The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XL: …And All That Was Left Was Silence

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XL:
…And All That Was Left Was Silence

Original release date: 26th August 2013
Total length: 8:55:27 in 8 parts

Download link:!NbRUDKRL!SXmLNRv6Gwg8ALLLpEXOrcaRb7AnRC5H5qjDqApMKas

This is it, everyone… the end. Well, the end for a while, anyway. And no, your eyes do not deceive you. “XL” may be the Roman numeral for 40, and this is the 40th edition of the Hammer of Retribution Ogg-Cast, but it might also stand for “eXtra Large”, “eXtreme Length”, or other combination of words that don’t start with “X”. It really is as long as you see.

There will be no interior decorating, there will be no proselytising of vegetarianism, there will be no gender politics, there will be no football hooligans, there will be no scientologists, and there will be no hipsters riding fixies. There will be more metal than you thought was possible to handle in one sitting, a lot of it of the Epic And Heathen variety, with the eight-minute barrier being breached fourteen times along the course of the show.

What I have made here is a compilation of everything I’ve come to know and like along the course of making this show regularly over the last two and a half years; as I genuinely have no idea when I will be able to start again, I wanted to finish this run by making a thanks list for all those bands I’ve got to know personally, as well as those who inspired me to take up this podcasting lark in the first place, and I’ve even asked some of my most avid listeners for their contributions, as well as including a whole heap of bands that I’ve discovered, or that the dedicated minions have discovered for me, while I’ve been making the show and who I might not even have noticed had I not been so involved in this for so long.

There was so much to include that I’ve taken up all my available server space, and the show has expanded to an extreme length. Do not be put off by this; you all have media playing machines that are capable of stopping and starting at the same point, don’t you? Even the cheapest heap of junk should be able to do that. Also, you all deserve a full explanation as to why I’m calling a halt to the show, and why I’ve chosen to do it now. That will be in there, I have given my reasons, as well as a few hints as to why I will undoubtedly be tempted to bring the show back again, hopefully in the not too distant future. But I needed a break, and now was the time for it. (NOTE: this lengthy explanation is also available in text form at the hidden section of the Hammer of Retribution website, the Orchard of Lamentations.)

The Flames Of The End gave way to one last fanfare of epic heathen metal, which made the very best possible use of the remaining time available, but even that had to come to a conclusion eventually…

…and all that was left was silence.

PART ONE (1:18:19)
0:03:23 Týr – Hail To The Hammer
0:08:37 Wintersun – Sons Of Winter And Stars
0:22:01 Bathory – Vinland
0:28:05 Twilight Of The Gods – Destiny Forged In Blood
0:36:19 Nokturnal Mortum – Valhalla [Covered]
0:45:26 Vintersorg – Rainbow Demon [Covered]
0:51:29 Twilight’s Embrace – The Dry Land
0:59:46 Ravenage – The Road To Retribution (Northbound Part II)
1:05:23 Old Corpse Road – Glassensikes At Witching Hour

PART TWO (1:11:20)
0:00:30 Oakenshield – Wen Heath
0:07:24 Fyrdsman – Forgotten Beneath The Soil
0:11:55 Winterfylleth – Mam Tor (The Shivering Mountain)
0:18:07 Wodensthrone – The Great Darkness
——- CARL PICKLES’ HAMMER OF WYRD ——————————————————–
0:30:52 Hell – Let Battle Commence
0:36:35 Jettblack – Raining Rock
0:40:16 Jaldaboath – Bash The Bishop
0:44:35 Rob Zombie – Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown
0:49:28 My Wooden Pillow – Vein Of Affliction
0:53:01 Scar Symmetry – Domination Agenda
0:57:01 Amon Amarth – Blood Eagle
1:02:03 Rainbow – Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll

