The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXVIIIB: The Wyrd Way Out

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXVIIIB:
The Wyrd Way Out

Original release date: 27th February 2017
Total length: 1:19:19 in 1 part

Download link:!tTIDEaKQ!Sh_qpAIXQRoeIpXdboihH2cz4tdfGE8w6TYEaXrOBVI

It may have taken a month, but the episode of the Wyrd Ways Rock Show where I’ve formally handed in my notice has been released. For reasons of time constraints and a bit of tact, my final exit speech was removed and has resurfaced here.

I also felt the need to expand further on what has caused me to draw the conclusions I did, and why – though this does also involve me retracting a few of my words from Ogg-Casts 67 and 68. Carl did exactly that on the Wyrd Ways Rock Show blog (which caused a bit of confusion for my listeners back in January) so I thought I should do a bit of the same – but I do go off on a proper rant afterwards, you have been warned.

Fortunately, from that point onwards, I thought it best to turn this into a bonus show with actual musical content, which you’ll get about an hour of, even if it’s unlikely there’s anything you haven’t heard before.

0:02:54 – 0:09:53
The original exit speech, removed from Wyrd Ways Rock Show’s 26th February episode

0:12:26 – 0:24:45
A lengthier diatribe on the problems I’ve observed in the scene, and who’s behind them

0:25:35 The Hellacopters – (Gotta Get Some Action) Now!
0:28:44 The Wildhearts – Suckerpunch
0:33:51 Svartsot – Gravøllet
0:38:23 Finsterforst – Die Suche nach dem Licht
0:45:36 Dethklok – The Lost Vikings
0:50:46 Einherjer – Far Far North
0:57:53 Falkenbach – Eweroun
1:06:38 Baranduin – The Wanderer Of Time

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXVIII: A New Hope?

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXVIII:
A New Hope?

Original release date: 27th January 2017
Total length: 4:54:21 in 4 parts

Download link:!cGRHSATC!V30KokRUXH1SeB-rGFfw6o2dNSdgDFXM7p-1Nh2drnM

2016 was, all things considered, not my finest hour. It was the year “my people”, or at least those who I thought were my people, took leave of their senses and left me wondering where I stood – and, as some listeners to previous shows will recall, whether I should even remain standing on this planet at all. 2017 sees the launch of an improved model who will be confining the crazies back to the lunatic fringe where they belong – or at least, that’s the intention – and there’s one obvious visual signifier that this is where I may find… A New Hope. Whatever the score, I was never going to miss the January Ogg-Cast, having made one since 2010, before the regular monthly shows were even considered. And to that end I’ll be looking back at the years ending in the same digit; what were we listening to, ten, twenty, thirty and forty years ago?

As before, for your delectation and delight, and ease of listening, I’ve split the show into sub-80-minute parts. There were supposed to be three; this expanded to four because I realised I couldn’t fit it all into that time. Plus, this might be the only Ogg-Cast I make in the entire year, so I figured a bit extra wouldn’t hurt.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Part One contains “State Of The Jim Address II” that can be found on the Hammer of Retribution website’s hidden section, the Orchard Of Lamentations.
Here’s the direct link:

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: This Lamentation contains references to a Wyrd Ways Rock Show blog post which I referred to as “the event horizon”. It was based on the original words in the post, which Carl has now edited down when he realised he’d been too hasty writing them in the first place. AND MUCH LATER ADDENDUM: …this post, and every other one before it, disappeared from the Wyrd Ways Rock Show website when it morphed into something else, do don’t go looking for it!

PART ONE (1:18:01)
0:11:22 Sex Pistols – Seventeen [Spotlight: 1977]
0:14:13 Rush – A Farewell To Kings [Spotlight: 1977]
0:20:04 AC/DC – Let There Be Rock [Spotlight: 1977]
0:27:27 Motörhead – Iron Horse / Born To Lose [Spotlight: 1977]
0:32:45 Judas Priest – Dissident Aggressor [Spotlight: 1977]
0:35:42 Quartz – Devil’s Brew [Spotlight: 1977]
0:43:14 Running Wild – Under Jolly Roger [Spotlight: 1987]
0:49:12 Testament – Over The Wall [Spotlight: 1987]
0:53:18 Anthrax – Among The Living [Spotlight: 1987]
0:58:33 Kreator – Terrible Certainty [Spotlight: 1987]
1:04:47 Celtic Frost – Sorrows Of The Moon [Spotlight: 1987]
1:07:49 Sepultura – Escape To The Void [Spotlight: 1987]
1:12:28 Death – Denial Of Life [Spotlight: 1987]

