The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LI: Songs Of Starfire & Ice-Veiled Thrones

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LI:
Songs Of Starfire & Ice-Veiled Thrones

Original release date: 15th December 2014
Total length: 4:24:15 in 4 parts

Download link:!9L4yXajB!mlm4rSefOXg685dh0ydGxSWQgCMfoEr4t86X7g1wXDY

First, you’ll need to read this lengthy statement if you want to know the full background behind the troubled history I have with literature, which I have hosted on the Orchard Of Lamentations, the “hidden” section of the Hammer Of Retribution website:

Two years ago, Ogg-Cast 32: They’re Taking The Hobbits To Isengard! explored the impact the works of J. R. R. Tolkien have had on the world of metal, as Peter Jackson unleashed his… “Amazing Adventures Of Bilbo Baggins Somewhat Based On The Hobbit“. Last year, as the second film was released I was on an enforced break, so now as the last part of the trilogy has come to the cinemas, I’ve decided to revisit the worlds of high fantasy – but I’ve deliberately sidelined old Johnny in favour of every other fantasy world I could find that isn’t Middle Earth. Bar one band (which Lennard had planned since this show was originally supposed to have surfaced in July), there will be no Tolkien references, so you can forget about Amon Amarth, Rivendell, Summoning, Sauron, or any Hobbits being taken to Isengard.

I was told a year ago that if I liked the Lord Of The Rings films, I’d most likely enjoy Game Of Thrones, the TV adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s Song Of Ice And Fire books (much more than I’d prefer the books, for reasons I have already explained at some length – see the link at the top). Whoever said that was spot on, and I’ve spent this month immersing myself in as much Westeros as I thought I could handle, including all the background information, “the making of” several episodes, cast commentaries and whatever else was included in the Blu-Ray packages. So this world will take centre stage, but I’ve also managed to include (by bluffing my way through with help from comprehensive wiki sites) Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book Of The Fallen, Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time, and other works by H. P. Lovecraft, Michael Moorcock, Philip Pullman, H. G. Wells, Ray Bradbury and Bernard Cornwell. I’ve always said I am not a literary man (even before I made my previous lengthy statement) but that’s not bad going, is it?

Bands who choose to write their lyrics based on the fantasy works of those authors (and more) are further joined by those who choose to invent worlds of their own, one such band having conveniently written an album titled Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule. And from this starting point, it was Lennard who suggested the title of this show – he’s not even a native English speaker so consider me impressed.

I may not read much beyond Jeremy Clarkson’s combined rants, Wikipedia pages and chemistry textbooks, but if I can make some new converts to any of the novel series I’ve highlighted via the bands on this show, then I will consider it a job well done.

Also, don’t forget to visit and point all your fantasy literature obsessed pals that way.

Meanwhile, I will now indulge myself in all three parts of Peter Jackson’s “Amazing Adventures Of Bilbo Baggins Somewhat Based On The Hobbit“, and I expect to hear no complaints that I have done so.

PART ONE (1:09:23)
0:01:33 Artificial Fear – Game Of Thrones Theme
0:06:02 Arkngthand – A Game Of Thrones [Spotlight]
0:11:40 Lich King – A Storm Of Swords [Spotlight]
0:23:27 Chain Of Dogs – Coltaine
0:29:44 Caladan Brood – Echoes Of Battle
0:41:41 Vermithrax – Final Feast
0:47:27 Catuvolcus – Par Monts Et Par Vaux
0:54:21 Winterfell – Winter Is Coming [Spotlight]
1:00:19 Seven Kingdoms – We Do Not Sow (The Legacy Of Black Harren, Part I) [Spotlight]

PART TWO (1:07:48)
0:01:35 Alchemist – Eve Of The War [Covered]
0:06:50 Weena – Land Of Mind
0:10:15 Aggressive – Fahrenheit 451
0:20:25 Espada Negra – Parallax
0:27:41 Shrinebuilder – Pyramid Of The Moon
0:37:34 Ravenage – Northbound (Part 1)
0:43:56 Ravenage – The Road To Retribution (Northbound Part II)
0:50:31 Imperium Of Man – The Iron Throne [Spotlight]
0:52:51 The Sword – To Take The Black [Spotlight]
0:57:29 Craving – Targaryen Wrath [Spotlight]