PART THREE (1:01:21)
0:00:31 Asomvel – How The Mighty Fall
0:03:51 MonsterSpank – Demon Dice
0:05:45 I – Mountains
0:11:49 The Crown – Total Satan
0:20:22 Bull-Riff Stampede – Advance And Conquer [Metal Battle – UK]
0:25:41 Mysterious Priestess – Seven Moons [Metal Battle – Japan]
0:33:44 Midnight Scream – War Never Changes [Metal Battle – Slovakia]
0:39:42 Rotten Souls – The Possession [Metal Battle – Costa Rica]
0:49:16 The Nine Treasures (九宝 ) – Nuutshai Chadal (神秘之力 ) [Metal Battle – China]
0:53:52 Crimson Shadows – Beyond The Mountain Wasteland [Metal Battle – Canada]

PART FOUR (1:07:27)
0:00:53 Swordbearer – They Came By Wind And Sail
0:10:25 Myrath – Braving The Seas
0:14:41 Winterstorm – Winterheart
0:19:19 Crow Black Sky – Our Path Disdained
0:33:15 Nordland – Vorscara
0:43:51 Thorr’s Hammer – Norge
0:51:23 Темнозорь – Над струнами вен моих лезвия осени
0:58:40 Dirge In Extremis – Purification Through Fire And Void

PART FIVE (1:00:33)
0:00:31 Arkhamin Kirjasto – The Cult Of No Return
0:05:12 Munruthel – Карпатський Щит
0:11:14 Hiidenhauta – Varjot
0:29:40 Fjoergyn – Betonlethargie
0:37:00 Annwn – Mountain’s Farewell
0:42:54 Mental Home – Winter Art
0:47:22 Merciless – Crionics
0:50:53 Cathedral – Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)

PART SIX (1:06:16)
0:00:36 Bloodshed Walhalla – Son Of The War
0:07:12 Viðr – Grantre og Bark
0:10:52 Ereb Altor – Awakening
0:18:58 Summoning – Farewell
0:31:56 Forefather – The Shield-Wall
0:36:06 Immortal – Battles In The North
0:40:17 The Obsessed – Skybone
0:44:05 Old Man’s Child – The Dream Ghost
0:47:45 Sahg – Black Passage
0:53:58 Borknagar – Oceans Rise
0:59:23 Blood Red Throne – Hate Tank

PART SEVEN (1:03:14)
0:00:39 Menhir – Das Hildebrandslied – Teil I
0:09:37 Skálmöld – Kvaðning
0:17:31 Gallowbraid – Ashen Eidolon
0:35:19 Kvelertak – Mjød
0:37:50 Bolt Thrower – The IVth Crusade
0:42:43 Windir – Resurrection Of The Wild
0:48:34 Primordial – Gods To The Godless
0:56:20 Clutch – The Dragonfly

PART EIGHT (1:06:57)
0:01:26 Paradise Lost – Enchantment
0:07:31 Amorphis – My Kantele
0:12:29 Falkenbach – Heralder
0:20:05 At The Gates – The Flames Of The End
0:37:25 Moonsorrow – Tulimyrsky

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXIX: Black Sky At Night… Clisson’s On Fire

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXIX:
Black Sky At Night… Clisson’s On Fire

Original release date: 15th July 2013
Total length: 4:14:02 in 4 parts

Download link:!hGRxTY4K!zWl7BZk__LLtmjZxS4bMPGww2RDSNEY8RgPEkFOHqXg

Camlann. Ragnarök. Armageddon. The final battle. The last charge. The big push. The knight’s move. In short: Friday 31st May sees the last Violated before we are plunged screaming into the infernal horrors of the interminable summer lull. You miss out on this one, you’re going cold metal-free turkey until we heroically fight our way free of the pit at the end of October.

So, I ask you, who would be so astoundingly arrogant as to make a statement like that? No prizes for guessing. (NOTE: but I’ll reveal it anyway – Damian Stevenson, the DJ and publicity officer of said Violated, who genuinely believes that because he doesn’t enjoy outdoor festivals, it’s not even remotely possible that anyone else does either. I ask you…) For a variety of reasons, I didn’t even want to be at that last Violated, most of them related to the political pot being stirred in the wrong direction by all the wrong people yet again, but turned up anyway (however briefly…) to unleash a method of avoiding this “interminable summer lull”.

