The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXIX: The New Zealand Story

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXIX:
The New Zealand Story

Original release date: 23rd March 2019
Total length: 3:49:59 in 3 parts

Download link:!hap1XYjR!0BfqXe7XymI1WdPHd9H4G4K-ZGKg3LCH6PxXeFvwST0

What a spectacular piece of timing this show turned out to be.

It was planned all along, as soon as I’d taken the decision to make a proper final Ogg-Cast series rather than just a last few occasional shows: the last but one, just before the Grand Finale, was to be a celebration of New Zealand – presented via a look at the metal scene in this isolated outpost of the English-speaking world. And, right at the end, I’d reveal the final conclusion as to why I’d done so, at the stage I did.

Then came Christchurch… on the day this show was due for release.

This 23rd March late release is presented with exactly the same track listing, with exactly the same bands from New Zealand and outside, and in exactly the same format as it would have been posted on 15th March. For the most part it is identical, but I had to change the headers for each part, add an explanation at the top of Part One, and I found a few mistakes in Part Three that I had a bit of extra time to correct. But other than these minor tweaks, it is unchanged, uncensored, unmolested.

I suspect there are some people who will never be happy, at both far ends of the political spectrum, for whom the events of 15th March were such a game-changer that whatever action I took would either never be satisfactory, or would be declared outright wrong. I have done what I believe to be right both for me, and for the people of New Zealand who I one day hope to share this show with.

PART ONE (1:16:44)
0:03:44 Clutch – Slow Hole To China
0:09:18 Svartalvheim – Synthetic Society [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:14:14 Cripple Mr Onion – Rumour Mill [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:21:21 Diocletian – Beast Atop The Trapezoid [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:27:59 Heresiarch – Harbinger [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:34:59 Stälker – Shocked To Death [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:37:51 Forsaken Age – Forsaken Age (Intro) [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:39:29 Forsaken Age – H.M.A. [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:52:07 Judas Priest – The Hellion
0:52:48 Judas Priest – Electric Eye
0:56:27 Manowar – Sleipnir
1:06:40 Nokturnal Mortum – Слава героям

PART TWO (1:19:16)
0:00:18 Hollenthon – Reprisal – Malis Avibus
0:08:04 Alien Weaponry – Rū Ana Te Whenua [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:18:24 Ceolskog – Giant Of The Sky [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:23:24 Jörmungandr – Jötunheimr [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:31:03 Sonic Altar – Ghost In The Mirror [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:36:12 Winter Deluge – Scourge Wrought By The Will Of Nature [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:46:58 Dornenreich – Schwarz Schaut Tiefen Lichterglanz [Tunes of Yore]
0:55:37 Rome – Uropia o Morte [Tunes of Yore]
1:00:24 Darkspace – Dark 4:20 [Tunes of Yore]

PART THREE (1:13:59)
0:00:41 Deathnir – The Mark Of Man [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:11:11 Häive – Ei Kuule Emo Minua [Ogg-Casts of the Past]
0:18:10 Kivimetsän Druidi – Kristallivuoren Maa [Ogg-Casts of the Past]
0:22:17 Trollheim’s Grott – Operation: Lick The Fungus [Ogg-Casts of the Past]
0:30:38 Barshasketh – Ophidian Henosis – VI [New Zealand Spotlight]
0:37:40 Sojourner – The Shadowed Road [New Zealand Spotlight]
1:00:32 Winterfylleth – Green Cathedral

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