The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXB: The End Of Year Brucie Bonus

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XXB:
The End Of Year Brucie Bonus

Original release date: 30th December 2011
Total length: 1:41:12 in 2 parts

Download link:!MWpE3BIB!FDQiv27mSaphdRUhgr-wZ4jdRNgh3vU8GwqpW9rJMeA

Once upon a time, an old man called Bruce went to a palace, where an equally old woman put a sword on his shoulder. When offered “cake or death?”, Bruce chose cake. But he had to bring something in return, and that he did. It was a three-hour podcast from Nottingham loaded with loud heavy metal. The old woman with a sword heard that it was good. She gave Bruce his cake, allowed him to call himself “Sir Bruce” from that day on, and thrust her sword into the air, charging around, singing “Into battle one rides, with gods by one’s side, one is strong and not afraid to die!” Her son groaned, knowing it would be another 60 years before he could possibly get himself on the throne, and muttered something about organic farming.
This is the second Brucie Bonus edition (after the one in February that you may remember), in which the last 12 months of this show are reviewed in a slightly different way to what you all might be expecting; I’ve compiled the top ten highlights of everything I heard for the first time this year. So, not necessarily completely new-for-2011 tracks or albums, but if I was made aware of it this year and it made me sit up and take notice, expect to hear it in this show. Also, aren’t there two brothers who like to spin yarns of Anglo-Saxon triumphs in days of yore who have made a new album recently?
Finally, with the recent and tragic death of David Gold barely two days after I’d made this show before disappearing from internet-land for a while, I will give him the posthumous honour of opening the first Ogg-Cast of 2012. He will not be forgotten.

PART ONE (0:50:20)
0:02:20 Forefather – Last Of The Line
0:08:48 Ayreon – Ride The Comet
0:14:19 Turisas – The Great Escape
0:20:38 Vallenfyre – Cathedrals Of Dread
0:26:01 Andras – Miasma Track
0:33:19 Skálmöld – Kvaðning
0:43:36 Procession – Like A Plague Upon The Earth

PART TWO (0:50:52)
0:02:01 Borknagar – Colossus
0:08:29 Falkenbach – …Where His Ravens Fly…
0:18:17 Bucovina – Mestecăniș
0:25:52 Forefather – The Downfallen
0:34:54 Moonsorrow – Huuto

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XX: If This Isn’t Hell, It’s The Next Best Thing…

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XX:
If This Isn’t Hell, It’s The Next Best Thing…

Original release date: 15th December 2011
Total length: 3:08:43 in 3 parts

Download link:!5XhD2TyI!1lzVu42cjLxKDiF8laIeDQVUxoi8VXfwR2CNb-YGQgQ

So, December, then. You know what it’s going to be like; the pressure’s on. Make that day that is ten days from now something special, spend money you don’t have on presents that the recipients don’t particularly want, and if you’ve got a Significant Other then the onus to Get It Right Or Else is even higher. You’ll drink too much, you’ll eat too much, you’ll be violently sick, and all this because you’re told You Have To. Humbug, I say, and so some of the content of this show reflects that, particularly an extremely rude track I’ve stuck in right at the front. Instead, forget the retail hell of the end of the month and dive straight into some quality metal. Some of it has been asked for by my most loyal listeners, so you can all see what they like. Some of it has been derived from a few nights out I’ve had this month and earlier. And then there are other bits whose origins are absolutely indescribable. By the way, I tried to keep this one rant-free… but, as ever, there’s always going to be something to mouth off about.
This show sees the exit of Shut It!, a regular feature I’ve been doing since I morphed this show into not just a straight cover version of the Wyrd Ways Rock Show within ten days of its inception – and it goes out with a bang. In January, there will be a new regular feature, which I’m going to keep the announcement of in the show itself.

