The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXIV: Ryder Cross The Sky

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXIV:
Ryder Cross The Sky

Original release date: 15th October 2018
Total length: 3:49:25 in 3 parts

Download link:!wOICQI6S!ZWc-j8hs7mf1NXJLt_CK3BGH55BbBv2v56QCQlcFBn0

And now on BBC2, we join Eilidh “ye cannae pronounce ma name, ye wee shites” Barbour for a rather different type of action at Le Golf National, which has somehow decamped to Nottingham…

Golf is not a very rebellious pastime. You could even say it’s a hallmark of The Establishment, given its popularity with businessmen who make all their important decisions on the golf course rather than in the boardroom. But, especially as I’ve neared the end of my fourth decade, I’ve become more interested in following the major championships, despite having zero ability at swinging a golf club myself. And I’ll also keep track of the Ryder Cup when it’s held every two years – as it just has been, at the end of September.

And it gave me an idea. Three years ago, in an Ashes-themed Ogg-Cast, I decided to pit the very best bands from England against their counterparts from Australia in a battle of the genres, cunningly disguised as Test Matches. So why not do it again, in the style of the Ryder Cup, where the net is cast wider? The very best from the whole of Europe will now compete against America, for the Hammer Of Retribution Ryder Cup – and you can play along yourselves if you keep a scorecard and send it to me after the show; call it a competition of sorts in which you can win something… not awful.

And yes, I know the title of this episode is a dreadful pun that Martin Walkyier would have been proud of. That was deliberate.

In Part One, we start with doubles matches in 80s thrash, death metal and stoner rock, with a singles match of cover versions. In Part Two, after a brief interlude to review 2013’s reissued Ogg-Casts, there are two more doubles matches, involving neofolk (courtesy of Lennard) and black metal. And in Part Three, some more idiosyncratic singles matches, which are: overt displays of patriotism, 21st Century trad metal, traditional folk songs… and the Big Finale!

PART ONE (1:16:19)
0:04:22 Slayer – Altar of Sacrifice [Match One: USA]
0:07:13 Kreator – Tormentor [Match One: Europe]
0:10:05 Destruction – Release From Agony [Match One: Europe]
0:14:45 Testament – Alone in the Dark [Match One: USA]
0:21:05 Deicide – Once Upon The Cross [Match Two: USA]
0:24:34 Cannibal Corpse – Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains [Match Two: USA]
0:27:05 Amon Amarth – Metalwrath [Match Two: Europe]
0:30:55 Entombed – Left Hand Path [Match Two: Europe]
0:41:09 Clutch – In Walks Barbarella [Match Three: USA]
0:44:55 Spiritual Beggars – Street Fighting Saviours [Match Three: Europe]
0:49:15 Corrosion of Conformity – Long Whip / Big America [Match Three: USA]
0:54:06 Orange Goblin – One Room, One Axe, One Outcome [Match Three: Europe]
1:03:23 Munruthel – The Lake [Covered / Match Four: Europe]
1:10:03 Pantera – The Badge [Covered / Match Four: USA]

PART TWO (1:17:06)
0:01:15 Oakenshield – Earl Thorfinn [Ogg-Casts of the Past]
0:08:04 Machinae Supremacy – Phantom Battle [Ogg-Casts of the Past]
0:13:30 Forgotten Tomb – We Owe You Nothing [Ogg-Casts of the Past]
0:24:59 Rome – Who Only Europe Know [Tunes of Yore]
0:32:01 Forseti – Sterne [Tunes of Yore / Match Five: Europe]
0:35:02 Changes – Fire of Life [Tunes of Yore / Match Five: USA]
0:40:38 Backworld – The Devil’s Plaything [Tunes of Yore / Match Five: USA]
0:44:46 Fire + Ice – Dragons in the Sunset [Tunes of Yore / Match Five: Europe]
0:50:11 Darkthrone – Transilvanian Hunger [Match Six: Europe]
0:56:07 Absu – Pillars of Mercy [Match Six: USA]
1:00:28 Uada – Devoid of Light [Match Six: USA]
1:06:39 Emperor – The Warriors of Modern Death [Match Six: Europe]