Because, as should be abundantly obvious, I decided not to participate in it. I was at Hellfest, held in late June, barely a week after the release of last month’s show, and – bar a few technical hitches here and there – lived up to expectations, though those technical hitches meant that the bands I’d expected to put in the best performances of the festival had to concede second best to those who were breathing down the leaders’ necks. Those who haven’t read the full review may not know who were the winners and (relative) losers, so listen and find out!

I’ve also highlighted a few bands I didn’t get to see for one reason or another – time clashes or enforced withdrawals being the main problems – and there’s also a bit on how the most notable withdrawal was admirably dealt with. Better still, I’ve got a couple of huge surprises in store as well, which I’m hugely grateful I’ve been able to include before the Grand Finale which will be in a little over a month’s time, and which should have even the most jaded cynic thrusting the horns into the air. Then, with next month’s upcoming extravaganza, the good ship Hammer will sail into the harbour and be sent to the dry dock for essential maintenance, to return to the high seas of metal one fine day in the future…

After the event: to nobody’s surprise, there’s a full written review of Hellfest 2013, which started with the same statement in the first paragraph… to the point where I titled it “What Interminable Summer Lull?”
Part OnePart TwoPart Three

PART ONE (0:58:04)
0:04:00 Mael Mórdha – Manannán
0:11:34 Old Corpse Road – Isobel – Queen Of Scottish Witches
0:22:26 Saxon – Motorcycle Man
0:26:18 Testament – The New Order
0:30:43 Sleep – Holy Mountain
0:40:46 Týr – Shadow Of The Swastika
0:45:06 Aura Noir – Hell’s Fire
0:48:43 Primordial – No Grave Deep Enough

PART TWO (1:06:03)
0:01:06 Bathory – The Sword [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:05:13 Twilight Of The Gods – Fire On The Mountain (1683) [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:13:49 Surtr – The Call
0:18:19 Procession – To Reap Heavens Apart
0:28:31 Manilla Road – Crystal Logic
0:36:30 The Old Dead Tree – We Cry As One
0:43:07 Rotting Christ – Noctis Era
0:49:36 Equilibrium – Unbesiegt
0:55:51 Finntroll – Häxbrygd
0:59:41 Amorphis – Silver Bride

PART THREE (1:07:10)
0:01:42 Wintersun – Starchild
0:09:36 Wintersun – The Way Of The Fire (live)
0:22:47 Waltari – Caught In A Mosh (Caught In A Ska) [Covered]
0:26:48 Svart Crown – Apocalyptic Triumph
0:32:32 Krisiun – The Will To Potency
0:41:11 Spiritual Beggars – Fools Gold
0:44:53 Newsted – King Of The Underdogs
0:53:28 Korpiklaani – Cottages & Saunas
0:56:43 Marduk – With Satan And Victorious Weapons
1:00:54 Hypocrisy – Eraser

PART FOUR (1:02:45)
0:01:40 Clutch – Drink To The Dead
0:06:34 Vektor – Tetrastructural Minds
0:11:55 Koldbrann – Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott
0:20:07 Crowbar – Conquering
0:22:55 Corrosion Of Conformity – Albatross
0:30:18 Down – Stone The Crow
0:36:12 At The Gates – Slaughter Of The Soul
0:40:04 Immortal – Withstand The Fall Of Time
0:51:12 Moonsorrow – Muinaiset

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXVIII: Ellan Vannin

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXVIII:
Ellan Vannin

Original release date: 15th June 2013
Total length: 3:51:13 in 3 parts

Download link:!YfRC3YyC!obAE0Gj2HpiziO6E6gYpGrm4WLersJc1co1bsKiFMl4

It’s that time again. Two years ago I made a celebratory Ogg-Cast in honour of being about to go wandering in Cornwall, and even included a cryptic shot of Cligga Head in the evening, with the intention of being there to replicate it. So, guess where I’m going this time?