PART TWO (1:06:53)
0:01:17 Summoning – Over Old Hills [Spotlight: 1997]
0:10:12 Arcturus – The Chaos Path [Spotlight: 1997]
0:17:20 Entombed – To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth [Spotlight: 1997]
0:20:30 In Flames – Gyroscope [Spotlight: 1997]
0:25:13 Devin Townsend – Seventh Wave [Spotlight: 1997]
0:31:46 Paradise Lost – The Suferer [Spotlight: 1997]
0:38:02 Orange Goblin – The Astral Project (Class A) [Spotlight: 1997]
0:44:49 Electric Wizard – Wizard In Black [Spotlight: 1997]
0:54:31 Grimner – Eldhjärta
0:59:33 SIG:AR:TYR – Vinland

PART THREE (1:11:59)
0:00:33 Iron Maiden – Moonchild
0:06:11 Daemon – Greed
0:09:18 Morbid Saint – Lock Up Your Children
0:16:38 Pentagram – Broken Vows [Tunes of Yore]
0:22:11 Emperor – Ye Entrancemperium [Tunes of Yore]
0:28:10 Skuggsjá – Skuggsjá [Tunes of Yore]
0:36:09 Walknut – Come, Dreadful Ygg [Tunes of Yore]
0:48:00 Winterfylleth – Green Cathedral [Tunes of Yore]
1:03:03 Caladan Brood – Farewell [Covered]

PART FOUR (1:17:28)
0:03:17 Primordial – As Rome Burns [Spotlight: 2007]
0:12:33 Amorphis – Weaving The Incantation [Spotlight: 2007]
0:17:28 Menhir – Weit In Der Ferne [Spotlight: 2007]
0:26:50 Ensiferum – Blood Is The Price Of Glory [Spotlight: 2007]
0:32:07 Turisas – A Portage To The Unknown [Spotlight: 2007]
0:36:56 Rebellion – Kiew [Spotlight: 2007]
0:43:21 Korpiklaani – Tervaskanto [Spotlight: 2007]
0:47:14 Finntroll – En Mäktig Här [Spotlight: 2007]
0:51:32 Månegarm – Vedergällningens Tid [Spotlight: 2007]
1:02:14 Moonsorrow – Ruttolehto including Päivättömän Päivän Kansa

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXVII: Heathen Tales And Northern Hails

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXVII:
Heathen Tales And Northern Hails

Original release date: 23rd September 2016
Total length: 3:54:18 in 3 parts

Download link:!FCRD1KZZ!GhoazbuyiIEAuZGe83dw6t7xbHO2cRYo8GtWBXbA2Cw

Some time during the course of the second day of the recent Warhorns Festival in Selby, I thought of the marvellous time I was having, and how there were absent friends who weren’t sharing in it, whatever the reason was for their absence. So there was only one thing I could do: resurrect the Ogg-Cast, and include every band from the main stage. Crank up the heating and the humidity, drink plenty of mead and Warhorns Warrior’s Ale, and play this loud to recreate the experience.

This is also the first Ogg-Cast ever split into sub-80-minute bitesize parts, which was the majority opinion when I asked what I should do.
(NOTE: this means that, technically, it didn’t need the reissue treatment – but seeing as I only brought in the standard header with these reissues when Ogg-Cast 71 was already in the can, I figured it was best to add it to episodes 67-71 to keep it consistent.)

In Part One, all the action from the Friday; in Part Two, Lennard brings us a new Tunes Of Yore, plus half the Saturday bands and an acoustic interlude; in part three, the rest of the bands on Saturday, a somewhat lengthy update on the state of your host, and a suitable Grand Finale!

ADDENDUM: “State Of The Jim Address” from towards the end of Part Four can also be found on the Hammer of Retribution website’s hidden section, the Orchard Of Lamentations.
Here’s the direct link:

PART ONE (1:15:33)
0:04:55 The Wolves of Avalon – The War Song of Beli Mawr
0:11:24 Hærken – The Eve of Bealltain
0:19:26 Atorc – The Tavern Song
0:24:23 Sellsword – Merchants of Menace
0:32:32 Aloeswood – Nostalgia
0:40:31 Tor Marrock – The Waves
0:46:31 Dark Legacy – Purgatorium
0:50:23 Dothbogria – Blut und Met
0:54:13 Mekkwarrior – Black Piss
1:00:59 Countless Skies – Wanderer
1:07:58 Whispered – Strike!