PART THREE (1:00:50)
0:01:50 Myrddraal – Dumai’s Wells
0:07:01 Shaidar Logoth – Mashadar
0:16:44 Æsahættr – The Sundering Blade Of Bolvangar
0:19:50 Blind Guardian – The Quest For Tanelorn
0:28:16 Númenor – The Hour Of The Dragon [Tunes Of Yore]
0:34:27 Furthest Shore – Tower Of God [Tunes Of Yore]
0:40:51 Bran Barr – Celebration – Son Of Nuadh Amhach [Tunes Of Yore]
0:47:00 Eton Nir – Umaril The Unfeathered [Tunes Of Yore]

PART FOUR (1:06:14)
0:00:48 Bal-Sagoth – Atlantis Ascendant
0:06:13 Xanthochroid – The Leper’s Prospect
0:14:28 Arkham Witch – David Lund
0:23:07 Shub Niggurath – March Of Mephistopheles / The Evil Always Prevails
0:28:35 The Great Old Ones – Visions Of R’lyeh
0:37:44 Irish Moutarde – The Bear And The Maiden Fair [Spotlight]
0:42:01 The Foreshadowing – The Rains Of Castamere (A Requiem For Wolves) [Spotlight]
0:52:01 Nocte Obducta – Winter: Dezembermond

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast L: It’s A Bullseye!

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast L:
It’s A Bullseye!

Original release date: 15th November 2014
Total length: 4:28:08 in 5 parts

Download link:!wCoGXSbC!SexiLgeRsk1S2kY7ENhWxspBoBoa3JipoqhbmjXRnpI

It’s a Bullseye! And here’s your host: no, not Jim Bowen, it’s me!

And for quite some time, especially with the complete loss of all motivation that resulted in the “grand finale (for a while)” that was the 40th Ogg-Cast, it looked like I might never make it to 50. But it’s happened, and I thought I’d celebrate the occasion – with the first word that came into my head when thinking of the number 50. Mike “I’ll give you a bullseye for it” Brewer’s cheeky cockney banter on his various used car trading programmes, plus the fact that I watched Bullseye avidly from (round about) 1985 to 1993, meant this was always going to feature prominently.

So I’ve crowbarred in as many features from an episode of Bullseye as I can. Bully’s Category Board sees six rounds themed along the question categories – Affairs, Books, Spelling, History, Britain and Places – covering a request I’ve had, a gig I’ve been to and a previous Ogg-Cast on the way. Pounds For Points has to make way, but there’s no prizes for guessing who fills the guest slot when Bronze Bully follows. And talking of prizes, Bully’s Prize Board counts up… or down… the nine bands who have spent the most time on the Ogg-Cast playlists over its entire run. Finally, will the winning team gamble their prizes and their money to have a chance to win Bully’s Star Prize? It’s a lot better than “another bloody speedboat”, I’ll tell you that.

Plus, in this episode I give you the chance to win an actual prize – which is as low-budget as you’d expect on Bullseye, but is very definitely unique. NOTE: do not enter this contest, it has (quite obviously) closed!

I might even give a clean up as well!

PART ONE (1:04:55)
0:03:12 Evil Scarecrow – Enter The Knightmare
0:07:41 Hell – The Devil’s Deadly Weapon
0:17:55 Iron Maiden – The Trooper
0:27:08 AC/DC – Bad Boy Boogie
0:32:36 Bal-Sagoth – Six Score And Ten Oblations To A Malefic Avatar
0:38:52 The Clan Destined – T. C. Lethbridge [Covered]
0:41:59 Xanthochroid – Land Of Snow And Sorrow [Covered]
0:49:02 Bolt Thrower – War
0:50:17 Bolt Thrower – Remembrance
0:53:50 Eastern Front – Where Warriors Once Fell

PART TWO (0:51:51)
0:00:59 Northern Oak – Bloom
0:06:03 Nolti Nan Gana Nan Nolta – Flagellate The Heretic
0:11:33 Mulch – Black Bile Envy
0:19:58 Magor – Avelim Me’ever La Shachar
0:26:32 Juodvarnis – Audra Prieš Tylą
0:32:16 Faanefjell – Hæx & Djævel
0:35:51 Bucovina – Zi după Zi, Noapte de Noapte
0:47:23 Black Emerald Hell – Graveyard Garden