The smallest of the six Celtic Nations it may be, but the Isle of Man has its own character, its own language, and plenty of sights to see. Plus, as there can’t be anyone who isn’t aware, every year a ton of motorbikes race around its speed-derestricted roads. I’m going for the sights rather than the bikes this year, but I suspect both should be possible at some stage. This show, as I’m sure you can guess, has as many references to the Isle of Man as I could fit in. And, of course, all the usual bits and pieces; I need not say, for instance, who this month’s cover version is dedicated to, as it’s June and it should be obvious. There’s also a warm-up for Hellfest, which I’ll be off to in a few days! So you know what next month’s show will be about.

After the event: as everyone has come to expect, I wrote an extensive tour diary of the five days I spent on the Isle of Man, even if it took until August to finish it. And at over 38,000 words, it is not a trivially short read!
Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart FourPart Five

PART ONE (1:18:54)
0:02:06 Damnations Hammer – Throne Of Fire
0:09:26 Oakenshield – Mannin Veen [Isle Of Man Spotlight]
0:13:59 Primordial – Children Of The Harvest
0:25:40 Ereb Altor – I Djupet Så Svart
0:31:51 Fyrdsman – Forgotten Beneath The Soil
0:36:22 Ironwood – A Bond To Sever
0:51:08 Skyforger – Kauja Pie Saules. 1236.
0:55:59 Hollenthon – To Kingdom Come
1:02:33 Legion Of The Damned – Death’s Head March
1:06:15 In The Woods… – …And All This From Which Was And Will Never Come Again [Isle Of Man Spotlight]

PART TWO (1:13:34)
0:01:27 Vintersorg – Till Fjälls [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:08:06 Ensiferum – Wanderer [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:14:36 Swordbearer – The Pathway To The End [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:18:38 Glittertind – Jeg Snører Min Sekk [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:21:12 Dark Forest (Canada) – Wind And Waves [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:34:11 Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts – Box Hill Or Bust! [Isle Of Man Spotlight]
0:37:04 Therapy? – Joey [Isle Of Man Spotlight]
0:41:05 Isle Of Man – Memphis Tennessee [Isle Of Man Spotlight]
0:48:52 Månegarm – Legions Of The North
0:53:36 Ásmegin – Over Ægirs Vidstragte Sletter
0:57:19 Thrudvangar – Heilige Flamme
1:01:19 Hroptatyr – Frankensturm

PART THREE (1:18:45)
0:00:55 Age Of Kings – Fires Beneath [Isle Of Man Spotlight]
0:05:00 Legend – Halls Of The Dead
0:09:17 Nemesis – The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Metal
0:16:53 Old Corpse Road – The Old Corpse Road
0:23:31 Bretwaldas Of Heathen Doom – Beneath The Eaves
0:34:11 Gwydion – Triskelion Horde Is Nigh [Isle Of Man Spotlight]
0:38:41 Ravenage – Triumph In The Trees
0:43:17 Sabaton – Poltava
0:49:15 Mael Mórdha – Vinterblot [Covered]
0:54:16 Moonsorrow – Tuulen Tytär including Soturin Tie
1:05:59 Wodensthrone – The Name Of The Wind

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXVII: …And In Glory They Will Go…

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXVII:
…And In Glory They Will Go…

Original release date: 15th May 2013
Total length: 4:24:36 in 4 parts

Download link:!BKRVxYpA!yH_h8_qxjs6NmdiBUKhc_JCk4Lw6EpZqgZplP9Fx_M0

Ten men are shown in this picture. All ten are dead. All ten will feature on this show, but one will get rather more time on it than the others.

For reasons that should be utterly and appallingly obvious to everyone reading this, there was no way this wasn’t going to be a tribute show for Jeff Hanneman. Not that it wrote itself, mind. There are seven Slayer tracks, spanning the albums from Show No Mercy, through the Haunting The Chapel EP, up to Divine Intervention, all written or co-written by Jeff – but finding a suitable cover from each album required a bit more searching. I’ve done it, though. Many other representatives of “The Sick And The Dead” will feature amongst the Slayer tracks, I’ve had more requests than usual, other bits and pieces can also be found from my recent adventures, some bands who have made new albums in the last few months get a first (or second) airing on the show, and a notorious foreign language makes its long-awaited comeback. The result is the longest show yet.