PART THREE (1:16:00)
0:01:16 Iced Earth – The Star-Spangled Banner
0:02:30 Iced Earth – Declaration Day [Match Seven: USA]
0:07:27 Ancient Rites – Mother Europe [Match Seven: Europe]
0:13:49 Iron Maiden – These Colours Don’t Run [Match Eight: Europe]
0:20:38 Manowar – Call To Arms [Match Eight: USA]
0:27:25 Wilderun – Storm Along [Match Nine: USA]
0:34:58 Forefather – Miri it is [Match Nine: Europe]
0:46:23 Caladan Brood – Wild Autumn Wind [Match Ten: USA]
1:00:08 Moonsorrow – Ihmisen Aika (Kumarrus Pimeyteen) [Match Ten: Europe]

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXIII: Mystic Stew (And Beans)

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXIII:
Mystic Stew (And Beans)

Original release date: 15th September 2018
Total length: 3:13:12 in 3 parts

Download link:!VH4EQabL!P6BrtZjyj3mGt3wqNXLfyKyRNrN5gRXYVNza2RSYdMM

In the lengthy break between January’s Ogg-Cast and the start of the final series in August, I’d racked up a lot of spare tracks that couldn’t fit on August’s show unless I wanted to make it expand to five enormous parts. So, as I’ve done before, rather than waste them all I’ve thrown them together into a random bits-and-pieces show that gets back some of the variety that I used to make sure of in the early days.

In Part One, there’s a surprise return from a long-lost Finnish band, some requests from last year’s Blackwood Gathering, and a comedy show in which listeners from Cambridge circa 1999 will have some awful, awful memories dug up. Part Two has an apology at each end for the absence of Clutch’s new album and Lennard’s Tunes Of Yore, but Covered explains where I’m coming from, Shut It! tells me where my towel is, and we ask “What if?” for one of the leading lights of old-school metal. And in Part Three, Ogg-Casts Of The Past returns to cast an eye over the reissues of the 2012 shows, and three prominent bands from last month’s show finish this episode in fine style.

PART ONE (1:01:36)
0:02:02 Trollheim’s Grott – Holy Black Sun
0:08:13 Grimner – Mörkrets Hem
0:16:59 Old Corpse Road – The Whispers Of Long Meg (Through The Solstice)
0:25:55 Paara – Aivaan Hautautunut
0:37:10 Draugnim – Drums of Black Death
0:44:10 SIG:AR:TYR – Beyond The North Winds
0:54:48 Impaled Northern Moonforest – Gazing at the Blasphemous Moon While Perched Atop a Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Forsaken Crest of the Northern Mountain
0:55:22 The Not Very Good Interval Band – The Ballad of Mr Shit

PART TWO (1:04:07)
0:01:47 Clutch – Circus Maximus
0:05:29 Slo Burn – Muezli
0:13:19 ICS Vortex – Don’t Tread On Me [Covered]
0:16:27 Rotting Christ – Non Serviam
0:28:20 The Eagles – Journey of the Sorcerer [Shut It!]
0:35:44 Iron Maiden – Weekend Warrior
0:41:20 Rainbow – Hall of the Mountain King
0:46:49 Grim Reaper – Night of the Vampire
0:55:58 Amorphis – Alone

PART THREE (1:07:29)
0:02:30 Thulcandra – The Second Fall [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:07:52 Finntroll – Midvinterdraken [Ogg-Casts Of The Past / Hidden Gems]
0:13:24 Iron SeaWolf – Haul Away [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:18:02 Xanthochroid – The Sound of Hunger Rises [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:24:05 Summoning – Old Mornings Dawn [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:37:55 Shylmagoghnar – As All Must Come To Pass
0:45:00 Primordial – Upon Our Spiritual Deathbed
0:56:49 Apocalypse Orchestra – Here Be Monsters

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXII: Battles In The Northeast

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXII:
Battles In The Northeast

Original release date: 15th August 2018
Total length: 4:17:00 in 4 parts

Download link:!VGBQ3YSR!XUDoR-BDKNgIJqBMBTxICCcxU7wbyFm4AyKjzxBSvuA

After a seven-month break, the Ogg-Cast returns for its final monthly series of seven shows on the 15th of every month between now and March, then a Grand Finale on 1st May 2019, the 10th anniversary of the very first show. And I thought I’d start with a double-length episode as there’s a lot to fit in.

The first half of the show attempts to plug the gap between this episode and the last and re-introduced Lennard after his exile in Italy. Part One contains an update as to how my side is faring in the Great Culture War, and salutes the memory of the now-defunct Wyrd Ways Rock Show, the original inspiration for the Ogg-Cast. Part Two contains Lennard’s first Tunes Of Yore since last December, which is given in more than one language (and I try to translate his foreign words!) Also, there’s a nod to a country I had to cross to reach Lithuania.