PART ONE (1:01:03)
0:00:29 Kevin Bloody Wilson – Ho Ho Fucking Ho
0:05:20 Orange Goblin – Cities Of Frost
0:10:55 Clutch – You Can’t Stop Progress
0:13:35 Sleep – Aquarian
0:20:17 Bill Bailey – Leg Of Time (Metal Version)
0:24:24 Rush – Tom Sawyer
0:28:57 Spires – Broken Hourglass
0:44:00 Centurions Ghost – Requiem For A Haunted Heart
0:50:12 Crowbar – The Lasting Dose
0:54:22 Death – Zombie Ritual

PART TWO (0:59:49)
0:00:53 Grand Magus – I Am The North
0:05:58 Cathedral – Grim Luxuria [Hidden Gems]
0:13:01 Machine Head – Alan’s On Fire [Covered]
0:16:58 Alestorm – You Are A Pirate [Covered]
0:20:50 Equilibrium – Mana [Shut It!]
0:39:25 Ensiferum – Wanderer
0:45:55 Ravenage – Northbound (Part 1)
0:52:17 Skiltron – The Beheading

PART THREE (1:07:51)
0:01:04 Sanhedrin – Salvation Through Sin
0:03:53 Vespers Descent – Plains Of Azure Light
0:08:48 Arckanum – Þursvitnir
0:14:37 Emperor – Beyond The Great Vast Forest
0:24:29 Oakenshield – Earl Thorfinn
0:30:57 Aloeswood – Farewell
0:38:31 Æþelruna – On Modhranite
0:44:21 Forefather – Fifeldor
0:57:13 Bongzilla – Grim Reefer

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XIX: A Chiptune On Your Shoulder

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XIX:
A Chiptune On Your Shoulder

Original release date: 15th November 2011
Total length: 3:06:33 in 3 parts

Download link:!AHIz2LwI!Ew-vvWOpuBPKKOR7HVk9D4iQFSZfhdyECQ0aPPebsWQ

That’s right, it’s that time of the month again, quite literally, Hammertime. But never mind a baggy-trousered Mr Motivator lookalike, this show is all about metal. Isn’t it? This month, there’s a slight deviation into the murky world of chiptunes. Whether it’s from the old 8-bits or something slightly more modern (no XBox 360s for me, if you don’t mind), I’ve always had an admiration for computer & video game music, and I thought I’d compile a few of the highlights in this show. Before you all run away screaming, though, bear in mind that the link between this and metal is never forgotten, even when I do present something that is completely electronically produced!
I’ve been busy editing my Iceland videos, so I’ve been a bad boy and cut corners – in that I’ve used a few offcuts from last month to bring this one up to a proper length, but then, they were all of fine quality, so you lose nothing! There’s a review of a band that I continue to be annoyed at the lack of respect shown to them for what they do and do very well, a taster of Nottingham’s finally relaunched Violated club night, a second contribution from the collection of the esteemed Anthony Lovatt, and a very special tribute to another departed friend.
But probably best of the lot is that it’s competition time again. I have spare copies of Nothgard’s Warhorns Of Midgard album and Celtachor’s In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers demo, high quality releases both. How’d you like to win those? Listen to the show for details on how to enter, and if you’re lucky when I make the draw in early December, Yule will come early for you. (NOTE: needless to say, this competition closed in December 2011.)

PART ONE (0:59:05)
0:03:10 Suicidal Tendencies – You Can’t Bring Me Down
0:08:53 Anthrax – I Am The Law
0:14:46 Bolt Thrower – …For Victory
0:21:46 Celtachor – The Wavesweeper
0:28:22 Ravenage – Triumph In The Trees
0:32:57 Nothgard – Under The Serpent Sign
0:39:54 Powerglove – Omnishred (We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Sword) [Spotlight / Shut It!]
0:44:05 Sunride – Hey Boy (You Don’t Make A Man)
0:47:24 Monster Magnet – Unbroken (Hotel Baby)
0:51:07 Sir Hedgehog – Magic Garden

PART TWO (0:56:53)
0:01:14 Ensiferum – Lady In Black [Covered]
0:07:29 Turisas – Take The Day!
0:12:49 Nerthus – Battle Song
0:18:25 Skálmöld – Valhöll
0:26:22 Chris Hülsbeck – Bionic Action [Spotlight / Shut It!]
0:33:25 In Dying Grace – Divine Darkness
0:37:09 Sirius – Sidereal Mirror
0:43:25 Sanhedrin – The Holy Sons Part I: In The Garden Of Gethsemane
0:51:24 The Black Mages – Battle Scene [Spotlight / Shut It!]