For one reason and another – declining interest from others (probably in a “can’t be bothered” sense), declining interest from me as well (no, really, I’m running out of ideas), the fact that I’m so horribly unsociable to the point where “social networking” seems like anathema, and the general malaise with my current crowd which still threatens to spill over and see me exile myself to some far-flung part of the country, the show will be coming to an end soon. The 40th instalment in August will be the last one I make monthly, so that’s three more to go after this. Then I can get on with moving myself to wherever I may roam to… and maybe resurrect it one day.

But while we’re here, if you count yourself even remotely metal, you’ll be listening to this show and paying your dues to one of the greatest metal musicians ever, without whom none of this – from the last 25 years at least – would be possible. Otherwise, get the fuck out of my sight.

Heavy Metal Never Will Be Died. Neither will Jeff Hanneman’s legacy.

PART ONE (0:51:57)
0:03:42 Slayer – Die By The Sword [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:07:16 Merciless – Crionics [Covered]
0:10:48 Deep Purple – Stormbringer
0:16:57 Finntroll – Rösets Kung
0:20:09 Arkhamin Kirjasto – Golem Made Of Flesh
0:22:52 Hiidenhauta – Vaipuva
0:32:09 Slayer – Chemical Warfare [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:37:35 At The Gates – Captor Of Sin [Covered]
0:40:53 Rainbow – Stargazer

PART TWO (1:07:59)
0:00:33 Thyrfing – Fordom
0:06:19 Clutch – Oh, Isabella
0:11:35 Falkenbach – Eweroun
0:19:03 Slayer – At Dawn They Sleep [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:25:18 Angelcorpse – Kill Again [Covered]
0:29:39 Iron Maiden – The Prisoner
0:37:08 Xanthochroid – The Last Relic Of Axen
0:42:51 Mgła – With Hearts Towards None III
0:52:40 Slayer – Angel Of Death [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:57:31 Vader – Raining Blood [Covered]
1:01:09 Death – Born Dead

PART THREE (1:18:54)
0:04:07 Rotting Christ – His Sleeping Majesty [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:07:38 Grendel – The Golden Palace Of Heorot [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:13:43 Bloodshed Walhalla – Warrior Of The Northern [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:24:13 Sabbat (Japan) – Registry Of Dark Side [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:29:42 Herald – Heavy Metal Wakes The Beast [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:34:57 Immortal – In My Kingdom Cold [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:45:52 Slayer – Behind The Crooked Cross [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:49:07 Crown Of Thorns – Mandatory Suicide [Covered]
0:53:25 Asomvel – Fast Women (& Slow Horses)
0:58:29 Fornost Arnor – Nameless Fear
1:05:26 Forgotten Tomb – Alone

PART FOUR (1:05:46)
0:00:29 Slayer – Born Of Fire [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:03:37 Dew-Scented – War Ensemble [Covered]
0:08:26 Windir – Røvhaugane
0:16:19 Ereb Altor – Myrding
0:23:32 Old Corpse Road – The Oakmen Of Naddle Forest
0:37:15 Slayer – SS-3 [Jeff Hanneman Spotlight]
0:41:20 Diabolic – Killing Fields [Covered]
0:44:50 Testament – D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
0:53:24 Bathory – The Wheel Of Sun

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXVI: Cheese Festival

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXVI:
Cheese Festival

Original release date: 15th April 2013
Total length: 3:18:53 in 3 parts

Download link:!kGImxSZS!ihfDBVg0MY9R62V5_QHJ5annrw55Qf9qhgSGx8fw1YA

Last February this show celebrated the fine art of stuffing seasoned minced meat into a small intestine and grilling it until the fat squirts out. Now, 14 months later, the successor to that show celebrates curdling milk from a variety of livestock species, none of which are in any way related to us, and allowing the solids to ferment for several months. Both are, when viewed objectively, bonkers ideas – but have taken hold. And as more varieties of cheese exist than is healthy to mention, finding bands from the same vicinity to represent a handful of them shouldn’t be a problem.