The second half covers my recent excursion to Lithuania for the excellent Kilkim Žaibu festival. In Part Three, there’s all the action (that I witnessed and that isn’t too drifty-floaty-folk) from the first two days, while Part Four covers the third day – and a candidate for Album Of The Year to finish with.

PART ONE (0:59:35)
0:03:04 Primordial – Exile Amongst The Ruins
0:13:45 Moonsorrow – Pimeä
0:26:36 Emperor – Ensorcelled By Khaos [Hidden Gems]
0:37:10 The Wildhearts – Greetings From Shitsville
0:41:40 AC/DC – Have A Drink On Me [Hidden Gems]
0:45:38 Motörhead – Sacrifce
0:48:52 Asomvel – Stone Cold Stare
0:55:10 Iced Earth – Transylvania [Covered / Shut It!]

PART TWO (1:09:06)
0:04:00 Summoning – Silvertine [Tunes Of Yore]
0:13:52 Rome – Blighter [Tunes Of Yore]
0:18:33 Horn – Retrograd [Tunes Of Yore]
0:28:17 Bathory – A Fine Day To Die [Tunes Of Yore]
0:37:47 Reverend Bizarre – Eternal Forest [Tunes Of Yore]
0:53:34 Voivod – Korgüll The Exterminator
0:58:28 Sabaton – Winged Hussars
1:04:37 Vader – The Final Massacre

PART THREE (1:05:04)
0:01:55 Finntroll – Ett Norrskensdåd
0:06:56 Deceitome – The Void Abides
0:10:41 Green Novice – Vylkataks
0:16:40 Juodvarnis – Pabudimas
0:27:08 Apocalypse Orchestra – The Garden Of Earthly Delights
0:35:44 Havukruunu – Aavevalo
0:46:19 Žalvarinis – Kadujo
0:49:40 Myrkur – Ulvinde
0:58:07 Thyrfng – Veners Förfall

PART FOUR (1:03:15)
0:00:44 Lord Wind – Severenyi Veter
0:05:56 Ignea – How I Hate The Night
0:12:24 Saor – Children Of The Mist
0:25:22 Entombed – Crawl (Nicke Andersson version)
0:30:54 Morbid Angel – Where The Slime Live
0:39:00 Nokturnal Mortum – Ніч богів
0:51:07 Shylmagoghnar – Transience

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But Wait, There’s More!

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast reissue process has been completed.

What still remains is to host the episodes (72-80) from the “final series” from August 2018 to May 2019. This is the point where the original versions all contain the standard reissue header, only updated to announce that this is a “final series” episode rather than a reissue.

The episodes that already exist (72-78) will be posted in the run-up to the release of episode 79 on 15th March 2019.

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXI: Revel In The Glory Of A Coming Of Age

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXXI:
Revel In The Glory Of A Coming Of Age

Original release date: 19th January 2018
Total length: 3:43:42 in 3 parts

Download link:!9e4TBaZT!vKWVbaids5sF_wc4jVlcxQg_d0n9nh0_qpgQCJv4EJo

Cast your mind back to the dawn of 2000. What were you doing? Were you, like me, attempting to drink your way through the seemingly impenetrable barrier between what seemed at the time to be The Past and The Future? Were you, unlike me, worrying about the Millennium Bug? There are some humans who were not even born at the time that all four digits on the calendar changed, and a subset of those who were thrust squealing into this world within a few days of that can now legally do what I was doing at the time, involving five litres of beer. They can also smoke, which I definitely do not do, and they can also vote, which I would not habitually do as there are rarely any parties who deserve anything other than my withering contempt. In short, it is now 2018, and these squealing fleshlings born in the first days of 2000 are now legal adults of 18 years old. Is anyone scared?

This is a January show and as ever, I’ve gone back for a look at years ending in the same digit. With the Great Metal Big Bang of 1970 within sights of the people of the 1960s (very few of whom had any idea it was about to happen), I’ve extended the overview to 1968, albeit briefly, and I’ve attempted to cover the absence of Lennard, who is still holed up in a monastery in deepest, still-not-darkest-at-this-time-of-year Italy. I can’t promise anything quite as weird and wonderful as his Tunes of Yore, but there should be a couple of surprises.