PART THREE (0:47:21)
0:04:18 Sólstafír – Í Víking [Tunes Of Yore]
0:14:49 Horn – Raatteentien Jää [Tunes Of Yore]
0:24:11 Árstíðir Lífsins – Morgunn í grárri vindhjálmars þoku við Berufjörð [Tunes Of Yore]
0:33:25 Helrunar – Sól [Tunes Of Yore]

PART FOUR (0:48:22)
0:03:42 Wintersun – Beautiful Death
0:12:32 Oakenshield – Utgarda-Loki
0:19:40 Primordial – Come The Flood
0:27:47 Winterfylleth – Warrior Herd
0:36:11 Falkenbach – Vaer Stjernar Vaerdan
0:41:30 Iron Maiden – Mother Russia

PART FIVE (0:55:39)
0:01:00 Bathory – Lake Of Fire
0:07:58 Old Corpse Road – The Sockburn Worm
0:15:37 Moonsorrow – Tyven
0:17:29 Moonsorrow – Sankarihauta
0:28:20 Paradise Lost – One Second
0:37:10 Ifing – Realms Forged

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XLIX: The King Of The Forest

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XLIX:
The King Of The Forest

Original release date: 15th October 2014
Total length: 4:18:20 in 5 parts

Download link:!tP4kQQBS!LeSYTHPb7yy3fJkCEPdp4JSaKf8jybSP-fspk6OdJDk

I’ve been waiting to make this show for ages. In effect, it’s one I always thought I’d be making in July – but real life intervened massively that month, and the central reason for its existence has only just seen the light of day. Northern Oak’s Of Roots And Flesh was finally released to the plebs who didn’t back the Kickstarter on 4th October (we, the backers, have had it for the last two months), thus representing the final step on an eleven-month journey. Was it as good as they promised it would be in that promotional video I made for them? Neglecting any bias I may have had, it was (think, had it gone the other way, how utterly crushed I would have been).

So this celebratory Ogg-Cast contains four tracks from Of Roots And Flesh in a Wyrd Ways Rock Show style Spotlight. I’ve teamed each track with another one with “oak” in its title – see if any of you can identify which bands might be involved – and made it a homage to the mightiest of all trees. A few others have been thrown in for good measure, because although the oak may be the king of the forest, it needs other trees to rule over…

Lennard’s also thrown himself fervently at the central theme, with his longest and meatiest contribution yet, bringing more bands that I’d otherwise not have heard of into the mix. Oaks grow all over Germany, so it’s far from inappropriate.

Meanwhile, with a half-century of Ogg-Casts fast approaching, I’m arranging some statistics to baffle and bewilder my listeners with next time. There’s also a bit of an upgrade coming for, and after uncovering a few problems on the Twitter feed I might have that sorted out, or deleted and regenerated, by next time.

PART ONE (0:42:15)
0:03:10 Enslaved – Lifandi Liv Undir Hamri
0:14:36 Primordial – Where Greater Men Have Fallen
0:25:05 Northern Oak – The Dark Of Midsummer [Spotlight]
0:33:50 Æther Realm – Oak

PART TWO (1:05:02)
0:01:06 Caladan Brood – A Voice Born Of Stone And Dust
0:10:55 Ered Wethrin – Into The Stars
0:29:12 Moonsorrow – 1065: Aika
0:40:06 Appalachian Winter – Watergap
0:48:45 Northern Oak – Taken [Spotlight]
0:55:44 Winterfylleth – A Valley Thick With Oaks

PART THREE (0:55:53)
0:01:18 Falkenbach – Donar’s Oak [Tunes Of Yore]
0:07:15 Wyrd – Ashes Of Man And Oak And Pine [Tunes Of Yore]
0:20:55 Equilibrium – Unter Der Eiche [Tunes Of Yore]
0:26:50 Nocte Obducta – Und Pan Spielt Die Flöte (Desîhras Tagebuch Kapitel II) [Tunes Of Yore]
0:44:22 Empyrium – The Ensemble Of Silence [Tunes Of Yore]

PART FOUR (0:34:12)
0:01:40 Northern Oak – Requiescant In Pace [Spotlight]
0:02:05 Northern Oak – The Gallows Tree [Spotlight]
0:06:40 Candlemass – Under The Oak
0:17:40 Oakenshield – Twa Corbies [Covered]
0:22:33 Oakhelm – These Boundaries Crossed