PART THREE (1:10:35)
0:01:51 Vallenfyre – Cathedrals Of Dread
0:05:44 Enslaved – Ethica Odini
0:13:42 Testament – Electric Crown [Hidden Gems]
0:22:21 Machinae Supremacy – The Great Giana Sisters [Spotlight / Shut It!]
0:27:35 Thyrfing – Set Sail To Plunder
0:31:54 Primal Fear – Nuclear Fire
0:36:16 Thy Serpent – So Free Are The Wolves
0:44:01 Medulla Nocte – All Our Friends Are Dead (7″ version)
0:47:22 Callenish Circle – Forsaken
0:52:17 The Blood Divine – Aureole
1:03:39 Falkenbach – Hávamál

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XVIII: Doom Over The World

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XVIII:
Doom Over The World

Original release date: 15th October 2011
Total length: 3:19:01 in 3 parts

Download link:!QKRhWCxD!yxga_CbMi8morI7MXUZAQ2yzA6qT1fBnKKKZpkXPSLk

Ever wondered what a 45 rpm record played at 33 rpm sounds like? Wonder no longer.
Already in the “cover art” you’ll have noticed the screenshot from Hexen and the use of CodexSSK for the text. That’s right, in a definite “back to the origins” type show, the Hammer Of Retribution is going old-school, with about half the content of the show paying tribute to those pioneering days of the 1970s, in the way they sound and – some of them – in the way they look. Other parts of the show have been more influenced by some of the veritable banquet of gigs I’ve been to recently, and a fair bit of it would fit into both categories. Also, as an extra bonus, I’ll be treating you all to two Hidden Gems instead of just one, and I’ll be introducing you all to a band from Finland that – except for one brief burst on a previous show – you’ll never have heard of, in a Wyrd Ways Rock Show-style Spotlight.
I also have to remind you that Faceache are getting shot of their Discussion Boards, so if you want the track listing for each show, you’ll have to go to and look on the Archive page, where the track listings will now be housed. Up yours, Faceache, for screwing up even further. (NOTE: in 2018, this sentiment still very much stands.)

PART ONE (1:03:44)
0:02:08 Reverend Bizarre – Doom Over The World
0:09:20 Slaprocket – Holy Mother Sunshine
0:13:57 The Hundred Handed – The Charge!
0:21:10 Old Corpse Road – Hob Headless Rises
0:29:49 Alba Gu Bràth – Dupplin Moor
0:34:42 Cnoc an Tursa – Bannockburn
0:42:30 MonsterSpank – Lazer Shot’Un [Spotlight]
0:45:55 Black Sabbath – All Moving Parts (Stand Still) [Hidden Gems]
0:50:52 Judas Priest – Steeler [Hidden Gems]
1:00:28 Napalm Death – You Suffer
1:00:48 MonsterSpank – Give Me A Tank [Spotlight]

PART TWO (1:06:42)
0:01:39 Sabbat – Blood For The Blood God
0:08:51 Bruce Dickinson – Accident Of Birth
0:13:47 MonsterSpank – Disturbing My Chaos [Spotlight]
0:16:59 Bloodbath – Eaten
0:21:15 Hærken – The Wild Hunt
0:24:48 Enslaved – Havenless
0:33:04 Paradise Lost – Death Walks Behind You [Covered]
0:41:19 Solstice – Cromlech
0:51:43 Procession – Like A Plague Upon The Earth
0:57:16 Asomvel – Feel The Chill
1:03:27 MonsterSpank – Wrong Man [Spotlight]

PART THREE (1:08:35)
0:00:56 Five Horse Johnson – Mississippi King
0:04:31 Litmus – Destroy The Mothership
0:08:02 Born To Go – Kill -9
0:16:24 MonsterSpank – Too Much Of Everything [Spotlight]
0:19:35 Nightwish – Last Of The Wilds [Shut It!]
0:25:13 Lesbian Bed Death – Tour Bus
0:30:29 The Lamp Of Thoth – I Love The Lamp
0:37:08 Warped Cross – Empty Hall
0:42:35 MonsterSpank – The Birth [Spotlight]
0:46:53 Korpiklaani – Northern Fall
0:49:58 Lumsk – I Lytinne Två
0:53:34 Forefather – When Our England Died
1:02:06 Winterfylleth – Defending The Realm

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XVII: Bombay Mix

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XVII:
Bombay Mix

Original release date: 15th September 2011
Total length: 3:03:25 in 3 parts

Download link:!cS4jmI6T!x_QlYlgioiA5LmHlWO8K4Q1Pt4P3C793BWsaVjAQIyo

Welcome to the Star of India, sir, may I take your order, please?
So, you would like half an hour of sludge and doom, a preview of an upcoming gig, a repeat performance of couple of the last show’s best bits, three bands from Boston who made a split CD together, some strange hard rock from the Baltic, a tribute to Skyclad, a hidden gem from a very unlikely source, a side order of some of those folky bands that are on the regular menu, pilau rice, that strange green day-glo sauce that nobody knows the origins of, and 32 poppadoms?
Yes, sir, you may collect your order immediately. Thank you, come again!