PART ONE (1:09:10)
0:03:26 Nokturnal Mortum – Мольфа
0:14:34 Blue Cheer – Out Of Focus [Spotlight: 1968]
0:20:02 Judas Priest – Exciter [Spotlight: 1978]
0:25:33 AC/DC – Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation [Spotlight: 1978]
0:29:08 Rainbow – Lady Of The Lake [Spotlight: 1978]
0:36:22 Motörhead – Damage Case
0:39:18 The Muggers – White Lightning
0:48:14 Pantera – Power Metal [Spotlight: 1988]
0:52:05 Testament – Eerie Inhabitants [Spotlight: 1988]
0:57:08 Slayer – Ghotsts of War [Spotlight: 1988]
1:03:38 Iron Maiden – Only The Good Die Young [Spotlight: 1988]

PART TWO (1:16:01)
0:01:18 Bloodshed Walhalla – Tyr
0:14:41 Chris Ray Gun – Punch A Nazi [Covered]
0:23:00 Thyrfing – Hednaland [Spotlight: 1998]
0:26:28 Primordial – Graven Idol [Spotlight: 1998]
0:34:30 Skyforger – Svētais ugunskrusts [Spotlight: 1998]
0:43:09 Psycore – I Go Solo [Spotlight: 1998]
0:46:28 Entwined – The Forgotten [Spotlight: 1998]
0:52:27 Orange Goblin – Solarisphere [Spotlight: 1998]
0:58:36 Cathedral – Voodoo Fire [Spotlight: 1998]
1:04:02 Monster Magnet – Tractor [Spotlight: 1998]
1:10:43 Clutch – The Dragonfly [Spotlight: 1998]

PART THREE (1:18:31)
0:01:29 Xanthochroid – Through Chains That Drag Us Downward
0:11:47 Oakenshield – Gylfaginning [Spotlight: 2008]
0:17:04 Amon Amarth – The Hero [Spotlight: 2008]
0:21:00 Forefather – Steadfast [Spotlight: 2008]
0:27:51 Ereb Altor – Awakening [Spotlight: 2008]
0:35:56 Moonsorrow – Taistelu Pohjolasta (2008 version) [Spotlight: 2008]
0:46:04 Summoning – Silvertine [Spotlight: 2018]
1:02:17 Týr – Land [Spotlight: 2008]

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXX: Satavuotinen Perintö

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXX:
Satavuotinen Perintö

Original release date: 6th December 2017
Total length: 5:10:47 in 5 parts

Download link:!ETpGVaDJ!03V738KxMA5EcdRm3xsp7fU9Lw1zFR1Y5RXCt6Qos5k

6th December 2017 sees the 100th anniversary of the day the people of Finland decided they were fed up with being ruled by Russia, especially given what had just happened a month earlier, and declared independence. Freed from the shackles of the Red Terror, this country spent the next century punching above its weight – not least in making mobile phones, producing people who can drive cars very fast in all conditions, and defending itself from the former overlords next door.

Finland has also proven itself highly adept at making loud noises with guitars; with the highest density of metal bands per unit population (663 per million people), Finland can rightfully claim to be the most metal country on Earth.

I have chosen to say “hyvä syntymäpäivä” to the Finns with this five-hour marathon of Finnish metal. No other nation will be allowed on the playlist; the most they’ll get is the bands who provide the theme tunes to our regular features.

Incidentally, for those less fluent in Finnish than the average Finn, the title translates as “Legacy Of A Hundred Years”. That this is a Moonsorrow song-sub-title divided by ten is absolutely no accident.

PART ONE (1:05:49)
0:08:58 Sarcofagus – All Those Lies
0:12:25 Kimmo Kuusniemi Band – Metallinen Sateenkaari
0:18:35 Stratovarius – A Million Light Years Away
0:23:51 Nightwish – Wishmaster
0:28:13 Sonata Arctica – The Cage
0:34:57 Sentenced – New Age Messiah
0:39:24 Children of Bodom – Bodom After Midnight
0:48:06 Lordi – Deadache
0:51:32 Devastracktor – Poser Disposer
0:57:57 Draugnim – Archein

PART TWO (1:00:26)
0:00:42 Impaled Nazarene – Total War – Winter War
0:04:26 Satanic Warmaster – Carelian Satanist Madness
0:15:56 Beherit – Sadomatic Rites
0:20:00 Behexen – Night of the Blasphemy
0:26:49 Barathrum – Legions of Perkele
0:31:54 Arthemesia – Universal Black
0:39:41 Sunride – Ascending the Throne
0:42:36 Mannhai – Spaceball
0:47:57 Reverend Bizarre – The Goddess of Doom