PART TWO (1:19:05)
0:02:34 Annwn – Mountain’s Sunrise [Tunes of Yore]
0:09:43 K.I.Z. – Der durch die Scheibeboxxxer [Tunes of Yore]
0:14:19 Enisum – Mountain’s Spirit [Tunes of Yore]
0:21:40 Rome – Celine in Jerusalem [Tunes of Yore]
0:31:46 Daemona – The Demon Inside
0:35:43 Sathamel – Abaddon
0:42:06 Stonebearer – Huuto [Covered]
0:57:57 Isarnos – Sirona
1:03:02 Scutum Crux – Invocation of Powers
1:09:09 Valafar – Death From Within
1:12:36 Stahlsarg – Frostbite Division

PART THREE (1:19:40)
0:00:57 Celtachor – Uaithne: The Dagda’s Harp
0:08:28 De Profundis – Nocturnal Splendour
0:16:40 Scarab – Serpents of the Nile
0:24:15 Saor – The Awakening
0:34:18 Solstice – The Sleeping Tyrant
0:47:26 Månegarm – Hemfärd
1:07:48 Old Corpse Road – Pendle (Daughters of the Black Moon)

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXVI: …And So Departs The Wanderer

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXVI:
…And So Departs The Wanderer

Original release date: 27th April 2016
Total length: 7:52:15 in 7 parts

Download link:!JPwDzIIB!bVARK3RNCRDvwSTJihhEuKcwP9OK3WhTQOnooVR-LI8

Näin kaikki päättyy, näen sen nyt; tämä sivu on viimeinen… or, in English, this is how it ends, I can see it now; this page will be the last. This is the final episode of Series Two of The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast, and there is a very real possibility that it will not return.

But I will not be going gently into that dark night that is full of terrors. For what I leave my loyal listeners with is a double-length show, well over seven hours, that aims to be the ultimate definition of Epic Heathen Metal, with all the bands you’d expect to hear in such a compilation. One band has been given more than one slot, because this doubles as a celebration of Moonsorrow’s seventh album, Jumalten Aika – five years in the making and no worse off for it.

There’s no getting away from it, though – a lot has to change in my life and that of those around me before I will even think of returning, and as with the last time I walked away from the podcasting world, I’ve ended with a 13-minute diatribe that should explain everything, which will go unheard by everyone who needs to hear it.
LATER EDIT: …but it may not necessarily go unread. That 13-minute diatribe is available in text form at the Hammer of Retribution website’s hidden section, the Orchard Of Lamentations.
Here’s the direct link:

Let this show stand for longer than normal as a stone of remembrance to the quality of the bands I picked and the effort I put in monthly for only a handful of witnesses, and to remind those who missed out: you never know how good what you’ve got is, until you haven’t got it any more.

And so departs the wanderer…

PART ONE (1:19:51)
0:01:33 Týr – Hail To The Hammer
0:06:47 Ensiferum – Wanderer
0:16:00 Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika [Spotlight]
0:28:37 Bathory – Shores In Flames
0:41:28 Wodensthrone – First Light
0:51:09 Forefather – Miri It Is
0:59:33 Old Corpse Road – The Whispers Of Long Meg Through The Solstice (live)
1:07:25 Nokturnal Mortum – В кайданах часу

PART TWO (0:59:10)
0:01:12 The Wolves Of Avalon – The Voice Of Steel [Covered]
0:09:54 Moonsorrow – Non Serviam [Covered / Spotlight]
0:17:11 Thyrfng – Mjöllner
0:22:40 Bucovina – Veacul Ruinei
0:28:55 Månegarm – Vredens Tid
0:34:30 Falkenbach – Hávamál
0:42:41 Enslaved – Ethica Odini
0:50:38 Primordial – Wield Lightning To Split The Sun