PART ONE (1:03:31)
0:02:37 At The Gates – The Swarm
0:06:02 Sabbat – A Cautionary Tale
0:10:17 Clutch – The Dragonfly
0:16:59 Demonaz – All Blackened Sky
0:21:26 Nothgard – Ancient Heritage / Modern Warriors
0:26:29 Bucovina – Sub Piatra Doamnei (live at Wacken)
0:32:33 Dozer – Early Grace
0:37:19 Shroud Eater – High John The Conqueror
0:42:28 Subversion – Gasoline
0:51:50 Claim The Throne – Set Sail On Ale
0:54:34 Nightbringer – Night Of The Slaying Tongue

PART TWO (0:56:32)
0:01:17 Sabaton – Purple Heart
0:06:22 Soundgarden – Spoonman
0:10:28 Slash’s Snakepit – Beggars And Hangers-On
0:18:59 Devil In The Kitchen – Coked Up Leprechaun [Shut It!]
0:23:13 Boarcorpse – Zombies Are People Too
0:26:38 Composted – Toddler Cobbler
0:30:25 Scaphism – Pathogenic Bacteria
0:35:58 Metallica – Bleeding Me [Hidden Gems]
0:44:41 Chinchilla – Queen Of The Rain
0:48:04 Opus Pro – Kurbads

PART THREE (1:03:22)
0:00:53 Grimpen Mire – Foredoomed
0:08:42 Forgotten Tomb – Steal My Corpse
0:20:00 Suidakra – The One Piece Puzzle [Covered]
0:25:11 Elvenking – Penny Dreadful [Covered]
0:28:20 Skyclad – The Song Of No-Involvement
0:31:49 Skiltron – Signs, Symbols And The Marks Of Man
0:42:11 Rush – 2112

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XVI: Wacken Review Edition

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XVI:
Wacken Review Edition

Original release date: 15th August 2011
Total length: 2:43:42 in 3 parts

Download link:!VHQUjLSD!0XgmYl7JjBvZKNOtaKRpYndv8En68Wf38_akvwfzE0I

As they say so often in a field in northern Germany:
HELGA! (review part 1)
SPIDERSCHWEIN! (review part 2)
Have you read the review and still not quite managed to get the atmosphere of the festival from my words? This is the perfect solution – a musical version where I attempt to condense the whole festival, or at least the best bits of it, into a 163-minute summary. Sit outside in the sun, occasionally sprinkling yourself with your shower, eat grilled sausages with curry ketchup, drink lots of German beer, and play this very loud! And that’s how it’s done. Beats sitting in front of your computer, doesn’t it?
As ever, don’t forget to visit for the collection of claptrap I keep on the internet that keeps this show running and which a handful of people may actually have found useful. Das ist gut, ja!

PART ONE (0:52:15)
0:03:41 Nothgard – Arminius
0:10:32 Ensiferum – Blood Is The Price Of Glory
0:15:49 Skálmöld – Upprisa
0:23:48 Hammercult – Black Horseman [Shock of the New / Metal Battle – Israel]
0:28:20 Mortal Strike – Here Comes The Tank [Shock of the New / Metal Battle – Austria]
0:32:08 Eccentric Pendulum – Mathematicians Of Ambient Waters [Shock of the New / Metal Battle – India]
0:37:50 Tanker – Redeem From Nothing [Shock of the New / Metal Battle – Bosnia]
0:46:32 Ozzy Osbourne – I Don’t Know