PART FIVE (1:00:58)
0:00:42 Caldera – Larch
0:06:01 Iron Maiden – 22 Acacia Avenue
0:12:34 Wolfsangel – Of Ye Birch Tree Slain
0:16:34 Agalloch – Hallways Of Enchanted Ebony
0:29:55 Northern Oak – Of Roots And Flesh [Spotlight]
0:34:50 Gallowbraid – Oak And Aspen
0:49:35 Old Corpse Road – The Oakmen Of Naddle Forest

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XLVIII: Sweeping Up The Bits On The Floor

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XLVIII:
Sweeping Up The Bits On The Floor

Original release date: 15th September 2014
Total length: 3:46:20 in 3 parts

Download link:!YWgmXICJ!8udxheWlsvDGLJCDovb1Rl3-AowqK5d2CbOM7wMx3UI

Tap tap tap with the hammer,
Saw saw saw with the saw,
Slap slap slap with the painting brush,
Sweeping up the bits on the floor…

…and yes, I have included the song from Tickle On The Tum for good measure because I still remember it as if it was yesterday, even though it’s three decades in the past. It sums up a fair bit of what I was doing while the Ogg-Cast took a break in July, and over the last year or so enough bits and pieces have had to be dropped from the intervening shows that there was enough to almost make one of their own, if the bits were swept off the cutting room floor and assembled.

Back in September 2011 there was an Ogg-Cast called “Bombay Mix” – compiled from the bits and pieces left over from those shows that had been released in 2011 and needed a trim, and inspired by Jasper Carrott’s description of Bombay Mix as “the contents of the local tandoori’s hoover bag”. So, if you like, this the return of that concept – only I’ve expanded it, by bringing back every regular feature the Ogg-Cast has ever had. Covered, Shut It!, the World Tour, Ogg-Casts Of The Past and Lennard’s Tunes Of Yore are all packed in here, along with all the bits and pieces that were rescued from the bin of my trusty Dyson DC14 Motörhead.

I’ll update later today, then pour myself a well-earned beer.

PART ONE (1:09:48)
0:03:11 Shylmagoghnar – I Am The Abyss [Shut It!]
0:12:00 Ifing – The Stream
0:26:31 Moonsorrow – Haaska
0:41:06 Winterfylleth – Whisper Of The Elements
0:50:13 The Kovenant – Spaceman [Covered]
0:55:36 Skálmöld – Slepinir
1:02:03 Nerthus – Battle Song

PART TWO (1:17:38)
0:01:22 Clutch – Open Up The Border [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:05:07 Devin Townsend – Road Kill [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:08:14 Bolt Thrower – Granite Wall [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:12:16 Ensiferum – Guardians Of Fate [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:18:32 Tank – Run Like Hell
0:22:10 Bulldozer – Welcome Death
0:30:25 Númenor – The Eternal Champion [Tunes Of Yore]
0:35:56 Saor – Farewell [Tunes Of Yore]
0:44:58 Agalloch – A Desolation Song [Tunes Of Yore]
0:51:11 Hel – Through Blood By Thunder [Tunes Of Yore]
0:58:47 Tumulus – Wodans Jagd [Tunes Of Yore]
1:05:52 Svartediket – Vekklene Kommer
1:10:07 Solefald – Allfathers

PART THREE (1:18:54)
0:02:03 Lasher Zombie – Ancient Mayan Gods [HOR World Tour: Belize]
0:08:40 Draconaeon – As A Shadow [HOR World Tour: Brunei]
0:15:16 Depth – The Last Ties, Part 1 [HOR World Tour: Kuwait]
0:23:31 RiverGate – Leaving As Blind [HOR World Tour: Algeria]
0:30:52 Vendetta – El Diario De Mi Nacion [HOR World Tour: Honduras]
0:37:15 District Unknown – Kill The Beast [HOR World Tour: Afghanistan]
0:45:30 Forefather – Brunanburh
0:50:21 Falchion – Burning The Gates
0:57:20 Windrider – The King Under The Mountain
1:07:30 Alestorm – Sunset On The Golden Age

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XLVII: A Blast To The Northern Sky

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XLVII:
A Blast To The Northern Sky

Original release date: 15th August 2014
Total length: 3:52:43 in 4 parts

Download link:!dC5ywCJD!YtUquFXxNqKzKgpltcFxX5iMDTKY9Hb7kJ1xwXt5VqU

So, Ogg-Cast fans. Did you miss me after that enforced hiatus in July? Well, fear not, because this one practically wrote itself…

For the twelfth time in thirteen years, I’ve been to Wacken – and I’ve come back brandishing an action-packed Ogg-Cast to review it with; as ever, it’s not short, but it’s a bit shorter than the two that went before it. Even so, there is the most in-depth coverage of the Metal Battle I’ve ever brought, featuring twelve of the 29 bands who competed; all of those I’ve featured were more deserving of the grand prize than the eventual winners. As for the rest, every band I saw for more than two minutes has been covered, so if you’ve read the review you should know what to expect – and with the Norwegians providing many of the highlights, I thought I’d adapt one of Wacken’s famous taglines (Blasting The North In August) to a Darkthrone album to create my title.