And so it has proved. There’s more cheese in this show than a Swiss fondue, and though most of it deals with the best of British – because we’re brilliant at it – I’ve allowed those from foreign shores to have their time in the sun – or, should I say, out of the fridge and onto the cheeseboard – as well. Plus, it shouldn’t be even remotely necessary to mention which Ogg-Cast Of The Past has been revisited.

This show even features a variety of guest stars – John Cleese, Michael Palin, Peter Sallis, Steve Coogan, David Schneider, Jeremy Clarkson and James May have all made an unexpected appearance. Not that the comedy is limited to these fine performers, mind…

As with the previous Minecraft Madness show, this one should prove that it’s not all four hours of folk-viking-pagan-Odin-is-great-fuck-the-Whitechrist metal. The tracklist evolves as I see fit; this time, there’s a fair bit more from the stoner-doom side of things, as well as some bits of thrash and trad metal to balance it out.

And I hope you all appreciate how much I spent on cheese just to get that promo shot!

PART ONE (1:05:01)
0:03:48 Finntroll – Skogsdotter
0:08:51 MonsterSpank – Raining Skulls
0:11:50 Devastracktor – Megasonic Boom
0:15:48 Hiidenhauta – Hiiltyneet
0:24:40 Twilight’s Embrace – The Path [Cheese Festival]
0:30:07 Cruel Humanity – Cross Star, Crescent Moon (live in Derby) [Cheese Festival]
0:34:03 Black River Project – Suffer In Silence [Cheese Festival]
0:38:19 Hellbound – We Can’t Hide [Cheese Festival]
0:47:09 Clutch – D.C. Sound Attack!
0:51:45 Sixty Watt Shaman – My Ruin
0:54:08 Spiritual Beggars – Angel Of Betrayal
0:57:48 Clutch – (Notes From The Trial Of) La Curandera

PART TWO (1:12:02)
0:00:43 Arkham Witch – Iron Shadows In The Moon [Cheese Festival]
0:04:40 Wolfthorn – And For All Days To Come [Cheese Festival]
0:11:16 9xDead – The Patriarch [Cheese Festival]
0:17:53 Paradise Lost – Small Town Boy [Covered]
0:23:11 Deep Purple – Black Night
0:28:42 Xanthochroid – Long Live Our Lifeless King
0:37:37 Noctambulath – Almas Enfermas
0:45:06 Svikt – Morkne Røtter [Cheese Festival]
0:51:02 Wolf’s Gang – Maréchal de Fer [Cheese Festival]
0:55:56 Ulvedharr – War Is In The Eyes Of Berserker [Cheese Festival]
1:01:01 Morta Skuld – Devoured Fears [Cheese Festival]

PART THREE (1:01:50)
0:00:45 Thyrfing – Relik
0:06:40 Viðr – Trolldom
0:10:15 Taake – Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik III
0:16:27 Amon Amarth – Arson
0:26:21 Kobus! – Honger [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:29:31 Gernotshagen – Schlachtenbruder [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:35:20 KerecsenSolyóm – A Hősök Mulató Mezeje [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:42:07 Helvellyn – Sacreligious Violations Pt. 2 [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:51:44 Old Corpse Road – The Witch Of Wookey Hole [Cheese Festival]

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXV: Minecraft Madness!

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXV:
Minecraft Madness!

Original release date: 15th March 2013
Total length: 3:59:49 in 4 parts

Download link:!EG4kQaoJ!locIbaLQnhR205PAPKAI1R8fIx0XcnsuAVkSB4ITCU0

Take a bunch of independent programmers in Sweden who had a near-endless supply of Lego when they were kids, give them the idea to build a never-ending world complete with animals, vegetables and minerals, and what do you get? Minecraft. So it’s come to this, as I always knew it would; a Minecraft-themed Ogg-Cast. No sooner had I started playing last June, than a whole barrage of tunes filled my head as soon as I saw some of the mineable ores, built the tools and weapons I needed to survive, and fought the monsters that tried to stop me. Eventually, it was inevitable that I’d put this show together as a result, and with the launch of version 1.5 only two days ago, now was always going to be the right time to do so. It’s even given me an extra band to put on there.