PART TWO (1:01:35)
0:00:42 Morbid Angel – Immortal Rites
0:04:46 Hail Of Bullets – Tokyo Napalm Holocaust
0:11:14 Onslaught – Damnation / Onslaught (Power From Hell)
0:16:32 Sodom – Agent Orange
0:22:36 Skeletonwitch – Sacrifice For The Slaughtergod
0:27:33 Judas Priest – Blood Red Skies
0:36:19 Achren – Blood Soaked Banner [Shock of the New / Metal Battle – UK]
0:40:32 Bucovina – Mestecăniș [Shock of the New / Metal Battle – Romania]
0:46:30 Aeon Throne – Oath In Blood [Shock of the New / Metal Battle – Norway]
0:52:52 Battle Beast – Armageddon Clan [Shock of the New / Metal Battle – 2010 returning winners]

PART THREE (0:49:52)
0:00:31 Mayhem – Pagan Fears
0:06:50 Khold – Død
0:10:37 Vreid – Pitch Black
0:16:10 Kyuss – Gardenia
0:23:03 Airbourne – No Way But The Hard Way
0:26:37 Motörhead – Bomber
0:33:53 Moonsorrow – Huuto

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The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XV: Drunken Sailors, Sunken Ships

The Hammer Of Retribution Ogg-Cast XV:
Drunken Sailors, Sunken Ships

Original release date: 15th July 2011
Total length: 2:44:15 in 3 parts

Download link:!lSQXVRaA!PChqVxr_YwHHXnjOWpiNYr96D3z10y3XwUtqEC0jkuY

Arrrrrr! Avast, ye landlubbers, what’s ye cap’n pulled out o’ Davy Jones’ locker for all your entertainment?
As you might tell from one sentence where I’m pretending it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day (not that anyone does outside the internet), after last month’s Epic Wanderlust… Returns set it all up, this time I’ve themed the show around my actual journey round England’s most southwesterly county, where all the pirates came from all those years ago. Visiting Tintagel, Boscastle, Looe, the Eden Project, Falmouth, Penzance and the Isles of Scilly, I’ve included one track or more for each that’s… rather loosely based upon what I saw or did there, but as ever, I’ve explained why you’re hearing what you’re hearing.
Particularly special this time round, though, is a HAMMER OF RETRIBUTION EXCLUSIVE. That’s right! Look back through my review of the adventure (or, at least, the first part) and you’ll see that I found myself in Falmouth right in the middle of the annual Sea Shanty festival. So I thought I’d include a taste of that experience – but not one of the “official” performances outside on Custom House Quay, no, that’s far too common. Instead, when I returned to the Seven Stars for a second pint of Grandma’s Weapons Grade Ginger Beer, I came across the Pirates of St. Piran, who were in the back room, singing boisterously. That’s them in the promo picture, by the way. I couldn’t not record one of their songs for the show, and I promised to spread their word far and wide… maybe they’ll do the same for me now. I guarantee you will not be hearing this performance anywhere else!
Now hoist the sails and get ready to plunder!

PART ONE (1:00:48)
0:03:11 Motörhead – I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care) [Hidden Gems]
0:07:03 Motörhead – Burner [Hidden Gems]
0:12:23 Suidakra – Darkane Times
0:18:07 Turisas – The Great Escape
0:22:55 Jaldaboath – Seek The Grail
0:27:15 Monty Python – Knights Of The Round Table
0:31:09 Falkenbach – …Where His Ravens Fly…
0:38:31 Moonsorrow – Tähdetön
0:51:14 Primordial – Lain With The Wolf

PART TWO (0:52:44)
0:00:41 Corrosion Of Conformity – Rise River Rise
0:05:47 Korpiklaani – Pellonpekko [Shut It!]
0:09:23 Nordlander – Meadmaker
0:15:15 Wolfchant – Never Too Drunk
0:19:14 Grand Magus – Hammer Of The North
0:24:27 Woods Of Desolation – An Unbroken Moment
0:31:25 Borknagar – Colossus
0:37:17 Folkearth – Rhyming With Thunder
0:43:10 Guns N’ Roses – Garden Of Eden
0:45:49 Running Wild – Black Hand Inn

PART THREE (0:50:43)
0:02:29 The Pirates Of St. Piran – Drunken Sailor
0:09:22 Seven Witches – Flesh For Fantasy [Covered]
0:15:54 Obituary – Back From The Dead
0:20:49 Nightwish – The Islander
0:27:27 Alestorm – Wenches & Mead
0:31:07 Forefather – Proud To Be Proud
0:40:38 Old Corpse Road – The Witch Of Wookey Hole

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