Lennard wasn’t at Wacken so has declined to provide any Tunes Of Yore this time – not to worry, as I’ve managed to fill almost four hours even without his contribution, plus I’ve found an all-new band who were nothing to do with Wacken that he hasn’t beaten me to yet!

Meanwhile, I may soon give a mild rehash. There are some extra bits that I think could be added. Normal service – whatever that is – will resume in September. And I hope you all didn’t miss me too much after my enforced month away!

Here, as a bonus, is the written review – “Inferno Open Air: The Official Wacken 2014 Tour Diary”
Part OnePart TwoAdditional Dutch-Speaking Adventures

PART ONE (1:09:17)
0:02:06 Northern Oak – Nerthus
0:07:17 Onkel Tom Angelripper – Auf Nach Wacken
0:13:35 Timewaves – Recreation [Metal Battle – Norway]
0:18:16 Plague Throat – The Pretentious And The Deceived [Metal Battle – India]
0:23:46 Mutank – The Heavy Hand Of The Doomsday Clock [Metal Battle – Canada]
0:27:20 Anstratus – Air Raid Of Noise [Metal Battle – Slovakia]
0:31:44 Room Of The Mad Robots – Idle [Metal Battle – Hungary]
0:37:07 Convivium – Creator Of Disaster [Metal Battle – Sweden]
0:42:24 Evocation – 天靈靈 地靈靈 [Metal Battle – China]
0:48:47 Hellhound – Metal Psycho [Metal Battle – Japan]
0:55:16 Juodvarnis – Šauksmai Iš Praeties [Metal Battle – Lithuania]
1:02:35 Huldre – Ulvevinter [Metal Battle – Denmark]

PART TWO (0:54:00)
0:00:38 Saxon – Battalions Of Steel
0:07:12 Accept – London Leatherboys
0:13:48 Endstille – Endstilles Reich
0:19:17 Black Star Riders – Bound For Glory
0:24:49 Motörhead – Keep Your Powder Dry
0:28:43 Hell – The Age Of Nefarious
0:32:30 Slayer – Black Magic
0:39:49 Prong – Beg To Differ
0:44:03 Sodom – Ausgebombt
0:47:06 Arthemis – We Fight

PART THREE (0:46:21)
0:01:53 Dordeduh – Cumpăt
0:08:20 Amon Amarth – Ride For Vengeance
0:13:51 Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Violation
0:18:59 ICS Vortex – Skoal!
0:21:26 Koldbrann – IntroVertigo
0:29:07 Crescent – An Ode To Qadish [Metal Battle – Egypt]
0:37:35 Magor – Essence To The Oblivion [Metal Battle – Israel]

PART FOUR (1:03:05)
0:00:33 Vreid – Pitch Black
0:04:52 Windir – Arntor, Ein Windir
0:13:51 Emperor – Beyond The Great Vast Forest
0:19:47 Bathory – A Fine Day To Die
0:30:45 I – Between Two Worlds
0:36:34 Shylmagoghnar – A New Dawn
0:43:09 Anthrax – Antisocial [Covered]
0:52:12 Woods Of Ypres – Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye)

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XLVI: Quorthon’s Ride Over Nordland

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XLVI:
Quorthon’s Ride Over Nordland

Original release date: 15th June 2014
Total length: 4:28:35 in 4 parts

Download link:!NCoCna4D!FeQfLlvnzI0wTbnd4WJYmLj2iFIBUzuQkw5FtjCdSng

With June being a month almost entirely dedicated to memorials, may we never forget the leading light who was suddenly and cruelly snuffed out a decade ago, with only 38 years on the clock…