PART THREE (1:12:33)
0:00:47 XIV Dark Centuries – Runibergun
0:04:45 Menhir – Das Alte Lied Des Windes
0:11:03 Finsterforst – Ein Lichtschein
0:27:18 Odroerir – Menosgada
0:34:53 Tumulus – Wodans Jagd (demo version) [Tunes Of Yore]
0:41:01 Aiumeen Basoa – Kantauriko Trabain Erruak [Tunes Of Yore]
0:52:40 Horn – Landscapes On Hold [Tunes Of Yore]
1:01:37 Isen Torr – Mighty & Superior [Tunes Of Yore]

PART FOUR (1:02:45)
0:00:39 Baranduin – A Warrior’s Death
0:06:44 Galar – Bøkens Hymne
0:16:11 Árstíðir Lífsins – Blóð-Þorsteinn eystri
0:33:19 The Lancashire Hotpots – You Could Get Hit By A Bus Tomorrow
0:37:56 Moonsorrow – Jumalten Kaupunki including Tuhatvuotinen Perintöl [Spotlight]
0:48:35 Whispered – Lady Of The Wind
0:55:18 Ereb Altor – Across The Giant’s Blood

PART FIVE (1:06:58)
0:01:46 Countless Skies – Ethereal [Daemon Codex]
0:09:00 Divine Solace – Beyond The Stars [Daemon Codex]
0:18:58 Appalachian Winter – Come Together And Build The Heavens
0:26:07 Xanthochroid – To Higher Climes Where Few Might Stand
0:37:24 Swordbearer – They Came By Wind And Sail
0:46:54 Gallowbraid – Stone Of Remembrance
0:57:11 Wilderun – The Garden Of Fire

PART SIX (1:01:05)
0:00:32 Ifng – The Stream
0:13:37 Caladan Brood – To Walk The Ashes Of Dead Empires
0:30:45 Death In June – Hollows Of Devotion [Tunes Of Yore]
0:35:30 Eternum – Arisen From Ruin (Ode To A Devouring War) [Tunes Of Yore]

PART SEVEN (1:09:53)
0:02:54 Ne Obliviscaris – As Icicles Fall
0:12:15 Summoning – Over Old Hills
0:23:22 Moonsorrow – Ihmisen Aika (Kumarrus Pimeyteen) [Spotlight]
0:38:21 At The Gates – The Flames Of The End
0:54:46 Moonsorrow – Kuolleiden Maa (2015 Remix) [Spotlight]

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXV: Flight Of The Angel

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXV:
Flight Of The Angel

Original release date: 29th February 2016
Total length: 4:12:25 in 4 parts

Download link:!wKQx1I6Y!5WL0uwENUa_aqtDPEbot3h6OYhnR2vnV42DL39ncyY0

26th June, 2001: it was the day I first walked through the doors of the Old Angel, before I’d even moved to Nottingham.
26th February, 2016: the day I left for the last time, due to its imminent refurbishment and catastrophic loss of gig-holding room.

Obviously I couldn’t let this occasion go unmarked. Today is not just that day that only occurs once every four years, it’s the last day that the Old Angel is officially open for business the way I’ve always known it for the last fifteen years. It was a venue that brought me to Nottingham twice before I’d even moved here, and despite its ups and many, many downs, it’s always been there for me. No more. I’ve twinned the theme of the show with that of the memorable date that we won’t see again until 2020, and if you’re wondering how I managed to crowbar that in, then you’ll have to listen and find out, won’t you?

The next show is the last in the current series, and will be a time-no-object behemoth; that way I can get some much-needed downtime before the festival edition in (probably) late August or early September. Because I’ll have things to do with Hammer Of Retribution Productions, I’ll at least keep the website at going, as there’s more than just Ogg-Cast stuff there these days.

MUCH LATER NOTE: the new owners of The Angel Microbrewery – as it became known – relented on converting the venue upstairs into flats, and it continued to host gigs after its refurbishment and rebranding. The sound of loud cheering at this development – that was unknown at the time of release of this episode – even managed to drown out the howls of derision from those who were straining at the leash to brand the would-be tenants of the flats as “rich cunts”. it’s those little victories…

PART ONE (0:57:46)
0:02:06 Finsterforst – Schicksals End’
0:19:10 Clutch – Brazenhead [Old Angel Spotlight]
0:25:31 Karma To Burn – Nineteen [Old Angel Spotlight]
0:29:31 Sixty Watt Shaman – Blind By Morning [Old Angel Spotlight]
0:35:47 Ereb Altor – Twilight Of The Gods [Covered]
0:43:16 Borknagar – The Rhymes Of The Mountain
0:49:55 Grimner – Eldhjärta

