone who wants to buy the book (and why wouldn’t you, after this?) can do so.

UK – Paperback edition:
UK – Kindle edition:
USA – Paperback edition:
USA – Kindle edition:

As for the musical cue that plays upon the announcement of each title during this show that Nathan recommends, it’s from Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon, a 2D platformer released in 2018, designed to resemble the NES games of 30 years before:

PART ONE (1:20:00)
0:02:23 Winterfylleth – Void of Light
0:13:42 Windir – Resurrection of the Wild [Spotlight: “The Scratchers”]
0:21:09 The Meads of Asphodel – Jihad: The Grisly Din of Killing Steel [Spotlight: “God is Great”]
0:28:42 The Infernal Sea – Tannis Root [Spotlight: “Purging the Soulless”]
0:39:10 Oakenshield – Valhalla [Extra Spotlight]
0:44:33 Taake – Nordbundet
0:52:10 Reign of Terror – Devil Pig [Spotlight: “The Stuffed Pig”]
0:56:47 Impaled Nazarene – Kuolema kaikille (paitsi meille)
0:57:34 Lakupaavi – Bjarne Kallis työnnä risti vittu perseeseen
1:07:52 Moonsorrow – Muinaiset

PART TWO (1:17:20)
0:01:02 Bathory – Woman of Dark Desires [Spotlight: “Babies”]
0:06:22 Amorphis – Elegy [Spotlight: “Kept Safe”]
0:15:34 Malevolent Creation – Genetic Affliction [Spotlight: “Headman John”]
0:21:14 Oakenshield – Clontarf [Extra Spotlight]
0:25:46 Watain – Sworn to the Dark
0:32:38 Attic – Centralia [Spotlight: “Right on Time”]
0:38:46 Death – Leprosy [Spotlight: “Defense Mechanism”]
0:46:45 King Diamond – The Floating Head [Spotlight: “The Floating Head”]
0:55:17 Oakenshield – Lyke Wake Dirge [Extra Spotlight / Ogg-Casts of the Past]
1:02:09 Countless Skies – Wanderer [Ogg-Casts of the Past]
1:11:35 Future Crew – War in the Middle Earth [Ogg-Casts of the Past]

PART THREE (1:08:47)
0:01:00 Macabre – The Ted Bundy Song [Spotlight: “Tedd”]
0:02:14 Screamin’ Daemon – What Shall We Do with the Evil Doctor? [Covered]
0:06:55 Morbid Angel – Where the Slime Live [Spotlight: “The Finger-Snipper”]
0:13:26 Carpathian Forest – I Am Possessed [Spotlight: “Deincarnated”]
0:18:48 Bloodbeast – Home Invasion [Spotlight: “Like Humans”]
0:23:52 Boarcorpse – Blood, Bath & Beyond [Spotlight: “Aisle Seven”]
0:28:42 Oakenshield – Wen Heath [Extra Spotlight]
0:35:36 Marduk – Blooddawn
0:42:31 Slayer – South of Heaven [Spotlight: “Blackness”]
0:47:31 Shroud of Tears – Phobos Anomaly [Spotlight: “Blackness”]
0:58:39 Shylmagoghnar – Journey Through the Fog

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