PART THREE (1:00:36)
0:01:01 Korpiklaani – A Man With A Plan
0:05:47 Kaarnekorpi – Soutaja [Liber Oscura]
0:12:25 Wolfhorde – Kylän Päässä [Covered]
0:20:11 MonsterSpank – Umeå Swampthing
0:21:32 Hiidenhauta – Luopunut
0:30:46 Baranduin – Army of the Fallen
0:38:02 Furthest Shore – …Until the Bitter End
0:45:21 Wyrd – Noitakansa

PART FOUR (0:58:02)
0:04:41 Avathar – Kadotettu [Tunes of Yore]
0:15:08 Nostatus – Sanas Synty [Tunes of Yore]
0:23:56 Poropetra – Luonnotar [Tunes of Yore]
0:29:56 Kehrä – Valo [Tunes of Yore]
0:38:25 Syven – Jäljet [Tunes of Yore]

PART FIVE (1:05:54)
0:01:54 Amorphis – Perkele (The God of Fire)
0:05:19 Finntroll – Midnattens Widunder
0:09:56 Ensiferum – Windrider
0:15:34 Wintersun – The Forest That Weeps (Summer)
0:36:18 Moonsorrow – Tulimyrsky

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXIX: Storming The Fortress

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXIX:
Storming The Fortress

Original release date: 27th August 2017
Total length: 4:01:19 in 4 parts

Download link:!AbAVmCCa!cdZE6z7plnBF6CVzrja7CXxqBpwMYV0TiE5Uz9xHaSE

It was a very last-minute decision, but my hand was forced when Bloodstock sold out, and my best option for a summer festival was to return to Brutal Assault, where I’d previously been in 2015. The walls of Fortress Josefov were a suitable backdrop for a titanic battle between some Norwegian and Finnish legends, with plenty of other bands chipping in as well. This Ogg-Cast is a review of Brutal Assault 2017 that includes every band I saw who didn’t screw up completely, alongside another Tunes of Yore from Lennard, and some bonus bits and pieces that provide us some extra colour.

Two of the four days were as scorchingly hot and sunny as 2015 had been…

…and then came the storms.

PART ONE (0:56:17)
0:04:43 Bloodshed Walhalla – Thor
0:12:57 Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Fool
0:17:02 Wintersun – Awaken From The Dark Slumber (Spring)
0:33:34 Helheim – Maðr
0:39:26 Master’s Hammer – Nordfrostkrampfand
0:44:52 Hour Of Penance – Reforging The Crowns
0:48:51 Аркона – Заклятие

PART TWO (1:05:24)
0:00:38 Emperor – With Strength I Burn
0:08:48 Rotting Christ – Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού
0:15:45 Mourning Beloveth – The Mountains Are Mine
0:27:54 Forefather – Two Sacred Oaks [Tunes of Yore]
0:34:05 Ensiferum – Frost [Tunes of Yore]
0:40:40 Frostmoon Eclipse – Corridors [Tunes of Yore]
0:50:11 Annwn – Born Of Legends [Tunes of Yore]
0:56:43 Fen – Exile’s Journey [Tunes of Yore]

PART THREE (1:08:54)
0:01:10 Wolfheart – Ghosts Of Karelia
0:05:49 Crowbar – I Am The Storm
0:10:40 The Crown – Natashead Overdrive
0:14:20 Possessed – The Eyes Of Horror
0:18:41 Swallow The Sun – Don’t Fall Asleep (Horror, Part II)
0:26:12 Electric Wizard – Funeralopolis
0:36:56 Einherjer – Dragons Of The North
0:41:49 The Wolves of Avalon – Famished Wolves Befogged With Blood
0:46:19 Moonsorrow – Non Serviam [Covered]
0:52:37 Svart Crown – Profane
0:57:14 Artillery – Into The Universe
1:00:57 Prong – Broken Peace

PART FOUR (0:50:44)
0:02:09 Tsjuder – Demonic Supremacy
0:08:35 Mayhem – Life Eternal
0:17:52 Amorphis – Hopeless Days
0:25:44 Arx Atrata – The Traveller
0:37:53 Summoning – Land Of The Dead

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