PART TWO (1:08:12)
0:01:15 Beyond Twilight – Ecstasy Arise [Leap Year Spotlight]
0:07:51 Tempus Edax Rerum – Entidade Antiga [Leap Year Spotlight]
0:15:11 Blood Ceremony – Goodbye Gemini [Leap Year Spotlight]
0:19:30 Ambroz – The Path Of Sins [Leap Year Spotlight]
0:31:24 Sick Of It All – Call To Arms
0:33:04 Týr – Shadow Of The Swastika
0:43:59 Alda – The Clearcut [Tunes Of Yore]
0:59:25 Kauan – Khot [Tunes Of Yore]

PART THREE (1:02:52)
0:01:19 Batushka – Ектения III: Премудрость [Tunes Of Yore]
0:06:23 Trollband – Wither [Tunes Of Yore]
0:11:10 Annwn – Mountain’s Farewell [Tunes Of Yore / Old Angel Spotlight]
0:19:21 Old Corpse Road – Hell’s Kettles [Old Angel Spotlight]
0:27:14 Cnoc An Tursa – Culloden Moor [Old Angel Spotlight]
0:31:14 Ravenage – Ravenser [Old Angel Spotlight]
0:43:20 The Wolves Of Avalon – Cold As Mouldering Clay
0:50:07 Nokturnal Mortum – Голос сталі

PART FOUR (1:03:35)
0:00:32 Bucovina – Cărări în Sufet
0:05:00 Waves Of Amphitrite – A Great Divide
0:16:47 Dismember – Override Of The Overture [Leap Year Spotlight]
0:22:01 Entombed – Drowned [Leap Year Spotlight]
0:25:58 Amorphis – The Castaway [Leap Year Spotlight]
0:33:41 Down In One – Lost Demons [Liber Oscura]
0:38:49 Ten Days Later – The Wizard [Liber Oscura]
0:53:24 Northern Oak – Ellan Vannin

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXIV: Indestructible

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXIV:

Original release date: 15th January 2016
Total length: 3:35:13 in 3 parts

Download link:!AOBmTY6a!hqopfzk3BIAiyi_jI3KVvllSH4ISbiYypaE63xZ2gmk

“The next eight tracks are some of my favourites from the Motörhead back catalogue. All right, they will not be some people’s favourites, some people’s favourites might be missing, but… in the spirit of Lemmy himself, this is my tribute, if you want to your own tribute, get off your arse and do it.”
– Carl Pickles, Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCCXXIV

It’s not as if I needed to be told.

The day that none of us could ever quite believe would arrive, did arrive on 28th December 2015 – as Ian Fraser Kilmister, known to us as Lemmy, was finally granted his wish to be “easy” when he was… killed by death.

Motörhead left behind a legacy of 22 albums, so a decent chunk of this show has been handed over to paying a suitable tribute to the metal titan who just barely scraped past his 70th birthday but never had a chance to play a gig at that age. My contribution plus what Lennard added in Tunes Of Yore totals eight Motörhead originals, two cover versions and two Hawkwind tracks from when Lemmy was still their bassist. Hopefully between the two of us there’s a suitable tribute that would do the great man justice.

Elsewhere, because it’s January, it’s time for the annual review of years ending in the same digit; the death toll elsewhere is really starting to bite as, apart from Judas Priest and Rush, every band featured as part of the reviews of 1976 and 1986 all have at least one member or ex-member dead. As for 1996, which I thought was going to be a very tricky year to bring out the best of, it seems there’s more than I thought out there that was worth showcasing… and 2006 was relatively straightforward.

Further worse news than the demise of the great man with two huge warts on his face comes as I’ve decided to bring Ogg-Cast Series Two to a halt in April – I need a few months off and there’ll only be one show between now and then on February 29th, though what I have planned for April will ensure the series goes out with a big bang… ready for the grand return in August. The website at will remain active after all the work I did to update it recently, and as it also houses Hammer Of Retribution Productions, it would make a lot more sense to concentrate on that side of it for a while.