Plus, it gave me an ideal chance to build my own promo picture for the show, rather than relying on a photo I’d taken, or swiped from a public domain server. You can see the fruits of my labours above, where I’ve built a scene for the inaugural Minefest ’13, complete with stage, PA, band, and Steve? wearing his best black leathers. The festival was well attended by all the local villagers who look like they were based on Squidward from Spongbob Squarepants. Testament were invited to play, but just as they were preparing to open the festival with “RANDY IS FREE” banners unfurled over their amps, answering the call to what they did at Wacken last year, news filtered through that Clive Burr had died. Testament will therefore be a support band, and Iron Maiden will headline the festival. By that, I mean I’ve managed to get four Iron Maiden tracks into this show, and four tracks that Clive drummed on; these are not necessarily completely coincident. Finally, the Ogg-Cast Of The Past to be re-examined will be number 19, A Chiptune On Your Shoulder… let’s just say it’s amazing how much brilliant video game music there is out there, and how well it fits into this show. Especially when it’s given a metal makeover.

As an added bonus, for any Minecrafters out there, I’ve made two versions of the Hammer Of Retribution Festival World available. The original MINEFEST 13 world was made in version 1.4, and that’s the one that formed the promotional picture for this show. This was then rehashed in December 2015 and updated to the MINEFEST 16 world, using snapshot 15w49b that had added features that would be fully released in version 1.9 in February 2016. The MINEFEST 16 promo picture was to celebrate the launch of The Diamond Hammer on 1st January 2016, an official part of the Hammer Of Retribution website in which I show off all my builds.

PART ONE (0:57:37)
0:04:05 Iron Maiden – Murders In The Rue Morgue
0:08:22 Testament – Trial By Fire
0:12:35 Sacred Reich – Independent
0:19:16 Ensiferum – Iron [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:23:07 Turisas – Fields Of Gold [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:27:39 Mechanical Poet – Bogie In A Coal-Hole [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:35:15 Athelstan – Hero On The Hill
0:39:51 Mulch – Spawn Of The Deadlands
0:45:05 Celtachor – The Landing: Amergin’s Conquest

PART TWO (0:59:11)
0:00:40 Rhapsody – Emerald Sword [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:04:59 Bal-Sagoth – The Obsidian Crown Unbound [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:10:56 Kull – By Lucifer’s Crown (Lapis Exilis) [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:20:31 Sabaton – Back In Control
0:23:46 Pro-Pain – Make War Not Love (2011 version)
0:31:59 Iron Maiden – Gangland
0:35:46 Gogmagog – It’s Illegal, It’s Immoral, It’s Unhealthy, But It’s Fun
0:42:48 Clutch – Big News I
0:48:02 Mannhai – No Need To Follow
0:51:56 Arkhamin Kirjasto – Sleeping Beauty

PART THREE (1:13:45)
0:00:53 Faanefjell – Faanetrollets Vise
0:08:01 Grimner – Eldvärldens Härskare
0:13:43 Tervaskanto – Revontulien Maa
0:19:13 Tengwar – Marching South
0:25:36 Gama Bomb – Zombie Blood Nightmare [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:28:11 Skyforger – Raganas Lāsts [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:33:13 Slayer – Skeletons Of Society [Minecraft Spotlight]
0:40:29 Iron Maiden – The Trooper
0:44:39 Alestorm – I Am A Cider Drinker [Covered]
0:47:37 Quartz – Stoking Up The Fires Of Hell
0:54:59 Amorphis – Withered [Minecraft Spotlight]
1:00:42 Blaze – The Launch [Minecraft Spotlight]
1:03:34 Evil Scarecrow – March Of The Spider God [Minecraft Spotlight]