There can be nobody reading here – nobody – who does not know who Quorthon was, and is unaware of the legacy he left. But just in case there is, this show will serve an educational purpose for those who want to avoid being a false for the rest of their lives; meanwhile, for those of us who can entry without being burned and died, the show will be a useful trip down memory lane. Whether you favour the chainsaw-hacking-through-bone proto-black metal of the early days, the grandiose Wagnerian epics of the early 90s and the Nordland albums, or – inexplicably – the times where Quorthon did an abrupt about-turn and did something particularly unfathomable, there’s something in here for you. The show contains 38 tracks – one for every year of Quorthon’s life – 13 of which are Bathory originals, a further ten are covers, and even other pies that he had his fingers in have been highlighted. The rest of the show is taken by bands who have undoubtedly picked up the template he set out all those years ago and have run with it – whether it’s to recreate what he did as accurately as possible or expand on his methods.

I’ve gone out of my way to make as fitting as tribute as I could possibly manage. Listen to it or forever be a false, and have your brain smashed by the nuclear drums.

As ever, will be kept up to date. Certainly this time I can’t be slack with it.

PART ONE (1:15:39)
0:02:14 Bathory – War [Spotlight – Bathory]
0:04:28 Tsjuder – Sacrifice [Covered – Bathory]
0:07:58 Venom – Rip Ride
0:11:57 Bathory – Born For Burning [Spotlight – The Return…]
0:17:05 Koldbrann – Bestial Lust [Covered – The Return…]
0:19:36 Celtic Frost – Into The Crypts Of Rays
0:25:11 Sabaton – Primo Victoria
0:29:21 Jennie Tebler’s Out Of Oblivion – Between Life And Death
0:34:30 Bathory – Enter The Eternal Fire [Spotlight – Under The Sign Of The Black Mark]
0:41:25 Old Corpse Road – Equimanthorn [Covered – Under The Sign Of The Black Mark]
0:47:32 Bathory – Dies Irae [Spotlight – Blood Fire Death]
0:52:43 Emperor – A Fine Day To Die [Covered – Blood Fire Death]
1:03:09 Twilight Of The Gods – Sword Of Damocles
1:10:14 Ereb Altor – The Deceiver Shall Repent

PART TWO (1:07:40)
0:00:49 Bathory – Baptised In Fire And Ice [Spotlight – Hammerheart]
0:08:46 Nokturnal Mortum – Valhalla [Covered – Hammerheart]
0:19:42 Bathory – Blood And Iron [Spotlight – Twilight Of The Gods]
0:30:02 Macabre Omen – To Enter Your Mountain [Covered – Twilight Of The Gods]
0:39:00 SIG:AR:TYR – Song To Hall Up High [Tunes Of Yore]
0:44:06 Iuvenes – Chariots Of Gods [Tunes Of Yore]
0:55:09 Nachtfalke – Deep Into The Woods [Tunes Of Yore]
1:01:54 Bornholm – Walk On Pagan Ways [Tunes Of Yore]

PART THREE (1:01:20)
0:01:15 Bathory – You Don’t Move Me (I Don’t Give A Fuck) [Spotlight – Jubileum Volume I]
0:04:45 Bathory – Distinguish To Kill [Spotlight – Requiem]
0:07:59 Quorthon – Relief [Spotlight – Album]
0:13:42 Bathory – Immaculate Pinetreeroad #930 [Spotlight – Octagon]
0:19:01 Bathory – The Stallion [Spotlight – Blood On Ice]
0:24:14 Munruthel – The Lake [Covered – Blood On Ice]
0:32:15 Bloodshed Walhalla – My Sword Again For You
0:42:01 Falkenbach – Eweroun
0:49:20 Quorthon – Cherrybutt & Firefly [Spotlight – Purity Of Essence]
0:52:50 Bathory – Ode [Spotlight – Destroyer Of Worlds]

PART FOUR (1:03:56)
0:00:36 Bathory – Mother Earth Father Thunder [Spotlight – Nordland I]
0:06:09 Darkest Era – Foreverdark Woods [Covered – Nordland I]
0:13:12 Смута – Vinland [Covered – Nordland II]
0:20:11 Ifing – The Stream
0:33:16 Moonsorrow – Pimeä
0:51:36 Bathory – The Wheel Of Sun [Spotlight – Nordland II]

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XLV: An Teach Tábhairne Éireannach

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XLV:
An Teach Tábhairne Éireannach