PART ONE (1:09:54)
0:01:10 Motörhead – Killed By Death [Lemmy Tribute]
0:07:46 Hawkwind – Silver Machine [Lemmy Tribute]
0:12:11 Motörhead – Iron Horse / Born To Lose [Lemmy Tribute]
0:17:38 Thin Lizzy – Massacre [Spotlight: 1976]
0:20:37 Rush – A Passage To Bangkok [Spotlight: 1976]
0:24:08 Judas Priest – Island Of Domination [Spotlight: 1976]
0:32:06 Rainbow – Stargazer [Spotlight: 1976]
0:41:25 Motörhead – Dancing On Your Grave [Lemmy Tribute]
0:45:50 Motörhead – Over The Top [Lemmy Tribute]
0:52:16 Vae Solis – The Middle Finger Of Reality [Liber Oscura]
0:59:39 Gore – Pyropractor [Liber Oscura]
1:03:32 News Corpse – Here Lies The Sun [Liber Oscura]

PART TWO (1:06:35)
0:00:31 Slayer – Angel Of Death [Spotlight: 1986]
0:05:21 Megadeth – Wake Up Dead [Spotlight: 1986]
0:08:58 Iron Maiden – Sea Of Madness [Spotlight: 1986]
0:14:38 Metallica – Damage Inc. [Spotlight: 1986]
0:22:50 Motörhead – Doctor Rock [Lemmy Tribute / Spotlight: 1986]
0:27:36 Arch Enemy – Transmigration Macabre [Spotlight: 1996]
0:31:44 Amorphis – Against Widows [Spotlight: 1996]
0:35:46 Bathory – The Lake [Spotlight: 1996]
0:42:25 Falkenbach – …Into The Ardent Awaited Land… [Spotlight: 1996]
0:53:24 Metallica – Too Late, Too Late [Covered / Lemmy Tribute]
0:56:35 Helloween – Space Oddity [Covered]
1:01:23 Destruction – (We Are) The Road Crew [Covered / Lemmy Tribute]

PART THREE (1:18:44)
0:02:37 Hawkwind – Motorhead [Tunes Of Yore / Lemmy Tribute]
0:06:10 Motörhead – Orgasmatron [Tunes Of Yore / Lemmy Tribute / Spotlight: 1986]
0:12:14 Motörhead – 1916 [Tunes Of Yore / Lemmy Tribute]
0:16:56 Burzum – Beholding The Daughters Of The Firmament [Tunes Of Yore / Spotlight: 1996]
0:25:40 Summoning – Across The Streaming Tide [Tunes Of Yore / Spotlight: 2006]
0:38:19 Amon Amarth – Asator [Spotlight: 2006]
0:41:21 I – The Storm I Ride [Spotlight: 2006]
0:44:45 Týr – Torsteins Kvæði [Spotlight: 2006]
0:49:39 Dark Forest (Canada) – Northstar [Spotlight: 2006]
1:01:16 Motörhead – We Are Motörhead [Lemmy Tribute]
1:07:38 Baranduin – The Wanderer Of Time

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXIII: A Feast Of The Beast – A Celebration Of 40 Years Of Iron Maiden

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast LXIII:
A Feast Of The Beast – A Celebration Of 40 Years Of Iron Maiden

Original release date: 15th December 2015
Total length: 5:12:50 in 5 parts

Download link:!tTQTAALJ!pjo7Rk0rwJg4BY78iYx6ljWQ-n_EsIwyRrVNjeWHi6o

You are all cordially invited to a massive celebration at Hammer Of Retribution Towers’ temporary home the Cart & Horses, Stratford, hosted by Mr P.B. Dickinson, Mr S.P. Harris, Mr D.M. Murray, Mr A.F. Smith, Mr J.R. Gers, Mr M.H. McBrain, and Mr E. Head where there will be full English breakfasts, in-flight ready meals, jellied eels, pie and mash, many crates of Ruddles, and a birthday cake with 40 candles on it. Also invited and possibly present will be Mr D.G. Sampson, Mr P. Andrews (if he isn’t in prison), Mr D.W. Stratton and Mr B.A. Cooke. Donations will be accepted in memory of Mr C.R. Burr to any Multiple Sclerosis charity.

The reason for this celebration should be obvious. In a mere ten days from now, as the rest of the country scoffs turkey and stuffing, pulls crackers and watches Her Madge tell us about the corgis’ latest trip to the vet, Iron Maiden will be celebrating 40 years as a band. Or, at least, 40 years since the aforementioned Steve Harris got together with a few of his mates, picked up his bass and started to twang the intro of Innocent Exile.