PART FOUR (0:49:16)
0:04:31 jaco1349 – Turrican II Main Theme [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:08:29 Aki Järvinen – The Desert Rocks [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:12:49 U-Tjube Shredsta – Skyrim Theme Tune [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:17:05 Powerglove – Power. Wisdom. Courage. [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:22:56 Megadeth – Grabbag [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:26:47 Iron Maiden – Phantom Of The Opera [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:38:53 Ereb Altor – Wizard

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXIV: Round Our Dragon Ship We Stand

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXXIV:
Round Our Dragon Ship We Stand

Original release date: 15th February 2013
Total length: 3:59:38 in 4 parts

Download link:!lTJyBQwb!9f0IRmZNwBplgeVA0A9Y3PdBGiVMbX4OWda-bV2xlTM

Truth be told, this show practically wrote itself – a bit of brainstorming on the boat to Lerwick, in which I had twelve hours that would otherwise involve sleeping or twiddling my thumbs waiting for the morning to arrive, gave me about two hours of the show and the rest fell into place easily. So, trying to cover every base that made Up Helly Aa what it was, there are parts of the show themed around fire, the north, Scotland, and sea voyages. You’ve all read the review, now this should be a fine soundtrack before the video diary hits YouTube.

As for the live intro to this show, the official Up Helly Aa website has full lyrics for The Up Helly Aa Song and The Galley Song. So now you can understand the 2011 Guizer Squadron (and much the same happened this year).

Roll their glory down the ages,
Sons of warriors and sages,
When the fight for freedom rages,
Be bold and strong as they!

You can also read my written review of the entire trip, and even watch what I recorded on my video camera at the time!
“Böd, Fire, (near) Death: the Official Up Helly Aa Tour Diary”: Part One / Part Two
“Adventures in Scotland”: Film One / Film Two

Yae wee shites!

PART ONE (0:49:15)
0:05:13 Nuclear Assault – Hang The Pope
0:05:56 Exhorder – Slaughter In The Vatican
0:12:20 Hiidenhauta – Häpeä
0:20:24 Falkenbach – …Where His Ravens Fly…
0:27:46 Suidakra – Dead Man’s Reel
0:32:01 Dvärg – Скала
0:38:51 Rebellion – The Uprising

PART TWO (1:11:45)
0:00:53 Einherjer – Far Far North
0:08:01 Ravenage – Northbound Part 1
0:14:23 Equilibrium – Nordheim
0:19:34 Nomans Land – Breath Of The North
0:26:12 Satyricon – Mother North
0:34:36 Enslaved – Immigrant Song (live) [Covered]
0:38:47 Entombed – Scottish Hell [Covered]
0:41:51 The Real McKenzies – Donald Where’s Yer Troosers [Covered]
0:45:19 Alestorm – Buckfast Powersmash
0:47:50 Maelstrom – Thrall Of The One
0:54:15 Achren – Blood Soaked Banner
0:58:29 Alba Gu Bràth – Dupplin Moor
1:03:21 Cnoc an Tursa – The Lion Of Scotland

PART THREE (1:07:57)
0:00:41 Immortal – Norden On Fire
0:06:52 Demonaz – Legends Of Fire And Ice
0:11:03 Windrider – Muspelheim
0:18:02 Skálmöld – Eldur
0:24:57 Manilla Road – Frost And Fire
0:30:58 Buried By The Last Tragedy – The Burning Ship
0:41:50 Ogen – Shattered Earth Volcano
0:45:53 Old – Empire In Flames
0:50:13 Old Forest – Long Man Of Wilmington
0:56:49 Old Corpse Road – The Crier Of Claiffe

PART FOUR (0:50:41)
0:02:20 Swordbearer – They Came By Wind And Sail [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:11:52 Thyrfing – Set Sail To Plunder [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:16:11 Bathory – Sea Wolf [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:21:34 Amon Amarth – North Sea Storm [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:26:27 Forefather – The Downfallen [Ogg-Casts Of The Past]
0:37:44 Moonsorrow – Back To North

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