Original release date: 15th May 2014
Total length: 4:11:32 in 4 parts

Download link:!IPR0QQKJ!bYT2LRLR1f7ucaijhoVTPDbJvlRgL6ABR4tFCauZGdQ

Shortly before the publication of the last Ogg-Cast, I received my new passport – which meant that a few days after its release, I was able to travel to Ireland for the four-day weekend which usually means very little me. Not so this year. I found myself on the wrong end of religious laws in Dublin so couldn’t get a pint… although that’s how I managed to get the cover shot of the bar Oz Clarke and James May visited for their TV series without swarms of drinkers around it! Part of my visit was to track down another legend for Tales Along The Old Corpse Road, which has been included in this show; another part, which gave me the extra reason I needed to spend so much to get there, was the Siege of Limerick, on the other side of the country, and so the official Spotlight falls on the bands I saw there and was impressed by. Elsewhere, other bands are featured from both sides of the border, so I’ve made this an inclusive, all-Ireland themed show.

Also, amongst some requests I’ve had, which I have fulfilled, there comes a guest slot; for 17 minutes of this show I was helped out by a 17-year-old who’s packed in a huge amount of metal experience into a short time. So in here is the first, but hopefully not the last instalment of Lennard Kamischke’s Tunes Of Yore, which has its own theme tune (now included on the website). Lennard did throw a bit of a political hot potato into the mix (no pun intended), but I’ve marked its presence in much the same way as when the same potato surfaced in Drogheda. Let no word be said or fist raised in anger… as it always should be now and for all time.

For anyone wondering… yes, I did get my pint in the end. Quite a few, actually. And none of them were Guinness. Support independent Irish brewers! As for the title of the show, I have absolutely no grip of the Irish language but via a bit of detective work, with online dictionaries and browsing a few “is my SPG in (foreign language) OK?” forums, I concluded that “An Teach Tábhairne Éireannach” was the most correct phrasing for “The Irish Pub”. Sláinte!

Don’t forget to keep a track on I’ve even added the new theme tune to the relevant page!

PART ONE (1:10:58)
0:04:07 Thin Lizzy – Emerald
0:08:10 Old Corpse Road – The Song Of Amergin
0:19:36 Psykosis – Bonestorm [Siege Of Limerick Spotlight]
0:24:56 Rabid Bitch Of The North – Defending Two Castles [Siege Of Limerick Spotlight]
0:30:23 Waylander – Balor Of The Evil Eye
0:38:02 Darkest Era – Sorrow’s Boundless Realm
0:47:05 Therapy? – Die Laughing
0:49:53 Gama Bomb – Terrorscope
0:55:37 Black Sabbath – Walpurgis
1:03:51 Spirit Caravan – Black Flower

PART TWO (1:05:46)
0:00:24 For Ruin – Unwinding [Siege Of Limerick Spotlight]
0:05:48 Divine Solace – Beyond The Stars
0:12:55 Twilight’s Embrace – By Darkness Undone
0:26:20 Wizard’s Beard – The Albatross
0:35:20 Bretwaldas Of Heathen Doom – Ship Of Nails
0:37:55 Grimpen Mire – Foredoomed
0:47:38 Mael Mórdha – Cluain Tarbh [The Connection]
0:54:21 Cauldron Born – Clontarf [The Connection]
0:58:22 Oakenshield – Clontarf [The Connection]

PART THREE (0:43:35)
0:00:30 Mourning Beloveth – It Looked Almost Human [Siege Of Limerick Spotlight]
0:07:50 Folkearth – Gaelic Valor
0:13:06 Folkodia – The First Battle Of Moytirra
0:21:41 Dropkick Murphys – Skinhead On The MBTA
0:25:30 Battlesoul – Songs Of Our Heroes
0:30:34 The Lord Weird Slough Feg – Brave Connor Mac
0:33:30 Tuatha De Danann – The Wheel

PART FOUR (1:11:13)
0:02:46 Heinrichreich – Green Fields Of Hibernia [Tunes Of Yore]
0:06:47 Omnia – The Bold Fenian Men [Tunes Of Yore / Covered]
0:12:29 Geasa – Frozen Queen [Tunes Of Yore]
0:23:06 Cruachan – The Voyage Of Bran
0:27:25 Primordial – The Coffin Ships [Siege Of Limerick Spotlight]
0:41:52 Nokturnal Mortum – Україна
0:50:16 Аркона – Славься, Русь!
1:01:08 Celtachor – The Landing: Amergin’s Conquest

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