This Ogg-Cast will take in the entire history of Iron Maiden. 21 tracks of theirs include one from each of their 16 albums, one ancient demo and four B-sides, which will be interspersed with some of the bands their members were in both before and after their stint on board the tour bus with Eddie, some solo and side projects on top of that – and a handful of guest bands who were contemporaries of Iron Maiden and whose histories are somewhat interwoven. All in all, I’ve gone out of my way to leave no stone unturned, although if I’d included absolutely every outside band I could ever have thought of, the show would have gone through the six-hour mark and I’ve used as much space on the Podomatic server as I had! As it stands, the total is just over five hours, and a band of the calibre of Iron Maiden deserve no less. If that doesn’t float your boat (or launch your plane, as we might say here), why are you even here?

And yes, I know there have been a few lowlights – so to mark out the baseline for what they did even on an off-day, don’t forget to listen first to the predecessor compilation, Rusty Hag: The Very Worst Of Iron Maiden (which is not an official Ogg-Cast). Then some of the references in this show will make more sense!


PART ONE (1:07:59)
0:03:23 Clutch – Noble Savage
0:08:47 Iron Maiden – Invasion [1979: The Soundhouse Tapes]
0:11:55 Iron Maiden – Phantom Of The Opera [1980: Iron Maiden]
0:19:00 Iron Maiden – Drifter [1981: Killers]
0:27:06 Killers – Impaler
0:31:06 The Original Iron Men – Death Of Me
0:35:38 Urchin – She’s A Roller
0:42:49 Iron Maiden – Burning Ambition [B-sides Spotlight]
0:46:50 Samson – Thunderburst
0:48:54 Samson – Hammerhead
0:52:28 Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name [1982: The Number Of The Beast]
0:59:37 Trust – The Savage

PART TWO (1:08:42)
0:02:54 Headless Cross – Circle Of Madness [Liber Oscura]
0:08:51 Iron Maiden – Die With Your Boots On [1983: Piece Of Mind]
0:14:16 Iron Maiden – 2 Minutes To Midnight [1984: Powerslave]
0:23:02 Iron Maiden – Alexander The Great [1986: Somewhere In Time]
0:31:35 Iron Maiden – The Clairvoyant [1988: Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son]
0:40:51 Iron Maiden – Sheriff Of Huddersfield [B-sides Spotlight]
0:44:22 Iron Maiden – Massacre [B-sides Spotlight / Covered]
0:51:01 ASAP – You Could Be A King
0:54:36 White Spirit – Midnight Chaser
0:59:50 Psycho Motel – Psycho Motel

PART THREE (1:12:52)
0:01:03 Motörhead – No Voices In The Sky
0:07:43 Iron Maiden – Tailgunner [1990: No Prayer For The Dying]
0:11:55 Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark [1992: Fear Of The Dark]
0:23:45 Bruce Dickinson – The Tower
0:28:28 Wolfsbane – Paint The Town Red
0:35:51 Iron Maiden – Sign Of The Cross [1995: The X Factor]
0:47:01 Iron Maiden – The Clansman [1998: Virtual XI]
1:01:36 Iron Maiden – I Live My Way [B-sides Spotlight]
1:05:21 Blaze – Ghost In The Machine

PART FOUR (1:02:01)
0:01:54 Accept – Metal Heart [Tunes Of Yore]
0:07:43 Running Wild – Port Royal [Tunes Of Yore]
0:12:13 Warlock – Burning The Witches [Tunes Of Yore]
0:18:11 Judas Priest – Running Wild
0:22:50 Iron Maiden – Out Of The Silent Planet [2000: Brave New World]
0:29:16 Iron Maiden – Rainmaker [2003: Dance Of Death]
0:37:51 Iron Maiden – For The Greater Good Of God [2006: A Matter Of Life And Death]
0:47:13 Iron Maiden – When The Wild Wind Blows [2010: The Final Frontier]

PART FIVE (0:41:16)
0:00:36 Steve Harris – Karma Killer
0:05:59 Lauren Harris – Steal Your Fire
0:10:29 Rise To Remain – Over And Over
0:23:16 Iron Maiden – Empire Of The Clouds [2015: The Book Of Souls]

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